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Chapter 472

Chapter 472 A Permanent Solution

15 Free Came

James no longer spoke up for Angela and merely allowed Scarlet to continue with her curses.Zacharias sighed. Then, he suggested, “Mom, we should deal with Fanny's marriage first.”

His words reminded her about Fanny’s marriage to Christopher. Looking with concern at Zacharias, she asked, “You don’t mindthis at all? Don’t forget, Christopher had his eyes on your kidney once.”

For the past few days, Scarlet had been restless. She was troubled by the thought that Zacharias‘ kidney was a match withFanny's. Although she felt sorry for Fanny, she was even more worried about Zacharias, who was her blood and kin.

Given the excruciating struggles with his health, his donating a kidney would result in his death sentence.However, she was also pained by the fact that the successful matching was a secret.

When Scarlet brought up the matter of Zacharias‘ and Fanny’s kidneys being a match,

back as negative? This merely illustrates Christopher's genuine love for Fanny, right?”

Incrmy Sames at Fanny, who

remained calm. Then, ht” “Didn’t the test come

Scarlet accused, “If he really loved her, why wouldn't he test to see whether his kidney is compatible with Fanny’s? He justdoesn’t want you to live!”

“Don’t say that, Mom,” James interrupted in a rush. “If Fanny were to hear that, think about her feelings.”Realizing that Fanny was already in tears at her words, Scarlet quickly com ted her, “Fanny, | didn’t mean that.”

Fanny appeared pitiful, her pale face streaming with tears. “Mom, | understand. | know you didn’t mean to blame me, but | feelhurt...” she whispered in tears.

“| shouldn't have said those words,” came Scarlet’s words of solace.“Fanny, Mom was too hasty with her words,” added Zacharias. “Don’t take it to heart.”

After Scarlet’s apology, Zacharias tried to diffuse the tension. “We should rest and discuss our return plans to Riverdontomorrow.”

Such words brought the conversation to an end.

The Kins Family’s night was tumultuous, and Angela had retired earlier.1/4


Chapter 472 A Permanent Solution

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The following morning, she had planned to leave with Jonathan as usual, but they were held back by Yarrison’s unexpectedarrival.

Yarrison had urgent matters to discuss with Jonathan.

After some consideration, she decided to let Jonathan stay home, but the man persisted in his ways. “I'll send you off and returnlater.”

“Shall we talk in the car?”

Realizing Yarrison had important matters to discuss with Jonathan, she convinced him, “Don’t worry; I'll have four bodyguardswith me besides Oliver today.”

Jonathan agreed, “Let me know if you need anything.”She naturally agreed to this.Once they were in the car, Angela advised Oliver, “Be more cautious today.”

Since she had finally managed to persuade Jonathan not to send her, she felt that she had to protect herself. Failing which, itwould be difficult to convince him further. Although she knew he cared for her, she didn’t want him to focus too much on her.

After watching Angela leave, Jonathan turned to discuss the urgent matters with Yarrison. “What's so urgent?”

He knew it was no small matter from Yarrison’s direct approach. “I’ve found the leads that we lost earlier. Would you like to havea look?” he said as he pushed the documents. Then, he glanced at the unfinished breakfast. “You don’t mind if | have theleftovers, do you?”

“Go ahead,” Jonathan replied as he took the documents. He skimmed thro with a frown, asking, “Is there anything else?”“What? You want more?!” Yarrison stuffed food into his mouth. He rolled his know how much loops | went through to get this?”the documents


“Do you

There were moments when he felt like he wasn’t on the quest for something but rather being on the dangerous side of the law inhis frantic probing. That being said, the information he uncovered was proportional to the risk involved.

Jonathan took a seat and pragmatically stated, “It’s not enough for us to execute our previous plan.”

The helpless Yarrison shrugged. “That's all we have for now. Use this to threaten them. It should make them keep their distancefor a while.”

Jonathan nodded in acknowledgment. “Thanks for your hard work.”2/4

10:16 Fri, 19 Apr M

Chapter 472 A Permanent Solutionnovelbin

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“Oh, hearing ‘hard work’ from you is rare,” Yarrison mumbled through his bun, “After pulling all-nighters recently, | need somegood rest.”

“Sure, rest well,” said Jonathan. “Also, I'll be leaving Northland soon.”“What? You're leaving?” Yarrison was shocked. “Then why bother investigating stuff on Florence?”

They were clear from the start; Florence, as the heiress of the Shelton Family, wielded her family’s power brazenly but onlywithin Northland.

If Jonathan left Northland, Florence wouldn't be a concern.

“It's for Spencer. He’s in my company now, remember?” Jonathan reminded him.

wouldn't. To prevent Florence from acting

Even though he would leave, his branch compan desperately, it was essential to find her vulnerabilities and hold them tightly.

“Oh, right, | forgot about that.” Yarrison scratched his head. 𝙘𝙤𝒎𝙚𝙣𝙤𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝙤𝒎

Seeing Jonathan closing the

documents and Sues thencicnis |aie se: yeadyt lee e, Seeon

asked, “Wait, where are yougoing?” Please read the originalcontent at NovelDrama.Org.

He had been too busy to know wJonathan sud ely planted fo'eaveNoth! Please read the original

content at NovelDrama.Org.

“Not sure yet,” Jonathan replied RutI'll be leaving i afawdags.’ BISre3q_t6é bHgina content at


Once the results of Angela’s tests were out, he would know where they needed to go.

On the road, Angela was also contemplating the upcoming test.

Tomorrow was the test day, and she hoped no chaos would ensue today.

While musing, she heard Oliver, seated in the front, say, “Mrs. Lawson, someone is following us again.”

Thinking of the previous day's followers, Florence and James, she instructed, “Turn around and see who it is this time.”

Her conversation with James yesterday hadn’t been pleasant, and given his temperament, he shouldn’t be approaching heragain so soon.

Oliver signaled the driver to find an opportunity to turn around, keeping a close watch on the person in the car behind.Upon recognizing the follower, he immediately reported, “It’s that fat guy with the surname Reed from before.”


10:16 Fri, 19 Apr M

Chapter 472 A Permanent Solution

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“Reed?” Angela was momentarily puzzled, but recalling Oliver’s description of a fat man, she connected the dots to Kaydron.“Kaydron Reed?”

Indeed, Yaxley had informed her that Kaydron had been bailed out by Fanny.

However, she hadn’t anticipated that Kaydron would attempt to target her again.

Considering Kaydron’s association with Fanny, Angela deduced that his trailing her was likely instigated by Fanny.“The charges he faced last time were too light,” Angela remarked.

Oliver agreed, “Yeah, they didn’t even get close before we took care of them. They’re useless.”

Hearing his comment, Angela was amused yet thought it might be time for Kaydron to face. more serious charges.

“Let's stage a drama to ensure he stays behind bars for a good while,” she proposed, tired of Kaydron’s pestering and seeking apermanent solution.

Puzzled, Oliver inquired, “Mrs. Lawson, how do we stage this play?”

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