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Chapter 480 Kidnapped



Isabelle needed more explosives than George’s arsenal factory could provide, so she decided to handle it herself.

With something to keep her busy, Isabelle became more patient.

Not seeing Isabelle for days and wanting to avoid Yves, George stayed in his room.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to handle the company’s piling business, he also tried to keep himself from becoming too anxious.

It had been four or five days since he last saw Isabelle. She even ate her meals in her room. George couldn’t resist calling her via video call.

After waiting for a while, George thought she might not answer and didn’t want to disturb her.

Just as George was about to hang up, the video call connected.

Isabelle’s tired face, showing signs of staying up late, appeared on the screen. She propped her phone to the side, glanced at George on the screen, and then continued with what she was doing without speaking to him.

George remained silent too, enlarging the small window showing Isabelle in the upper right corner. After watching her for a while, he also propped his phone to the side and got back to work.

Separated by the screen, they kept each other company while being busy with their own tasks. Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Isabelle was preparing to wait until her injuries had fully healed before making at move, but how could the Dark Shadow wait for her to hide and bide her time?

Dark Shadow struck first.

Isabelle saw it coming. She knew their tactics, but stopping them was another story.

Early in the morning, George received a message from Carl Sarratt. Holding his phone, he forcefully confronted the guards at the staircase, facing the muzzles of Yves’s men. George pulled out his pistol and pressed it against the head of one of

them loading the bullet Hie demeanour use intimidatin


Chapter 480 Kidnapped.

The two guards hesitated for a moment.

George quickly ascended the stairs.



“Ethan’s gone,” he said as he opened Isabelle’s door and found her there.

Isabelle was sitting on the floor in the living room, surrounded by cluttered tables and piles of stuff on the ground. The room was filled with the smell of sulphur, nitre, and charcoal.

Isabelle, who had been busy all night, was just about to rest when she looked up at George entering the room.

George said, “The surveillance at Taragon University is all good. Ethan left the campus by himself, intentionally dodging Carl’s surveillance. We can’t get hold of him now.”

During this time, Carl had been stationing troops around Taragon University to secretly look out for Ethan. He was worried that the Dark Shadow’s men might sneak into the school and cause trouble for Ethan. So, Carl had his men disguise themselves as campus security. That way, they could keep a close eye on things without causing any unnecessary panic.

And then there was Chase Dittman, stepping up and lowering his own rank to become the head of the security team.

This was their way of repaying a debt of gratitude to Isabelle.

Even Ethan’s three roommates had been replaced by three young soldiers, posing as exchange students to accompany Ethan to and from school.

In their shared dorm, they even hid Jack.

Dark Shadow had been itching for a chance to get at Ethan, hoping to use him as leverage against Isabelle.

But Ethan was surrounded by Carl’s men. They didn’t want to tangle with the military, and Taragon University wasn’t a place where they could act freely, so they hadn’t found the right moment yet.

But this time, Ethan voluntarily left the school..

And he managed to slip past everyone.



Chapter 480 Kidnapped

Isabelle stayed cool as a cucumber, even reminding George to watch his step around the mess on the floor. Then, she pointed to a laptop nearby and said, “Laptop.”

George walked over and grabbed the laptop for her.

Isabelle understood the Dark Shadow like the back of her hand, opened the computer, and hacked into Ethan’s phone directly.


It was obvious that Ethan’s phone was under someone else’s control, suggesting that Dark Shadow had spent time breaking through her firewall and hacking Ethan’s phone.

With some swift moves, Isabelle managed to uncover why Ethan had successfully discovered the reason why he had voluntarily left Taragon University–his phone had received a video.

The video showed Eleanor and Layla being kidnapped.

The message accompanying it warned Ethan to behave and follow their instructions. If he dared to play tricks or let anyone else know, they would immediately kill Eleanor and Layla.

Eleanor and Layla’s lives didn’t move Isabelle, but they had a strong hold ou


Isabelle had always been aware that if Dark Shadow wanted to target the people around her, she couldn’t stop them, whether it was the powerless Ethan, the skilled Jack, or White Owl.

Kidnapping Eleanor and Layla to control Ethan, then using him to pressure Isabelle. It was the simplest trick in the book.

The reason they didn’t target William was because George sent more people to protect him. Eleanor’s side, on the other hand, had relatively fewer guards, making it an easier target.

And George hadn’t received any updates from his men. It was likely that the guards he sent to protect Eleanor and her daughter had already died in the Dark Shadow’s hands.

In the end, Isabelle’s family ties ended up being her Achilles‘ heel.

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Chapter 480 Kidnapped


Isabelle located Ethan’s phone and discovered that he had ditched it in the grassy area inside Taragon University.

But now, it was completely out of reach.

George said, “I’ll immediately dispatch people to lock down the whole city.”

In Taragon City.

The south gate, which was nearest to the Computer Science Department, was under the watch of Chase.

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