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Chapter 2952

Chapter 2952

Leon grabbed Leon and stopped when he was a few meters away from the Southern Boss.

“Leon, on the count of three, we will each release our hostage! How about that?" the Southern Boss said.

"Sure, no problem." Leon nodded and stared at him wearily.

"Three, two, one," the Southern Boss said and let go of Arthur.

Seeing as the Southern Boss did not play any tricks, Leon kept his promise and let go of Felton.

He then reached out, intending to grab Arthur, all the while firing his spiritual energy in case the Southern Boss attacked abruptly."Kid, die!" Once Leon released Felton, the Southern Boss sneered.

Just as Leon predicted, this was the perfect chance for the Southern Boss to attack and he was not about to miss it.He launched a powerful attack and charged toward Leon.

“You must have a death wish!” Leon narrowed his eyes sharply.

He knew that the Southern Boss did not mean well and was prepared for it.

He then pointed a finger and launched the Earthly Plunder. A powerful blade of energy formed at the tip of his finger and wassent straight at the Southern Boss.

However, before the attack reached its target, Leon soon realized that something was off.

The Southern Boss's attack was just a feign and he never actually fired up his energy. This was merely to tempt Leon intoattacking.

"Idiot! You are no match for me!" The Southern Boss sneered.He knew that Leon poisoned daggers and dared not to sneak up on him, in case he fell victim to Leon's tricks.

He swiftly changed position to avoid Leon's Earthly Plunder and charged toward Arthur, intending to destroy him with a singleblow.

The Southern Boss had similar thoughts as Arthur.

At the moment, the Thompsons and Leon were at a disadvantage. Hence, Leon was likely planning to get Arthur back byhanding Felton over. That way, he could work with Arthur to fight the Southern Boss and the Western Boss.novelbin

This was the only chance for them to win.

If the Southern Boss truly let Arthur go, Arthur's strength in the Peak Almighty State along with Leon and the Dragon Guards fromthe Western region, it would be extremely difficult for him and the Western Boss to eliminate Leon and the Thompsons.

This was hardly what he wanted.

Therefore, he proposed to exchangehostages in the Western Bess's\ 11place. He insended peel ieArthur all along. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

With Arthur gone, Leon and the Thompsons would be vulnerable."How vicious!" Arthur was taken aback.When he was captured by the Southern Boss, his power was sealed.

Now that the Southern Boss wassuddenly attacking, he had oypeansto resi (dade ould onlywatch ‘as the Southern Bossapproached. The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

"Oh, no!" Leon paled. ᴄomenoᴠel.ᴄom

He thought that the Southern Bossmeant to attack him and wenchprepar for it Folns Cai derment,tle Sbuthern Boss's true intentionwas to take Arthur down, not him.The content is on NovelDrama.Org!Read the latest chapter there!

This completely caught him by surprise.

Not daring to waste a single second, he immediately reached out his palm and chased after the Southern Boss.

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