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Chapter 38

PART 1 Chapter 38 β€” 01

The house had been empty a lot recently.

The hollow comers and echoing hallways gave me no welcome and I couldn't help but compare it to

before all the sudden trouble.

The house hadn't been this cold and shallow for years.

l urged for the old times when I was happy,Jason was happy.even mom and dad were happy and Blade π’„π’π’Žπ’†π’π’π™«π’†π™‘.π’„π’π’Ž

was nobody to me.

Nobody other than the player,Alpha of the enemy pack,made me feel nervous when I was near him.

Only because he was an enemy.

I tried to ignore the sadness pumping in my veins but I couldn't.

I've convinced myself I've gone numb but that's not true.

I could still feel the rejection cruising through my body.

I felt guilty.

Made up images of him shifting in the woods alone,! could only compare to how desperate I was.

I had been so hopeless,begging for a hero and he just appeared and saved me.

He was there for me even when I wasn't there for him.

The loud knocking of the door jolted me up and I ran to the door.

Lisa stood on the other side,clutching two big containers of Ben and Jerry ice cream,a big bag of

cheddar popcorn and two chick flicks.

β€œHey,” she smiled,” surprise!” β€œHey,” I let her in,’ What's up?” β€œI thought you needed a girls night.” I

laughed; Yes,I do.” She grabbed a bag from behind her; nice pajamas, I looked down at my spongebob

and patrick pajamas,” Put this on.” looked inside the bag.

There were two pairs of slippers,one of them a giant Patrick star that you stick your feet in,and the

other the same,but of spongebob.

β€œI pick spongebob,’ I put it on over my socks.

She grabbed the Patrick star one,” I got them because we are like Patrick and spongebob."

I laughed,” thanks,they're so cute.” She put the snacks on the table and pulled out two massive ice

cream scoopers.

I laughed harder,” You're crazy!” "know!"

We both flopped on the leather couch and got comfy,digging into the ice cream and popcorn,watching

the beginning of one of the movies she brought.


We groaned in sync when a shirtless Alex Pettyfer showed on the screen,doing push ups,sit ups and

other exercises.

β€œYou're the best Lisa, I muttered.

She nodded,” I know.” β€œHe's so gorgeous.” β€œI want him.


β€œYou have a boyfriend!"

I screeched.

"So? John will understand.” Throughout the whole movie,Lisa and lexchanged comments on how good

looking Alex Pettyfer was and how attractive he still was in beast form.

When the movie ended,so did our ice cream jugs and chips.

I threw my pillow at Lisa, I totally needed that.” She threw the pillow back at me,” You just needed a

good reality check from Mr.

Yummy Alex Pettyfer!” I laughed and caught it” And Mr.

Ben and Jerry.” "So,"

she crissβ€”crossed on the sofa,” What's really going on?” I paused for a minute before signing” Where

do you want me to begin?” β€œThe night you found out that Jared isn't your mate.

I still don't know what happened.” "So as you know,me and Jared were out to dinner.

We danced and all that and then we noticed that it was almost 12 so we called for the waitress and it

turned out to be Jasmine.” β€œI figured as much.

That whoreβ€”"

"Lisa! It's not like she can help it!” She rolled her eyes,’ admit it,you hate her.” I sighed” No I don't.”

β€œEmerald,it's okay to hate someone.” β€œThen I hate her guts,” I muttered really fast” anyway,she touchednovelbin

his hands,they found out they were mates.

I couldn't stay,so I ran.” "Did he follow you?” β€œNo.” β€œThat pri—” β€œAnyway,so I went home,’ I said,deciding

to skip the embarrassing truth when Iran into the forest and mourned for hours, a couple of days

latermaybe a week, was pulled into a closet and it was a rogue.

Blade heard me screamingβ€”"

β€œAnd he saved you!” Lisa swooned.

β€œYeah,and a couple of things happened after that,it became awkward between us.

Then of course,I shifted.” β€œAlone of course! I still don't know how you did it.” β€œYeah,what you don't know

is that I was actually rescued by my mate.” β€œoh my god!"

she jumped up and screamed,” You have a mate! Who is it!” "I didn't know.

He just saved me and left.” β€œWhat happened after.” β€œI went home and I didn't wanna tell them my mate

left me so I told them I didn't have one.” β€œYou're the worst best friend,” she shook her head.

β€œI know,but this is what happened after,me and my mate began to have secret meetings,but both in wolf

form so I never really found out who he was.

About a week ago me and Blade were science partners and uhhβ€”"

β€œAnd what?”

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