The War God's Homecoming

Chapter 542 A Close Call
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Chapter 542 A Close Call

"Okay!" Billy responded again.

"Felicia, Billy has been busy outside for so many days and just came back. He hasn't had a good rest yet! Let him help you tomorrow!" Harleen glared at her younger sister impatiently. "Wife, it's okay!" Billy smiled and replied.

"Thank you Billy!" Felicia's face showed a playful expression.

"Billy, watch my move!"

As soon as the words fell, Felicia flashed towards Billy with an overwhelming momentum when she was only a few meters away from him.

"Come on!" Billy stood still with a smile on his face without moving at all.


As Felicia rushed towards Billy within meters of distance between them, an overwhelming momentum burst out from her body that instantly enveloped this space around them. At the same time, her palm turned into bronze color in an instant and then slapped towards Billy with murderous intent surging up to the sky.

That was the power of a Novice War God-Emperor!!

"Hmm?!" Sensing something unusual happening around him after being attacked by Felicia's sudden move made Billy's pupils shrink coldly. The aura around his body burst out subconsciously forming defensive Chi energy to shield around himself. But it was still half-beat slow because Billy didn't have any defense prepared beforehand since he never thought there would be anything abnormal happening among his family members.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

"Watch out, Billy!" Harleen felt that something was wrong too and shouted out loud while changing her facial expression suddenly.


A loud noise echoed through their surroundings as 'Felicia' broke through Billy's incomplete defensive Chi energy shield before heavily hitting his shoulder blade area. Billy felt that the violent force could destroy everything in its path in his body and cause all of his internal organs to shift positions. This was only possible because he slightly moved aside during this critical moment; otherwise this palm strike would have hit directly on his heart chamber area instead. ๐—ฐ๐จ๐—บ๐—ฒ๐—ป๐จ๐ฏ๐—ฒ๐ฅ.๐—ฐ๐จ๐—บ

Billy spewed out a mouthful of blood while sliding backwards for about forty to fifty meters before finally stopping himself. Disorderliness of aura was surrounding him now.


Seeing Billy still standing there even after taking one full-on attack from herself without any defense preparation beforehand, 'Felicia' couldn't help but feel surprised. According to her estimation earlier, the attack Billy received should have been fatal. However, it turned out that Billy only suffered a certain amount of injuries, but it was far from a serious injury.


Almost at the same time Harleen reminded Billy to be careful.

"Sharon" had also launched an attack. She threw away her shopping bag and rushed towards Harleen like a ghost. Her momentum soared to the extreme, with skills similar to "Felicia," also at the level of War God-Emperor's initial cultivation.

She quickly approached Harleen, and her wrists turned rapidly. Several powerful gusts containing thunderous energy burst out, creating a piercing sound of breaking wind.

It was clear that she had no intention of sparing Harleen's life.

"Huh?!" Like Billy, Harleen naturally did not expect "her mother" to suddenly attack her.

Of course, with her current cultivation level, even if she had been prepared in advance against a martial art expert like the "Sharon" before her, it would have been futile.

Sensing the strong sense of danger emanating from "her mother's attack, Harleen's pupils shrank into needle-like sizes. Her pores opened instantly as she panicked and tried to react accordingly.

However, at this moment in time when faced with such immense pressure from the opponent's aura alone made it difficult for her to move even one step forward or backward.


Just as Sharon's palm strike was about to hit Harleen directly on target; a vast and mighty force exploded from within Harleen's body.


The wave collided head-on with Sharon's palm strike, producing an earth-shattering roar that sent shockwaves rippling outwards in all directions around them both. A nearby artificial mountain and several large trees were immediately destroyed into dust by the impact while sand and leaves flew everywhere in all directions due to their collision force.

In the next moment after their clash ended; both women staggered back more than twenty steps before finally stabilizing themselves again on their feet once more.

"Sharon" spewed out a mouthful of blood while looking pale-faced as if struggling under some kind of internal turmoil within herself.

Harleen fared slightly better than her opponent but still had faint traces of blood oozing out from one corner of her mouth despite not having any other visible injuries elsewhere on herself.

She was so shocked that she didn't realize why such a powerful attack broke out from her body at first. However, after stabilizing her body, she couldn't help but think of what Billy said when she was injured by someone from Northfortia last time when he helped her heal her injuries.

At that time, Billy had told her he sealed off some of his power within hers, which would automatically activate itself whenever there was any threat posed towards her life - its power was equivalent to that of him when he personally took action.

After that day, Harleen quickly forgot about the incident, never expecting it to come in handy today. If it weren't for her protective abilities, she would have turned into a pool of blood by now. "How is this possible?!"

The two enemies exclaimed in shock. The one attacked Harleen had never imagined that such powerful abilities were sealed within Harleen. If her cultivation level was one lower, she would be dead by now. However, he fake "Sharon" didn't hesitate much and charged towards Harleen again with a twist of her eyes. She knew very well that this kind of sealing ability could only be used once and was gone. At this moment, Harleen was just an ordinary Warlord martial artist. But at this point, there was no chance for her anymore.

Just as she raised her hand to strike out several gusts of wind again, Billy had already rushed to Harleen's side and swept his palm out at the same time. Although he himself was also seriously injured, with his strength he could temporarily suppress the injuries. Dealing with an opponent who had just become a Novice War God-Emperor wasn't particularly difficult for him either.


There was another loud noise on site as "Sharon" flew out like a kite with broken strings and fell heavily over 100 meters away while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Billy took several steps back and spat out another mouthful of blood himself.

"Dark Reaper!" the fake Felicia shouted towards the other.

As soon as the words fell off their lips, she attacked Billy. Her God-Emperor-level power instantly condensed into an enormous phantom palm which slapped down towards Billy like a small mountain. "Harleen, leave here!" Billy said in deep voice while his momentum rose again; taking two steps forward before sending his own palm force howling back at them.

"You take care too, Billy!" Without any hesitation whatsoever, Harleen turned around and ran away from there immediately. She naturally understood that these two people were disguised assassins whose goal was to kill both herself and Billy. She knew very well that if she stayed behind any longer it would only become more burdensome for Billy; both might even lose their lives if things went awry. Only by leaving first could there still be some hope left for Billy later on.

The fake Felicia's God-Emperor-level power pushed Billy back over ten steps, leaving deep footprints under his feet while making his momentum even more chaotic than before.

"It's been a few months since we last met, and you've already broken through from Half-Step War God-Emperor to a Tier-Two War God-Emperor?!" The woman sensed Billy's true level of cultivation and didn't attack again. Her face was filled with shock.

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