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Chapter 90

Chapter 90 “Don’t think I’m a saint. 𝒄𝒐𝙢𝒆𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝒐𝙢

I just, don’t want to do it with you when you’re not sober.’ His voice was a little dark and depressing,“Now, you’re sober. You don’t need to thank me.

It is time to make up for my loss last night.”

Her heart pounded.

What could his words mean? Make it up to him with what? With her body? He was getting closer andcloser, unavoidable. “The effect of the drug should not be gone completely yet.

Need me to help you?”

He pressed wickedly against her ear, teasing.

“I a She was suddenly unable to speak again, simply because his lips were already infinitely close tohers, with only the slightest gap.

It felt like if she said one more word, she might touch his lips at any moment. The memory of last night’s fiery kiss came flooding back.

His lips were soft and skillful, almost melting her, and she, who had always been bold, was so scared atthe moment that she could barely breathe.

In the end, Luther’s lips did not fall.

He was just so close to her.

He said seriously word by word, “I didn’t touch you because I had been drugged too.

I’ve experienced that feeling, and I’ve done things that I shouldn’t have done because of it.

Now, I regret it.

If I had touched you last night, would you regret it now?”

He resisted the urge to kiss her hard, knowing that once he did, he could not guarantee that he wouldstop. The last time when he was drugged, he and Charlotte had sex and then a child.

He couldn’t say how he felt, and perhaps, he really regretted it.

But what has happened could not be changed.

After hearing what Luther said.

Her breathing stopped for a moment.

Her brain also stopped thinking and buzzed, leaving only a few words that kept circling her ears.

He had been drugged? He had been drugged? He had been drugged? And he had done things that heshouldn’t have done? So, it was just likely that he was just the man she saved at the time? Was he?She had repeatedly suspected it before but unfortunately she failed to distinguish it from his leg injury.

Was it actually him after all these? However, he said it clearly and unambiguously. He regretted it now.

Was it because of Charlotte? Because he loved Charlotte so much that he regretted having sex withanother woman after he was drugged at the time? That’s what it meant, right? Besides, they had achild now.

Joyce finally got her thoughts back.novelbin

First, she would try to figure out if it was him or not that night. However, even if it was just him.

There was no need for her to tell him the truth. Because he said he regretted it.

Why bother.

He had a fiancée and a child, so what was her involvement in it? There was no need to let him knowthat it was actually her that night.

It’s just the loss of virginity, which was nothing in this day and age.

Knowing who it was and what happened that night, she was relieved.

Let’s pretend that nothing ever happened.

“Anyway, thank you for last night.’ Joyce slowly lowered her head, not wanting to look directly at him. He saw how she wandered off for a long time, did not answer his questions, and looked downevasively.

He snorted softly, having the feeling that he had hit himself in the face once again, so why should heask more questions? Of course, she would regret it.

Last night she would rather kill herself than allow him to touch her. The hideous scars on her arms were still there, now only a stinging reminder.

In her heart, there was only Justin.

Thinking about it, he felt was incomparably annoyed.

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