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Chapter 7

Lowest of the lowest

Michael pov

The rest of the day went by with me thinking of a good way to earn her trust. I was barely able to do

any work because of her. All that I could think of was her. Her slender body, her luscious lips and the

cleavage that teased me each time. Today, she was wearing a shirt that covered her chest well

enough, but still...... And not to mention those deep brown eyes that I seem to get sucked into each

time our gazes meet.

And ever since I saw her, all that my stupid wolf does is chant in my head. Mate mate mate. I feel like I

might go insane.

Maybe I should send flowers? Yeah. Ladies love that. And chocolate. Flowers and chocolate is a great

combination. She surely will forgive me.

When I checked the time it was already way past the office hours. When I go to the office tomorrow, I

should bring her a bunch of flowers. Roses. A huge bouquet of red roses. That should do.

I picked my car keys and dashed out of the office humming to myself. I was positive that my plan would

work. Why wouldn’t it. My plans always work. As I walked away, I glanced at her cabin one last time,

wondering if she was still in there.

I shook my head. Even if she was, I’d rather stay away right now. I don’t want to get hit by her on my

balls again. I need my crotch healthy and well. I don’t want to get my eggs scrambled. I still am young

and have my entire life ahead of me. I still want to have sex. And lots of it.

As I walked out of the office, the most melodious laugh invaded my ear canals. Gulping down a lump

that had formed in my throat, I breathed deeply. I knew it was her. Why did mates have to have such an

effect on you, regardless of you liked her or not?

After much hesitation, I looked in the direction of the sound and my jaw dropped open when I saw a 𝑐𝑜𝑚𝑒𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝑚

whole new side of my mate who seemed to be enjoying with Cheryl. They were laughing while they

waited on the pavement. She looked so bubbly and joyous. Her eyes seemed to twinkle and the rosy

colour on her cheeks just perfected her already alluring beauty.

Wow. She looked even better when she laughed. As if she was glowing like a demigoddess. I didn’t

realise that I was ogling her when some commoner ran into me. I huffed a sorry and quickly walked

away. Normally, I would have shown who the boss was, but right now, I was too captivated to care

about anything else.

What she showed me was the complete opposite of what I was seeing right now. When she was with

me, she would be either sarcastic or just plain rude. I started to feel a little jealous. Well she was my


I stared at her dumbfounded when a male pulled over in his Audi. He climbed out of the car and walked

right over to them. It was Damien, Cheryl’s mate. Had I not known that he was a mated wolf, I would

have wanted to rip him off the street for standing near her.

I quickly wore my sunglasses, wanting to hide my emotions that I was certain would be clearly visible in

my eyes. When I glanced at them, I saw that Cheryl was quick to greet him with a quick kiss on the lips

which Damien deepened for a brief moment. Sarah offered a smile, but there was a hint of sadness in


I watched her bid them goodbye and quietly walk away. Was she going to walk home? Perhaps this

was a good time for me to approach her. I could offer her a ride in my Ferrari. I’m damn sure that she

would be impressed. I mean, girls love cool rides, isn’t it?

I practically ran towards the car and quickly got in wanting to reach where she was as soon as I could. I

pulled right in front of her when she was about to cross the road. I smirked at her. I just knew she would

be impressed. Well she should. I had never come across a girl who didn’t like my Ferrari.

However, she simply rolled her eyes and scoffed as she turned away from me. She waited for some

time for me to move, but then she started to walk around the car, so that she could cross the road.

“Hey, wait. Let me give you a ride!” I called when she showed no interest in me or my car.

“Why would I Mr Alpha? I might ruin your costly vehicle. I fear I am not worthy of using such wealth.”

She replied and started to walk away.

I scowled. This lady was one hell of a woman. If it wasn’t for the stupid mate bond and my wolf going

haywire in my mind, I wouldn’t have tried to have a conversation with her. I wouldn’t even have looked

in her way, regardless of her being attractive. There are lots of other attractive she wolves in the pack.

Why do I have to settle for just one?

