System vs Rebirth

Chapter 1088 A Single Attack
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Chapter 1088 A Single Attack

1088 A Single Attack


Both Anna and Noel were ready to fly away before they noticed a huge amount of spiritual energy coming from the spider. It was so huge that they could even feel it from far away.

The attacks coming from other demons were insignificant compared to the one the spider was about to unleash.

"Tsk!" Noel bit his lips and flew toward Anna. His Ice Transformation was undone as the ice wouldn't be able to block it.

"Fire Transformation."

Noel waved his hand, shooting out a phoenix. Due to the Fire Transformation, the fire phoenix became much bigger and its flame was more ferocious.

However, in front of the spider, it was still insignificant.

Noel and Anna sensed a level of pressure they had never felt before. It was heavy and suffocating even for peak grandmasters like them.

Even though an Ancient Demon was supposed to be equal to a Spirit Transcendence, they never felt the same thing from Oscar or even Alexander from the Supreme Devil Organization.

The spider finally released its attack, shooting out a ray of green light.

The ray of light illuminated the area, turning the sky from blue to green. The Undying Phoenix let out a huge cry, trying to burn the very light itself, but at the same time, the phoenix was actually being corroded.

Holes started to appear on the phoenix's body as it was losing its power.

"Not good!" Noel gritted his teeth. A huge fire avatar emerged in front of him, circling its arms around Noel and Anna. Its back was facing the spider, as if planning to cover the two from the green light.

When the phoenix disappeared, the Flame Devil Noel summoned became their sole shield. Noel had a hard time maintaining it as the Flame Devil was also corroded. This was the first time his superior flame faced such a troublesome element.

Anna wanted to do something, but her power wasn't useful to block this kind of attack.

Hence, she chose to trust Noel and focus on the other demons. Fortunately, it seemed that this ray of light also corroded the attacks from other demons.

"Gaaaahhh!" Noel shouted as his hand shook. The Flame Devil was about to be destroyed.

Anna gritted her teeth. This was the first time she encountered an Ancient Demon. It was true that there was an Ancient Demon Tree, it had been sealed and its strength was only a minuscule fraction of its true strength.

At that time, she thought that the Ancient Demon Tree only unleashed a percent of its power. However, she was too complacent.

After sensing this kind of strength from an Ancient Demon Spider, Anna knew that the tree didn't even use one ten-

thousandth of its power." ๐“ฌโ„ด๐“‚๐“ฎ๐“ƒ๐“ธ๐“‹๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐“‚

Anna was wondering what she could do, but fortunately, the ray of light gradually dimmed down before the avatar fully melted. Still, half of its body was gone, the head had disappeared, and the remaining body had multiple holes in it. Even after the Undying Phoenix blocked it first, the Flame Devil still suffered that much damage.

Now that the blinding light was gone, they could finally see the destruction that a single attack brought to this area.

"This isโ€ฆ" Anna gasped. The ray of light expanded in a fan-

shaped area.novelbin

Anythingโ€”the trees, the soil, or even the rock itselfโ€”melted into nothing. And that area stretched for more than two hundred meters.

They didn't know how much strength the spider put into that attack, but it was clear that they weren't the spider's opponent.

"Soโ€ฆ this is an Ancient Demon." Anna was only a peak Spirit Grandmaster in the past, so she never witnessed this level of power.

The commander and the marshal had this kind of strength as well. If there was a Spirit Transcendence trying to destroy the Ardagan family, they didn't have the strength to resist.

It was no wonder why Noel said that he could only utilize ten percent of the Executioner Rune's true power. An Advanced Rune was said to be effective against an Ancient Demon or even a Demon King.

If Noel could utilize its true potential, killing ten thousand demons with a single rune might be possible.

While Anna was focusing on the strength of the Ancient Demon, Noel was thinking about the impact.

'An Ancient Demon? How fast is it? If we run away like this, will we end up leading this Ancient Demon back to our territory? But Commander Oscar will be fighting itโ€ฆ No, if he is injured because of the fight, no one keeps the organization or the royal family in check anymore.

'Then, should we run to the west or east? The west is blocked by those demons. Then, the east? What if the Greenwood Kingdom suffers a huge loss? They might make a ridiculous demand.

'What are we supposed to do? Challenging the Ancient Demon? We're not strong and foolish enough to do so. But there is no other way.

'If we manage to pass the Ancient Demon and somehow outrun it, it will remain in this place and we might be able to challenge it again. But can we actually do it? There are a lot of Superior Demons standing in our way. They're going to surround us so that we can't escape.

'And there is that Spiderโ€ฆ it's like a fortress whose ability is still unknown. Besides, can we actually loop around and inform Dimitri about this. If we return, the grass will find out about us.

'No. There's not much time to think. The demons are getting closer. Anna is blocking most of the attacks, soโ€ฆ'

Noel bit his lips. It seemed that they only had one choice.

Noel's expression turned grim. "Anna."

Anna glanced at him, finding the severity of his decision from his face.

"Do you trust me?"

"That's a foolish question. Even if we go to hell for our honeymoon, I will still accompany you." Anna smiled.

"This is the only best option."

"Alright then."

Both of them suddenly stopped supplying their spiritual energy and gradually fell to the ground. Their transformations were undone at the same time as though they had given up.

But at that time, a burst of energy exploded from within their bodies. The two energies were flowing in harmony, creating a much stronger pressure.

Light started to envelop their bodies as both of them said the same thing.

"True Spirit Body."

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