The Seventh Bride

Chapter 12 Actually, I Am My Sister and My Sister Is Me
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Chapter 12 Actually, I Am My Sister and My Sister Is Me

When Ivanka Bai came to her senses, she found Charles Nangong looking at her, cold as his tone.Having done her such a big favor, how dare she say anything more, she quickly nodded at him andsaid, "Thanks for your help. May I have your name?"

"What? Do you really want me to be your valentine?"

"No, it isn't." Ivanka's little face warmed up and she dared not to look directly at his handsome face: "Iwas just asking politely, but since you don't want to tell me, I don't have to. Thank you again." π—°π¨π—Ίπ—²π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗰𝐨𝗺

Ivanka stood with difficulty and walked to the door of the treatment room step by step.

"Wait a minute." Charles suddenly opened his mouth.

Ivanka turned her head and stared at him.

Charles turned: "Who is she?"

Ivanka paused. Was it Vivian he was asking? She thought so.

"Sister, she is my younger sister." Her face darkened. Now Vivian had taken her place, and she couldonly continue as if she was Vivian.

Vivian Bai was sitting in the passenger seat, looking down at Annan Lin with both hands around herchest. "Look, didn't you say she's pure? She have been cheating on you for a long time. How could youalways feel sorry for her?"

Annan didn't speak, just pinched his fingers on the steering wheel.

"But what would the Nangong family do if they knew she had another man out there?" Vivian picked upher phone, scratched out the password and clicked into her phone album. On it was an image of Ivanka

clinging to a man, just taken before she left.

The picture was taken in such a haste that the man's face couldn't be seen clearly. But it was still easyto tell he was a man.

She called Madame Bai and asked for the cell number of Nangong family's Ms. He, and sent the phototo her.

Let's see how she explains that to the Nangong family when she goes back later!

With a smirking laugh, she turned to see Annan's face that looked muffled and thought he was worriedabout her. "Don't worry," she said, raising her hand and nudging his arm. "Don't worry, Annan, Shedoesn't dare to tell Old Madam the truth."

Annan gave a mindless sigh.

It was not that he was thinking about Ivanka and the man. Although it was himself who had dumped herfirst, it was sad to see her making out with a man so soon.novelbin

Three years of love, and he, Annan, was such a popular young lord of Lin family. If such a eligible goodman dumped her, shouldn't she be heartbroken for a while first. If not for a month or two, at least sheshould be sad for a week or two, right?

She is just like what Vivian says, she has been dating that man for a long time, just waiting for him tosay goodbye first, waiting for him to be the bad guy?

When Ms. He received the MMS message, she could not see the picture clearly, so she sent the cellphone to Xin Shen who was drinking tea with Old Madam.

"Young lady, what is this?" The phone was used only for dealing with the family businesses of Nangongfamily, and no one irrelevant knew the number.

Xin glanced at the phone screen, where Ivanka had gauze wrapped around her forehead, but shecould still tell it was her.

Instinctively, she whispered, "This is the young madam. Why could she be with a man? And injured?"

β€œA man?” Old Madam put down her newspaper, raised her hand and took away the phone.

Although wearing glasses, the old madam couldn’t see the picture on the phone clearly. After staringfor a while, she asked Xin Shen: "It is her or not?"

" is..." Xin said hesitantly.

β€œShameless! Catch her now!” The old madam smacked her hand down on the table, by which both Xinand Ms.He were shaken.

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