“Oh and by the way. I am a waste of space, remember? I dare not climb in. I might tarnish your perfect

car which can only be suitable for people like you.”

From the way she spoke, she seemed as though she was hurt, yet making fun of me. I pouted. How in

the world was I going to make her trust me if she wasn’t ready to spend time with me?

“Hey. Sarah. Come on. I am offering you a ride and this is something I normally don’t do.” I pleaded,

hoping that she would turn around. I wasn't used to doing this...

Oh no. This she wolf was as stubborn as a mule. She pretended that she didn’t hear me at all.

“Damn it!”

I cursed and parked my car at one side of the road, and ran after her.

“Hey. Sarah. Wait!” I called.

However, she was swift. I didn’t even realise now she weaved through the crowd until I lost her.


I decided to follow my nose. It was a good thing that my heightened senses was good enough to

distinguish her scent from all the others. The smell of vanilla lead me towards the part of the town

which I had never set my foot on. Simply built houses were arranged neatly. It was obvious that this

was the area of our pack that belonged to the less fortunate wolves.

The unranked ones. I cringed as I walked through the unfamiliar neighbourhood. Is this where she

lived? Trying my best to hide my emotions, I continued to follow her mesmerising scent. Finally I saw

her. She was disappearing behind a door that was painted blue. It was a small cottage which most

probably was a two bedroom house.

I squinted and read the name that was vaguely written on the door.

“Samuel Jeffrey.” I read it out loud. It took a moment for me to realise who that was and when I did, I


Sarah was the daughter of warrior Samuel Jeffrey? The one who had to be removed from services

because he had lost his leg! And her mother was an omega who worked as a maid in the pack house!

Wilma Jeffrey.

I turned around and almost gagged. What in the world! I was mated to the lowest of lowest! The

daughter of Samuel and Wilma! The limp one and the servant! My own servant! What the hell!!!! This

was unacceptable! Oh how tempting it is to reject her like she had pushed me to earlier. But.....that

would mean I would go insane! I need her beside me. My wolf would drive me crazy by continuously

changing her name in my head.

At least until we mate, he would. And not to mention how I would end up mate less. And that would

mean my pack wouldn’t have a luna. Perhaps....after I mate with her, I could just......gah! Things just

got a lot more complicated. I chewed on my lower lip as I thought about the current situation.

This definitely was a joke. A massive insult. I stomped angrily away from the pathetic neighbourhood.

This must be a mistake! I cannot be mated to her. I cannot! I, the alpha of this prestigious pack, cannot

be mated to the daughter of that crippled ex warrior and lowly servant.

But my senses told me otherwise. My sight, smell and this yearning I felt for her confirmed that she

indeed was my mate. My steps were fast and angry as I walked all the way back to my car. I felt as

though my head would explode with all the stress. This was outrageous!

I got in my car and slammed the door shut as soon as I sat down.

“Daaaamn!” I cursed under my breath as I buckled in my seatbelt. I landed my hand on the wheel of the

car, making it honk. I was never this frustrated. I need a drink or two to camp my nerves. And perhaps

a couple of girls by my side. Now! This instance.

I took my phone and the first thing I did was text Carol.

I need you to come to my room. Now!

My phone dinged just a few seconds later. I quickly opened it, knowing that it must be a reply from her.

Alpha! You sure seem to be horny today. Fancy a good horse ride eh? Be there in a jiffy.

I smirked. There was a wink emoji at the end of her text. She could surely make me feel better. She

certainly knew what she was doing. That was for sure. I thought about how I had to imagine that it was

Sarah underneath me earlier as I rammed into Carol. I wonder if it would work this time.

Ugh! Forget it. Forget about that stubborn she wolf. Now that Sarah was not in the same building as

me, perhaps I would be able to enjoy sex this time. Hopefully. I should be focused on what makes me

feel better.

And I’m damned sure Carol would do her magic like she always does. I sped off towards the pack

house. Carol would soon be there and I didnt want to lose.

This content is taken from 𝐟𝗿𝐞𝐞𝘄𝐞𝗯𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝐦

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