The Return of the Hidden Prince

Chapter 18 The Chairman Took The Stage
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Chapter 18 The Chairman Took The Stage

Josh also explained: “Mr Huang, I mean no harm. Your daughter helped me yesterday and I just wantto give the money back to her.”

“My daughter also made her attitude clear. She doesn’t want the money anymore. So please stopbothering her.” Jenny’s father waved his hand impatiently. He believed Josh was trying to flirt with hisdaughter, because her daughter’s beauty always makes her a target for these single men.

“Who the fuck is this pathetic loser? Is he also trying to flirt with Jenny?” All of a sudden, a man’s voicewas heard from behind.

Josh looked back, and found a young man was walking towards them at a leisurely pace. He wasdressed in designer clothes, and he wore an expensive watch.

“Gary!” Jenny and her father exclaimed at the same time when they saw him. Their face also changedslightly.

Josh frowned. Because that man was obviously talking to him just now.

Gary stopped in front of Josh and looked at him with undisguised contempt. He said: “Who the hell areyou? Get lost! And never get near to Jenny ever again! You little piece of shit!”

He then looked at Jenny and said: “Jenny, I heard you are here seeking the cooperation of HuadingGroup. How did it go? Are they willing to cooperate with your company?” He put his hands in histrouser pockets.

“Gary, it’s none of your business.” Jenny seemed displeased.

“You are my future wife! Of course I need to care about that.” Gary wore a lascivious smile.

“Gary! You must mind your language!” Jenny’s father said.

“Uncle Huang, don’t be so mad. I am here to help!” Gary said. “Let me guess, Huading Group declinedyour request because your company is too small. You know what will happen next? Your company willgo bankrupt. But if you ask Jenny to be my girlfriend, I’ll ask my father to help you.”

Before Jenny’s father could say anything, Josh interrupted and said: “You can help her? You are veryconfident with yourself, aren’t you? I have never met anyone who is as arrogant as you.”

Gary’ s face darkened and he looked at Josh. “Seriously. Who the fuck are you? Do you know who Iam?”

“Josh, don’t mess with him.” Jenny tugged at his sleeve. She didn’t know Josh very well, but still, shedidn’t want him to get into trouble for her.

“Why can’t I?” Josh put on a mysterious smile. He fears no one in this whole Qingyang City, after all, heis Moses Liu’s grandson, and Moses is the richest man in the Southwest.

Jenny’s father patted on Josh’s shoulder and said: “Young man, his father is a shareholder of HuadingGroup’s Qingyang branch. You’d better leave him alone.”

“His father is a shareholder?” Josh’s brow furrowed. He couldn’t believe his company’s shareholder’sson is now displaying arrogance to him. So he gave a short laugh and said to Gary: “What makes youso proud? Your father is just a shareholder!”

Gary’ s anger boiled up. He said: “You bastard! How dare you to talk to me like that.”

When he finished, he clenched his fist as if he was about to punch Josh, but Jenny’s father stoppedhim and said: “Gary, this drinking party is held by the new Chairman of Huading Group! Think twice!”

Gary refrained his anger after hearing what he said. He is arrogant but he is not stupid. He knew if heruined this party and made the Chairman angry, both him and his father would be in great trouble.

“Bastard! You will suffer the consequences of your actions when the party is over!” Gary said angrily.He then looked at Jenny and said coldly: “I’ll give you some time to think about it. If you be mygirlfriend, I’ll help your family. Or your family will be doomed!”

Gary then turned around and walked away.

Josh looked after him as he walked away and laughed coldly. “You will also face the consequences ofyour words.” He said.

“Josh, what were you doing? His father is a very powerful person. Why do you have to mess with him?”Jenny was worried.

A shareholder of Huading Group’s Qingyang branch is not a big deal in Josh’s eyes. But in Jenny’sopinion, that is a very important and powerful position. After all, Huading Group represents the biggestand the richest organization in the Southwest, and the power and wealth of a shareholder of this groupshall never be underestimated.

Jenny’s father said: “Young man, Gary is a base man and he will never let the matter rest easily. So,listen to me. Leave this place right now, or you will find yourself in lots of trouble after the party.”

“Yes. Leave here now.” Jenny said. She knew Josh just offended Gary because he wanted to help her.So she didn’t want him to be in any trouble.

“Don’t worry. I am not afraid of him.” Josh smiled. novelbin

“You are overconfident!” Jenny’s father shook his head. He is not a snob, but he knew a person’swealth and power can be roughly reflected from his appearance and his dresses. So, he could tell fromJosh’s clothes that Josh is just an average man.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Maybe I can help you if you want to cooperate with Huading Group.” Josh said.

“Young man, there is nothing you can do.” Jenny’s father shook his head.

“Mr Huang, you will know whether I can help or not soon.” Josh smiled.

At that time, Bob, the general manager, walked onto the stage and announced: “Ladies and gentlemen,it’s time to start our drinking party. Please be seated.”

Everyone went to his or her seat after hearing what Bob said.

“I have told you everything you need to know. You are a smart person and I think you know what is thewise thing to do.” Jenny’s father said to Josh. He then took Jenny to their seats.

“Why don’t you just tell them that you are the new Chairman of Huading Group?” Fatty asked curiously.

“They wouldn’t believe me even if I told them. They will know the answer in a minute.” Josh said



The seats were actually arranged according to a certain order. The seats near to the stage were savedfor these important people, and the seats at the back were saved for these people with less power andwealth.

Gary and his father were seated in the second row, and Jenny and her father were seated in the backrow together with some other small bosses.

Jenny looked around and couldn’t find Josh anywhere. She sighed with relief and said: “I think he hasleft. I’ll be so sorry if he got into trouble because of me.” cᴏᴍenᴏvel.cᴏᴍ

Her father said: “He made a wise decision.” He than laughed mirthlessly and said: “We are in so muchtrouble ourselves and we are still concerned for him.”

At that time, Bob said through a microphone: “Ladies and gentlemen, I think you can not wait to meetour new Chairman.”

People nodded in unison. Ninety-nine percent of these people present had never met the newChairman, and meeting him was actually one of their primary purposes to attend this party.

“Then I won’t keep this secret any longer. Ladies and gentle, please welcome the Chairman of HuadingGroup!”

People broke into rapturous applause.

“We are finally going to see him.”

“I heard he is a very young man. I’m so curious.”

People chatted nonstop.

Gary stared at the stage and applauded. His father said to him: “Gary, the Chairman will first give aspeech, and after the speech, he will go to each table and raise a toast. When he is at our table, I wantyou to take a good attitude! Remember! Leave him with a good impression.”

His father knew how arrogant and rude his son can sometimes be.

“Don’t worry, dad. I know what to do. He is the Chairman. Why would I offend him?” Gary smiled.

Julia and her father were sitting in the third row. They stared at the stage attentively.

“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I can finally see him!” Julia said expectantly.

Jenny and her father also fixed their attention on the stage.

At that time, a man walked onto the stage at a steady pace, to great applause. It was none other thanJosh.

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