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Chapter 151 Epilogue [end]



4 Years Later

"Mom, Jason wants to teach Aiden hacking," Mason uttered while munching on snacks.

Aiden and Jason facepalm themself silently. Actually, Jason caught Mason secretly teaching the three-

year-old Aiden hacking despite Tinsley's warning.

"Little Mason, you think I don't know you well enough?" Tinsley pulled Mason's cheeks which made him

scowl silently at the failed plan.

"Mom." Jason, Ariel, Aiden, and Emma, the two twins Jarek and Tinsley, gave birth to walk toward

Tinsley and sat beside her.

"Mom, Mason likes Olivia." Jason blurted out, which made Tinsley gasp. Mason glared at Jason


"Mason likes Aldean and Brigitta's child?" Tinsley gasped in disbelief and stared at Olivia, who was

currently playing with Aldean's hair.

Jarek, Tinsley, and their family, including Onyx, Rory and their twin, Liam and Amelia, including Aldean

and Brigitta's little daughter, Olivia including, Rylee and her boyfriend, Assistant Jacob , including ๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ๐‘’๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘™.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

Walker, Grayson, and Luke, traveled to Country X for a fun two weeks holiday.

"Who did you say like my daughter?" A wrapped Aldean playfully glared at Mason.

Mason immediately ran to hug Jarek's legs. "So scary. Godfather Aldean is so scary." Mason faked a

scared expression.

Jarek immediately pulled him up by the collar, "So little Mason likes Olivia?" Jarek grinned proudly, but

Aldean stared at the father and son duo angrily and quickly hugged his cute daughter away from the


Jarek calmly brought Mason forward, "Mr. Aldean, we would make a good in-law. Basically, my children

are at the top of the list when it comes to choosing; what do you think?" Jarek asked playfully.

"No way, my daughter isn't getting married..." Aldean replied angrily.

Jarek nodded and suddenly whispered something into Mason's ears, and after he did so, Mason

separated from him and walked to Aldean. "Father-in-law, I like Olivia; Olivia, will you marry me?"

Mason said with a grin that made everyone gasp.

"Jarek, what nonsense are you teaching my kids?" Tinsley walked toward him and hit him playfully.

"I love Mason's courage." Onyx declared and tapped Liam. "Little kid, you should be courageous,

okay? Dad, will always support you because men always have men's back..." A smack on the head

from an angry Rory immediately stopped him.

Aldean angrily stared at Jarek, "My daughter doesn't need a..."novelbin

"I also like Mason." Olivia immediately break-free from Aldean and ran toward Mason to hold his hand,

which made everyone burst into laughter while staring at Aldean pitifully.

"We'll be an in-law in the future," Tinsley said to Brigitta with a smile.

Rory stared at Aldean apologetically, "Aldean, your daughter took her mom's wild blood. Sorry for the


"Hmph. It's not my daughter's fault. It's Jarek little Mason's fault. From now on, all the little boys are

banned in my home." Aldean grinned, which made everyone roll their eyes. "No way."

"Excuse me." A voice suddenly said, which made the families turn to stare at the door. They saw

Conrad. Jane and their cold little boy, Wyatt, were at the door with a beautiful lady who Walker began

to stare at.

"Brother, you're staring at her too much," Rylee whispered.

"Hi, I'm Loretta, Conrad's little cousin." The girl said and stretched her hand toward Walker before

Walker could reply to Rylee.

"I'm Walker," Walker replied with a smile, and hand shook Loretta. "You're a model, right?" He asked,

and Loretta nodded.

Tinsley blinked her eyes at the cure scene. "Oh my fuckin, God. I need to write a novel." She uttered

with a gasp and stopped when she saw Jane smiling at her reactions.

"Actually, we also came here on holiday today and mistakenly entered here, but can we join your

vacation team?" Conrad asked.

Tinsley suddenly frowned, "You, my enemy wants to have a vacation with us..." Tinsley suddenly burst

into laughter. "Yes, it makes it more fun. Join us, please." She said happily, which made Conrad, Jane,

and their son come in after appreciating them.

"Oh, Mom and Mom just texted me about going on a blind date. They're currently going through skin

care." Tinsley said because Annabel and Mrs. Hart had become best friends.

"I feel like those two are just going to mess with men's hearts." Rylee whispered and everyone low-key

agreed to them. They all continued to chat happily until Onyx nudged Jarek.

"Jarek, I feel like that boy Wyatt is staring at your little daughter too much." Onyx smirked at the

wrapped-up Jarek and immediately Jarek turned to stare at the little boy and he saw that it was true

Now Jarek felt that the little boy was an eyesore and it made Aldean burst into laughter. "Karma! This is

certainly Karma. Conrad, welcome to our in-law team."

The End

Written By

Okeke-Eze Ifeoma Isabella (Omaisabella)


Bonus Chapters Coming. When a new enemy conspires with Lillee to bring down Jarek's family. Check

the next Chapter.

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