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Chapter 500

"We'll bring Naomi back to her room, okay? She's worried about Olivia so much that we were concerned about her getting into an accident of her own." Tyler hummed in agreement, but he sounded apathetic.

"Let's go," Hillary said.

Naomi said nothing and allowed herself to leave with her parents.novelbin

Tyler watched them go coldly.

Hillary told Darren to leave the ward for the women to speak in secret.

Darren was so worried about Olivia that he did not question his wife. His mind was too preoccupied-even as he left, the grimace on his face said it all.

"Mom, you should stop acting like that to him. Olivia is also his daughter. He wants to show that he cares," Naomi said.

"Show? The only reason he even has Olivia was that he couldn't keep it in his pants!'

Naomi sighed. She could never solve this conflict between her parents.

Hillary held Naomi's hand. "Listen to me. It doesn't matter if Olivia goes nuts. You'll be fine as long as her baby is fine."

Naomi thought her mom was laughably naive. If only things were as she hoped!

"A nutcase poses no threat to you, right?" Hillary added.

"God! If Olivia has turned certifiably insane, how will she get divorced from Tyler? She won't be of sound mind for a divorce. The only way out was through a court case and that will be publicized just because of who Tyler is. Everyone will learn that we made her get impregnated to save me. How was I supposed to live?

"There was no way the Harrises would go through that. They would rather hide the fact that Olivia gone mad if it means protecting their reputation!" Naomi finished.

Hillary frowned. She did not expect things to become so complicated.

"We don't have any advantage, Mom! Not a moral one nor a rational one! You really think Olivia going insane will somehow benefit me?!" Naomi cried.

Hillary's face turned pale. "Well, okay. So what if she doesn't get divorced? π‘π‘œπ‘šπ‘’π˜―π‘œπ˜·π‘’π‘™.π‘π‘œπ‘š

"But that would mean I'll be Tyler's mistress for the rest of my life!" Naomi snarled.

Hillary almost blacked out from the realization. Had they shot themselves in the foot all along?

"How can this be?!" she cried out. "You're supposed to be Mrs. Harris! You're the real deal! It can't be anything else!"

"We shouldn't have walked down this path, Mom! I told you I didn't want that IVF idea you gavel Now look at what happened?!" "I didn't know it would come to this, Naomi. Calm down!"

"Why am I being punished like this?" Naomi asked aloud, her face stricken with tears. just want to live longer. Is that so wrong?"

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