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Chapter 1365 A Sleepless Night

"Customized medication with strong effects?” Upon hearing Janet's description. a frown appeared on Brandon's face—he was deep in thought as heheld her in his arms

A touch of uneasiness gradually began to take root in his heart.

When he first heard about the medication and its promising effects, he also felt a surge of excitement. As he thought about how the two previousterrible incidents had also been related to "medication", however, his enthusiasm immediately waned.

He couldn't help thinking of the mystery pharmacist.

Despite the extensive resources and connections that enabled him to find anyone and investigate anything in Barnes, Brandon's search for thepharmacist had proven futile. Whoever they were, they seemed to have disappeared into thin air, leaving behind no traces or leads to follow.

Vivi's recent car accident, however, gave him a strong feeling that the pharmacist might make a return

He had planned on using that opportunity to find out exactly who they were, however, the trail of clues came to a dead end when it got to StarEntertainment,

Clearly, the pharmacist wasn't an easy target. They hid themself well and made it impossible to predict their next move.Was this customized medication also their doing?

A myriad of thoughts crowded Brandon's mind, but

when he looked into Janet's expectant eyes, he couldn't bring himself to voice his concerns and dampen her spirits.He didn't want to shatter her hopes.

After contemplating on it for a while, Brandon caressed her tender face and said gently, "I'll have someone check on the medication tomorrow. If ittruly possesses such remarkable effects, I'll accompany you to explore treatment options as soon as possible. We'll get the treatment and try torecover as soon as possible."

Upon hearing Brandon's response, a wave of relief washed over Janet, dispelling the nervousness that had enveloped her throughout the day.

She curled up in his warm arms and fell asleep shortly after.

Caressing her hair gently, Brandon gazed affectionately at the quiet, sleeping face of the woman in his arms. His heart swelled with intense emotions.No matter what happened, he would always protect her, the woman he loved the most.

As he was lost in his thoughts, Brandon noticed the slight movement of the woman in his arms. She frowned and readjusted herself, as though the"bed" underneath her wasn't soft enough.

He chuckled and shook his head.Carefully, hefoisted Janet in hisarms and.carried her to the bed, xXmaking Sure that she was SScomfortable. He then grabbed a>towekand gently wiped away-thetears on her face before tusking heritnugly. Content belongs toNovelDrama.Org

After finishing all of that, Brandon leaned down and placed a tender kiss on Janet's forehead before leaving the room quietly.He had more pressing matters to attend to now.novelbin

As soon as he returned to the study, he made a phone call to Frank.

Frank's groggy voice came through the phone.

“Dude, why're you calling so late? Can't it wait till morning?”

After repeating what Janet had said,Brandon issuéd instructions in ahushed tone,"Investigate thepharmacist who collaborated withthe hospital and gather all the ~~inforrhation youcanonthe ~ ~custémized medication thattheyreentioned. Do it as quickly aspossible.” Content belongs ike)NovelDrama.Org

Recognizing the gravity of the situation from the seriousness in Brandon's tone, Frank responded promptly, his drowsiness dissipating, "Don't worry.I'll get right on it.”

After ending the call, Brandon rubbed his temples. feeling a mix of determination and concern. He then ordered his men to locate the mysteriouspharmacist by any means necessary.

Furthermore, to ensure Janet's safety, he had increased her security detail to the highest level of protection, leaving no room for compromiseBy the time he finished with all these tasks, it was late at night.He wasn't sleepy at all, however, with his mind wandering as he gazed at a photo of Janet smiling on his desk. 𝙘𝙤𝒎𝙚𝙣𝙤𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝙤𝒎

He couldn't sleep or eat well, knowing that the mysterious pharmacist was yet to be found

In addition-te that, Janet now had ahealth prablem. Brandon himself ~was fin€ with it, but what if the >pharmacist tried to seize the ~oppertunity to do something-toJanet? It was a terrifying prospect.

Content belongs to NovelDrama.Org

He couldn't protect her twenty-four hours each day, so his only choice was to find out who the mysterious pharmacist was as soon as possible.

Tonight was definitely going to be a sleepless night.

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