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Chapter 3007 "Thank you, Mister Wolf. You've helped US so many times that we don't know how we can ever repay you," Arthur snapped out of it and thanked Leon alongside the others.novelbin

"Elder Thompson, Uncle Angus, you don't have to thank me. Cynthion Group only managed to plant its roots here in the southern region with your help. The Thompsons and I are friends and it's only natural for US to help each other," Leon said with a smile.

"Also, Elder Thompson, your Energy Sea Point has just been repaired and your power will not fully recover right away. I will prescribe you smedicine. Take it and within a month or two, your power will be back to its peak," he added.

He then gestured for Angus to bring him paper and a pen, before prescribing Arthur.

"Sure." Arthur accepted it.

"Uncle Angus, if there's nothing else you wish to discuss, I'll take my leave now." Seeing as the treatment for Arthur concluded, he prepared to leave with Leo.

"Leon, wait. I'll leave with you." Roanne stepped forward.

Due to the battle between the Southern Boss and the Thompsons, the Thompsons suffered great losses and she stayed behind to help instead of leaving with Leon.

After resting for days, the Thompsons were recovering and Leon was about to leave the southern region for the central region.

As one of the shareholders of Elegante Group, she should leave with Leon.

"Alright." Leon nodded.

He then bid farewell to Angus and Arthur, before leaving the Thompsons' mansion with Roanne and Leo.

Back in the Heavenly Waters Estate, Leon told Leo to rest since he just cout of training.

He then took Roanne to the room where Renee stayed. 𝒸ℴ𝓂ℯ𝓃ℴ𝓿ℯ𝓡.𝒸ℴ𝓂

Inside the room, Renee lay unconscious, her face pale.

Iris sat by the bed to care for her and was feeding her water and liquid food.

Renee cclose to perishing to save Iris and to repay her help, Iris was devoted to caring for Renee. This included feeding Renee and cleaning her.

Thanks to Iris's attentive care along with Leon's treatment, Renee looked fence the alright apart from the fact that she lost sweight and remained unconscious. "Iris, how is Renee?" Leon asked as he walked over to Iris.

He knew that Renee's condition was bad and would need the Heavenly Flower to regain consciousness, but he still held hope that perhaps Renee would regain consciousness on her own. Should a miracle take place, Renee would not have to suffer any longer.

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