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A hint of shock flashed through Lumi's beautiful eyes.

Euria also walked over. Her tone was cold. "Let me take a look at your superpower..."

Wendy again displayed her superpower, but only for a few seconds before she retracted it.

She could feel that the energy supporting the voltage in her body was insufficient.


Lumi gasped. "A Thunder System Esper!"

Nash was puzzled. "Isn't there a difference between electricity and lightning?"

Lumi glanced at Nash, her lips slightly parted. "There is a difference, but the basic concept of electricity and lightning is the same. She has a weaker superpower now, but she can control the voltage as she grows. When the voltage reaches a certain level, it'll become thunder!"

Euria took over from Lumi, saying, "Thunder System Esper users rank third in the superpower sequence, only surpassed by Light System and Dark System."

After saying that, she suggested again, "Thunder System Esper are as rare. The Divine Strategy Squadron has a hundred Espers, but not one with the Thunder System!"

"A hundred Espers?" Nash was stunned.

He had only encountered three Esper so far.

Before that, he had not even heard of them, and the Divine Strategy Squadron had a hundred of them.

He had underestimated the strength of the Divine Strategy Squadron.novelbin

Lumi stepped forward and took Wendy's hand gently, asking, "Would you like to join us, Miss?"

Wendy looked puzzled. "Are you guys some kind of mysterious organization?"

Lumi looked at Nash, seemingly asking whether to tell Wendy or not.

Nash nodded, pondering whether to establish a superpower group.

Lumi was about to speak but hesitated. She looked at Winston. "Go out first..."

Winston paused, turned, and walked out of the room. He closed the door behind him. With Nash around, there was no need to worry about his sister.

Lumi told Wendy about the Divine Strategy Squadron and suggested that the Earth Squad be set up as a team of Espers, with Wendy as the leader of the first group! Nash sat on the couch and crossed his legs. Holding a half-smoked cigarette, he looked playful. "How did the Divine Strategy Squadron find so many Espers?" A hundred Espers... Who would not be amazed?

On his side, Euria and Lumi were in civilian positions and not counted among the four teams, leaving only Wendy.

They could not let her go alone during future operations, could they?

"Most of the Divine Strategy Squadron's Espers come from Espervilles!" ๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ธ๐“‹๐“ฎ๐“.๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถ

"There are places like that?"

Nash looked astonished. Just from the name, one could tell they were the gathering places for Espers.

Lumi nodded. "We have four Espervilles in Drakonia. Each Esperville was designated as a restricted area with many troops stationed there!" "Wouldn't they be trapped?" Nash's lips twitched.

Lumi sighed. "They live in seclusion from the world but don't lead a hard life. The country allocates tens of millions worth of resources to them every year, so they live a life of luxury. The only downside is they lack freedom!"

"Did you also come from an Esperville?"

"We, like Wendy, awakened our superpowers independently. But we were discovered by the Divine Strategy Squadron soon after awakening.

my sister directly to a training base!"

"How did the Divine Strategy Squadron find you guys?" Nash asked curiously.

"The Divine Strategy Squadron has al powerful telepathic Esper who can sense the location of any Espers. If a Love new Esper appears, they either get driven into the Esperville or join the Divine Strategy Squadron under a confidentiality agreement,

"Because of him, Espers don't expose themselves to ordinary people!"

"I see."

Nash chuckled. No wonder he had never seen any Esper.

Indeed, one needed to be powerful to encounter new societies.

If there were immortals, one could only encounter them after com transcending tribulations and ascending.

His master had probably come into contact with another circle of society by now.

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