Second Chances

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Chapter 75

As Emma spoke, a mocking sneer appeared on her beautiful face.

As Alva looked into Emma’s eyes, Alva’s heart was immediately filled with fearl

Emma’s face was fill

filled with killing intent.

As for Alva, she was just a showoff who had been trained by amateurs!

You! Let go!

At this moment, the coach ran up

Alva, stop!

The coach was the professional person in the competition. He’d lang noticed that something was wrong with Alva.

Alva lowered her head in shame.

Emma said, Coach, I suspect there’s something wrong with her sword and my fencing suit! I have the right to ask for an investigation!

The school would definitely investigate if someone almost died in the competition because of the broken sword. 𝙘𝒐𝙢𝙚𝒏𝒐𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝙘𝒐𝙢

However, the news of Emma defeating Alva immediately spread like wildfire.

The news even reached the entire fencing ring.

Everyone wondered who this girl was.

After the fencing class ended, the venue was cleared.

Only Emma and the coach were still checking fencing suits.

The coach said as he packed his sword, Emma, have you participated in professional fencing competitions before?

Emma calmly folded a fencing suit. Why do you ask?

ke you.

The coach said, I watched a competition once. One of the fencers looked like you.

The coach used to lead the national team. in one of the World Championships, Rhinea was humiliated by an arrogant foreign country.

The other party had cheated and even made an obvious discriminatory move.

That day, all Rhineans present were incomparably furious!

At that moment, a Rhinean girl from the audience couldn’t take it anymore.

She changed into her fencing suit on the spot and wanted to challenge the foreign opponent.

The foreign opponent was the most professional fencing expert.

When she saw the Rhinea girl coming up, she almost died of laughter.



Chapter 75

Although everyone was worried for the girl, she was very composed and steady. When she attacked, she moved like a dragon emerging from

the river!

The Rhinea girl had combined the advantages of various martial arts, psychology, and luck to defeat the foreign opponent who was rumored to be undefeatablel

That match shocked the entire fencing ring.

The media and fencing enthusiasts from all over the world went crazy trying to find out the Rhinean girl’s identity and name.

But she had mysteriously disappeared

Until today, no one knew who that youn

young girl was

Until today, when the coach saw Emma competing, he recognized the posture. It was exactly the same as the mysterious fencing girl back then.

Emma, when you were 17, did you participate in a

Emma smiled and said, Coach, I’m just an ordinary student who just came to stay in Troin City. When I was 17 years old, I was still in the countryside.

The coach thought so too. Emma couldn’t be that Rhinean girl,

Otherwise, she would have been recruited by the country to compete in the fencing matches and not go to Vark College.

Yes, yes. I must have seen wrongly.The coach patted Emma’s shoulder. Emma, you’re very talented. Practice hard. You’ll definitely be able to achieve a great career in the future and become world famous!

Thank you, Coach.

After leaving the school, the broken sword and fencing suit were handed over to the school for routine inspection.

But videos of her duel with Alva had gone viral.

Everyone enjoyed that video on different video sites.

[The young lady is too cool! She’s calm and domineering.]

[She is so valiant and cool. I was so excited when I watched the match.]

[Fencing is so cool! I’m going to start paying attention to fencing matches!]

[What’s her name? Please start taking part in competitions!

Emma read the comments for a while. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Suddenly, an unpleasant comment popped up.

[I’m Emma Wilson’s relative. After Emma hooked up with a rich man, she disowned all her relatives and killed her sister. Even when her grandmother was critically ill, she just sat back and did nothing. I want netizens to see her true colors!]

After Emma saw this comment, she quickly used her computer to check the IP address of the person who uploaded the comment.

This person was in Troln City.


08:39 Tue, 9

Chapter 75

Emma guessed that the person who tried to ruin her reputation online was Nora Wilson based on the different information Emma gathered.

Emma also wanted to see what this woman was going to do next.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Nora’s message

s message was sent.

sent, Nora was directly criticized!

[Mr. Rivera’s niece is indeed outstanding. I think you’re just being jealous!]

[That’s right. What kind of relative are you? Do you dare to reveal your name?]

[You are suffering from brain damagel Emma Wilson’s sister died because of her relationship with a perverted rich heir. What does that have to do with Emma Wilson?]

[Aria Wilson isn’t a good person either. She bullied Emma a lot when she was alive. She even pretended to have a miscarriage to frame Emma Wilson, Does she really think that we can’t find any useful information on the internet? Brainless haters.]

[Not to mention Aria Wilson, the entire Wilson family people are heartless. Emma Wilson had been wandering in many places for so long. I don’t believe that they really can’t find her.]

[When Emma Wilson was young, her family members and relatives didn’t do their part at all. Why do they need Emma to support them now? Do they really think their daughters are tools?]

[Sucker parents, die!]

Nora was about to take the opportunity to insult Emma online but she failed again.

Everyone knew she was distorting the truth.

They even used words like brain damage, and brainless haters. They wished they could scold her till she went offline.

Nora felt extremely aggrieved. She could only squat in the toilet and cry while silently deleting her posts online. She cursed the unfairness of the world.

It was

Elsie Weeds.

First, it was Kate Johnson, then it

Brad suddenly lost two of his capable assistants, and his mood was extremely foul!

His mother was sent to the police station

Brad finally couldn’t take it anymore. Hence, he sent Alva to assassinate Emma.

But he did not expect that Alva was no match for Emmal

Looking at Alva being defeated, Brad’s eyeballs nearly popped out.

Useless thing!

You’re a professional fencer! How can you not defeat Emma W

Wilson? Is she a world champion?

Alva cried, I’ve fought world champions before. Emma is better than the world championsShe’s really amazing. She fenced like a demant I’m not doing it anymore!

Alva was already traumatized.

Alva felt that the Rhineans were really terrifying. Their fighting skills were very good, just like in the movies.


Chapter 75

Alva wanted to back out, but Brad would not let her off so easily.

think you can quit now when you know my secret?

Do you t

Brad’s expression was vicious and

and filled with ruthlessness.

Lock her up!

After that, Alva went missing.

Her parents immediately came to Vark College and called the police.

The school had also reported the incident, asking everyone if they had any contact with Alva.

Because the video of the fencing match was too popular, the netizens soon found out that Emma’s opponent was missing.

Alva’s disappearance caused great concern in society.

Three days had passed. Everyone began to feel anxious.

Since the critical time to find Alva was over, she was most likely dead!

Gradually, rumors spread.

Rumors began to spread

to spread online and in school..

Emma became the main suspect in Alva’s disappearance.

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