Perfect Mysterious Husband (Maddox and Kimberly)

Perfect Mysterious Husband (Maddox and Kimberly)

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    Perfect Mysterious Husband novel (Maddox and Kimberly) by Amy, where the unexpected twists of fate collide with the complexities of love.After enduring betrayal at the hands of her deceitful husband, Kimberley finds herself entangled in a night of unforeseen passion with a stranger. Faced with dire circumstances, she is compelled to enter a marriage under her sister’s identity to safeguard her family’s well-being.Her new spouse is none other than Maddox Yardley, a wealthy and influential man confined to a wheelchair due to his injured legs. Initially bound by a pact to feign marital bliss, Kimberley and Maddox find themselves drawn to each other against all odds.However, their fragile facade begins to crumble when Kimberley discovers she is pregnant, the result of that unforgettable night with a mysterious stranger whose identity remains a mystery. With the prospect of an abortion posing a life-threatening risk, Kimberley is torn between her love for Maddox and the precarious situation she finds herself in.As the lines between truth and deception blur, Perfect Mysterious Husband (Maddox and Kimberly) delves into the depths of sacrifice, loyalty, and the power of unexpected connections. Will Kimberley risk everything for the child of a stranger, or will she forsake the love she has found with Maddox? Discover the gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and secrets in Amy’s compelling narrative.

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