The Divorcee Who Shines

Chapter 284 Persuasion
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Chapter 284 Persuasion

Chapter 284 Persuasion

Virginia spoke at a moderate pace, but her tone was full of attitude. Every word hit Ranita’s heart with clarity."You... you know about Shannon's pregnancy, right?" Virginia asked in return.

Ranita, the beauty of Kurima Foreign Studies University, was someone Virginia knew a little bit about. She actually liked Ranita because they weresimilar in nature. Unfortunately, she happened to be Shannon's opponent.

"Miss Murphy, are you here to convince me to divorce Brendon?”

"Brendon's heart isn't with you anymore. What meaning does continuing this marriage have for you?" Virginia didn't answer and instead kicked thequestion back at Ranita π˜€π˜°π‘šπ‘’π˜―π˜°π‘£π‘’π‘™.π˜€π˜°π‘š

"I actually admire you! You shouldn't waste your career on a man. Delaying love and wasting your shart life, someone as smart as you shouldn't dothese foolish things.”

Ranita was speechless.Virginia wasn't necessarily saying anything outrageous but she just had to side with Shannon"Miss Bowman, I believe you can figure it out," Virginia raised her glass to her.

"Virginia! What are you doing here?” Just then, a figure emerged from the dimness. Chris, dressed in a suit, frowned at Virginia. β€œIf there's something,you should talk to Brendon instead of taking it out on her.”

"Taking it out on her? Mr. Webster, do you know what I said to her?” Virginia rolled her eyes at Chris and walked away, huffing with anger.

"Are you okay? Did Virginia give you a hard time?" Chris asked, concerned

Ranita shook her head. "No! She didn't give me a hard time."

"Are you not busy? There are many guests today, so you must be tired," Ranita asked.

Chris smiled gently. "They're all acquaintances, so it's alright." He paused and hesitated, "Shannon is here too. You haven't run into her, have you?"Chris was genuinely worried about her.

Ranita felt grateful deep down. "I'm fine. I'm used to it.”novelbin

A simple statement of being used to it, but it carried so much heartache.

Chris encouraged her, "Brendon is not someone who lacks understanding. Maybe he has his reasons. You've been together for many years, so sitdown and have a good talk when something comes up."

Chris felt like he was meddling too much.

But seeing Ranita's desolate expression, he couldn't bear it

β€œThank you, Mr-Webster...understandiRanita ssused foramoment and suddenly rememberedsomethihg. "Mr. Webster, I havessomemoney on hand that I want todonate. Do you know any reliablecharity workers?" Content. bΓ©longs toNovelDrama.Org 6

β€œYou want to do charity work? Don't you still have enough money after buying the sapphire necklace before?"

The matter of Wyatt's will was not disclosed, so outsiders did not know that Ranita was now a real rich woman.

Ranita smiled at his words and said, "I have enough! Don't worry about it!"

"Well then! Kora previously organized a charitable organization with some wealthy women to help women and children in need.” Chris took Ranita tofind Kora.

In the lounge, when Kora heard that Ranita wanted to donate money, she was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling, "Ranita! You're beautiful andkind-hearted. I really like you!”

"Kora, don't praise me too much. I'm starting to feel embarrassed.” Kora was good at everything except being too enthusiastic!

Ranita wasnt stingy either, she saidshe woulddonate millions of dollarsfor chafity work. This shocked Kora,"Ranita, don't give away all your

i onweatth, you still need money for yourows expenses.” Content belongs toNovelDrama.Org β€œ

But Ranita only said that she had enough money.

Kora liked her.very much andsuggested, "Ktow about joining ourcharity organization? We can use .part of tye money you donated forpublic y welfare projects while >investing another part in trustworthyinvestments. Then we can cbntinueUging profits from these <>investments for public welfare...Content belongs to NovelDrama.Org

The source of this content is πŸπ—Ώπžπžπ˜„πžπ—―π§π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ—Ή.𝗰𝗼𝐦

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