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Chapter 2798

Boarding the plane, Harmony felt a heavy heart. Sera advised her to keep her mask and glasseson, to hide her true emotions from the world.

Upon returning to her mother’s house, Sophia was immediately embraced by Ezekiel. “Mom, I’vemissed you so much.”

Sophia hugged her son back. “I’ve missed you too.”

“Mom! Why didn’t you let me know you were coming back from the airport this time?” Ezekiel askedcuriously.

“I just suddenly felt the urge to come back.”novelbin

“Mom, I can’t wait to introduce someone to you.” Ezekiel’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

Of course, Sophia knew exactly who her son wanted to introduce. She smiled. “No rush, I cameback to see your grandma.”

Sophia needed to give Harmony some time. She believed Harmony was intelligent and sensible. Atthis moment, Sophia had a question in her mind that she couldn’t find an answer to-who sent thosephotos to her? Why did they send them? What was their intention?

They know my email address, which means it must be someone I know or someone I have been incontact with. But who could it be? Sophia sat in the yard, deep in thought. She took out her phoneand looked at the photos again. They were indeed photos of Harmony. Looking at them, she feltanger rising within her.

A girl’s most important task is to love herself. If she can’t even do that, how can she love others?Therefore, Harmony is not suitable to be her daughter-in-law. Sophia became even more certain ofthis.

Meanwhile, Ezekiel, who was taking care of Cecelia in the master bedroom, looked at his phoneand sighed with a hint of disappointment.

“What’s wrong? Did you and Harmony have a fight?”

“No, she just went to a gala and hasn’t replied to me yet. I’m a bit worried about her.”

Cecelia looked at her grandson. She understood why her daughter wanted her to play this drama,to keep her grandson by her side. It must be that Sophia thought Harmony was not suitable to beEzekiel’s life partner.

However, Cecelia really liked this child.

Ezekiel went downstairs and saw his mother’s assistant. He couldn’t help but become a bit serious.“Leia, why didn’t you contact me in advance when my mom returned this time? Can you bear theresponsibility if anything happens to her?” 𝓬𝓸𝓂𝓮𝓃ℴ𝓋𝓮𝓁.𝓬ℴ𝓂

Leia looked at Ezekiel innocently. He was usually easy to talk to, but that day, he seemed a bitintimidating. She explained, “This was Mrs. Weiss’ order. I tried to persuade her, but Mrs. Weisssaid there was no need to notify you.”

“Why?” Ezekiel frowned. His mother’s return was too sudden. It wasn’t like her usual style.

“I’m not sure. Mrs. Weiss was originally having tea in the garden in Dansbury. Then she sawsomething on her tablet and immediately asked to come home. And she didn’t allow me to notifyyou to pick her up.” Leia was also very curious about the whole situation. Sophia’s behavior was toostrange.

Ezekiel frowned. “When did this happen?”

“Just three days ago!”

“Three days ago? Then why did my mom only arrive today?”

“Oh! No, I must have remembered wrong. Mrs. Weiss… she arrived today.” Leia was startled,almost revealing the truth. This was Sophia’s strict order. She must not say that she arrived a dayearly.

Seeing the assistant’s hesitation, Ezekiel became even more curious and said sternly, “Tell me thetruth. Do you think I can’t find out?”

“Mr. Ezekiel, Mrs. Weiss arrived yesterday. I don’t know why she asked us to say she arrived today.”Leia had to tell the truth.

Ezekiel bit his thin lips. Why would Mother make such arrangements? Did she meet someonetoday?

“Did my mom go out this morning?”

“Yes! Mrs. Weiss went out early in the morning.”

“Who did she meet?”

Leia didn’t dare to slip up this time. She lied, “A friend. I don’t know them.”

“Is it a man or a woman?” Ezekiel asked hastily. His mother’s mysterious behavior made him start towonder if she no longer loved his dad.

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