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Chapter 27 Family Rules
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Chapter 27 Family Rules

Xuqinlan is pulled up by shenwei. She staggers but still looks at her daughter surprisingly. Stretchingout her tremble hands, but when she touches shenwei’s face, she stops her behavior.

Looking at her dirty hands, her eyes appears a sense of pain. Working for several years, her hands arenot slim and smooth any more. They are covered with winkle and looks scared.

Shenlan doesn't ignore her self-abasement on her face. She grabs her hands with her heart aching,“mom!”

Xuqinlan chokes,” Cici, why do you come back? You...” Xuqinlan looks at Jiangqirui, and holds herback behind, she looks afraid now, but she still wants to protect Shenwei.

Shenwei’s eyes turns to red again. She is an orphan when she was shenwei, although she lived as aprincess when she was in Shen’s family, she never forgot her identity. 𝒄𝒐𝙢𝒆𝙣𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝙢

Miss shen treated her well, but she is not her mother. So she rarely told her secrets or chagrin to her,on the contrary, she always stood them alone.

Nobody would pull her behind and protect her with body like Xuqinlan does now. Xuqinlan is so weakand fragile, but she chooses to protect her daughter no matter she face. At this moment, shenweiadmires Jiangci a lot,for she has a mother loves her so much.

Shenwei takes a deep breath and puts her hands on Xuqinlan’s shoulder,” Mom, I am okay, he daresnot to bully me!”novelbin

Xuqinlan shakes her head,”cici, you needn’t comfort me. I know you are hard.” her tears falling downwhile she saying, however, she still stands in front of Shenwei, “Jiangqirui, i am not allowed you to hurtcici!”

“I hurt her? Xuqinlan, that’s your good daughter! She dares to beat me now!” his arm is still numb andhis spine is still pain now. He hates Jiangci so much that he just wants to kill her now.

“Bullshit! Cici is so kind that she dares not to kill an ant. She is unable to come back if you don’t bullyher. What do you want to do ?” every time her daughter back, Jiangqirui and the old woman wouldpunish her or force her to ask money from Munanshen. It must be no exception this time.

Standing behind Xuqinlan, shenwei squeezes her eyes. They are all vampires. They take advantage ofthe two women’s relationship to control Jiangci and then get benefits from her. Jiangci had no ideas butto ask money from Munanshen, so Munanshen hated her so much. No wonder Munanshen reacted likethat when she ask for 30 million. Even she would hate Jiangci she thinks. But now, shenwei has knownthat Jiangci lived in this kind of environment. So before Jiangci married Munanshen, she lived the samelife with Xuqinlan.

Damn it!

They are all evils of the whole Jiang family.

“Hum,jiangci is my daughter, now that she marries a rich family , she should help me and that’s mehelp her marry Munanshen, or she is just a beggar now.” jiangqirui says in superlatives,”i am her father,it’s God’s truth for her to honor me, or she will get punishment from the god!”

“bah!” shenwei can’t stand his disgusting attitude and words,” do you think i am still that Jiangci before?No! I won’t let you bully me! He! No matter what relationships between me and Munanshen, you will getnothing from me and Munanshen!”

They won’t consider her situation and they would force her again and again if she compromises.Jiangci asked so much money from Munanshen, but now xuqinlan still lives in doghouse and everyonecan bully her includes the servants! Xuqinlan is in her forties, but now, she looks like a sixty-year-oldwoman! Shenwei gets pains in her heart. She swears, she would get rid of Jiang family and takeXuqinlan out and takes care of her for Jiangci.

“You little bitch! What are you saying!” jiangqirui wants to beat her again after hearing that. However,xuqinlan rushes to her and bears the feet for shenwei.

“Mom!” shenwei shouts, seeing Xuqinlan is kick down by jiangqirui, her eyes turns to red. Shenweitightens her fists,” Jiangqirui! You court death!”

Rushing to Jiangqirui and kick him on his chest, shenwei burst out all all her bad mood now, she triesher best every fist and every kick.

By this time, jiangchao and zhanglan come in with a crowd of bodyguard.

“Take her to me!” zhanglan orders them. The bodyguards filed in...

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