Second Chances

Second Chances

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    Second Chances” Emma Wilson almost died in a fire on the day she married. Her husband and stepsister plotted her murder to gain family assets. Just before she died, a man ran into the fire and shielded her from the flames, refusing to leave her. It was a man she never thought she would see after she turned down his hand in marriage.Liam Hall was someone whom few could get close to but many were wary of. Yet he took a particular liking to Emma, asking for a marriage alliance with her family and standing up for her repeatedly when she was bullied. The more time he spent with her, the more capable he realized Emma was. Still, he couldn’t help his protective instincts. He would do anything for her. Now that Emma had another chance, she wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. She exposed the lies of her family as soon as she could and agreed to marry Liam. Using her skills, she slowly revealed her numerous identities. There seemed nothing that Emma couldn’t do. She was an excellent hacker, famous director. superb healer… Of course.Billionaire

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