My Stupid & Great Husband

Chapter 20 The great event of Xia family
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Chapter 20 The great event of Xia family

For Andy Wu, the sum of ninety thousand dollars was as just like a cent, so he could pay it without anyhesitation.

He said it naturally, but others were laughing at him, because they thought the fool was making a foolof himself again.

However, the waiter didn’t know Andy was a fool, so he walked to Andy immediately and asked politely,"Sir, please swipe the card.”

And then Andy began to look for his bank card.

When he was looking for it, he was embarrassed because he realized that he changed his suit beforegoing out and his black card was still in that suit's pocket. At this critical moment, he screwed it up.

“Brother-in-law, take out your card quickly. I really want to see you swiping your card. It must be socool.” Julia couldn’t help urging with schadenfreude in the side.

Other people watched him with different expressions as well.

“I also forget to bring my card.” Andy said helplessly.

“ Haha, do you have a card? Is there 200 dollars in your card, even if you have it?” Jane also couldn’thelp satirizing Andy.

“Fool, do you know what 90 thousand dollars mean? Even if you work hard all your life, you wouldnever earn that sum!” Bill was speechless and more and more dislike him.

“Oh, I can’t stand being with him for just one night. If I should stay with him for a whole day, I would bedespairing definitely. I don’t know why someone can bear him for 3 years.” Qian Zhu satirized withdisgust.

All kinds of malicious words drilled into Jenny’s ears and made her almost crazy as they had thorns.Just now, when she was in the most embarrassing time, Andy stood out like a man and went to pay it.At that moment, Jenny was believing what he said because she longed for the protection from herhusband from the bottom of her heart.

However, life is always cruel. Her husband is a fool and every time he comes out, he only makes jokes,even troubles.

She felt disappointed, extremely disappointed.

Jenny was almost crying out. She shouted furiously to Andy, "If you make me lose face again, I willsend you to the mental hospital!” This time, Jenny was really angry with Andy.

Seeing that, Andy also felt uncomfortable.

The waiter was confused. He looked around and asked, "Which of you are going to pay the bill?”

“I’ll pay for it!” Xinlei Cai couldn’t stand it anymore.

This time, Julia didn’t stop him. After all, if Jenny was detained here for being unable to pay the bill, Xiafamily also would lose face. And, Andy had said foolish words today, Julia was afraid he would dosomething foolish in the private room because of his unstable condition. So she let Xinlei pay themoney.

Watching him swiping the card, Jenny said,"Thank you. I will find a way to pay you back.” Although shelived a poor life now, Jenny didn’t want to owe him anything. She must repay the 90 thousand dollars.

Xinlei was generous, "You don’t need to. It’s just little money for me. Never mind.”

Listening to this, Bill interrupted, "She must repay it because it’s not easy for you to make money either.How could she get it such easily?”

Xinlei didn’t insist on this and he suggested to Jenny sincerely, "I think your condition is not bad so howabout getting a divorce. I have many nice friends and any of them will give you a better life aftermarrying you.”

This was the real thought in his heart that he, as a human, couldn’t watch a woman as beautiful as aflower was devastated by a fool.

“Ha-ha, you think her husband is a fool but she thinks he is a treasure. Even my grandma forced her todivorce, she was still reluctant to accept it!” Bill never lost any chance to laugh at Jenny.

In usual time, Jenny would contradict certainly, but now, she was speechless and didn’t know how tocontradict him.

A party was ended in silence...

Jenny drove Andy home and said nothing during the whole ride. She didn’t blame him, in other words,she did not want to talk.

At 11.30 p.m, Jenny and Andy arrived home.

Hearing the door opened, Guilan got out of the room immediately, who just had finished playing cards,and said, "Jenny, I have no money now and can’t buy food tomorrow. Give me some money!” novelbin

One got her into trouble, the other just asked for money. Both of whom were living at Jenny’s home.Jenny was despairing at this. 𝒸𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓋𝓮𝓁.𝒸𝓸𝓶

She took out a bank card from the bag to Guilan and said, "There are 20 thousand dollars in it. Youtake it and it’s all the money I have. Don’t ask for money from me again.” After saying this, Jenny wentback to her bedroom.

Then, the sad cry of Jenny came out from the bedroom. She couldn’t help crying her heart out withoutendurance.

Guilan was surprised, because she knew about Jenny that she hardly cried like this. During the past 3years, no matter how many rumors and humiliations she had suffered from, no matter how heavy theburden was on her shoulders, she insisted and endured all of them and never burst into tears. Tonight,she cried like this after going out with Andy, of course, it must be Andy who made the trouble.

With that thought, Guilan was furious immediately. She took the feather duster and hit Andy heavily,saying, "It must be you the fool who made Jenny unhappy! I will beat you, beat you to death!”

Andy bore the hit silently. His calm eyes remain as usual, however, he expressed out self-accusationand distress for Jenny’s cry.

The next morning, in the Xia’s villa.

Mrs. Xia( the old lady) invited important members of the family to hold a temporary family meeting inthe villa.

The main point of the meeting was the marriage of Julia.

Julia was young and was not important members of the family, but because she was the maincharacter today, so she attended the meeting.

“Julia, I heard that you are dating with Xinlei Cai of the Cai family. Is it true?” The old lady was smiling.

Julia was overjoyed hearing thus, "Of course, it is true. Last night, he presented me the painting ofAndrew!”

Hearing this, the face of the old lady creased with laughter. She praised Julia, "You are promising asexpected and you don’t let me disappointed.”

Being praised by Mrs. Xia, Julia was happy and proud.

At this time, Julia’s father, Xingbang Xia talked to her, "Julia, could you call your boyfriend to comehere? We all want to meet Xinlei Cai.”

Julia’s mother also agreed, "Yes. Julia, just call him to come here.”

As for the rich son-in-law, the couple was too satisfied and they couldn’t wait to show off Xinglei in frontof their family members. Moreover, the prime reason was that the old lady wanted to meet him and she

was embarrassed to say that, so she let the couple do.

As soon as Julia heard what they said, she answered, "Let me call him and ask because he is busy, soI don’t know if he is available or not.”

Saying this, Julia went out and made a phone call.

After more than 10 minutes, Julia came back.

At this moment, Julia was glowing with shining eyes and she said excitedly with a loud voice to herfamily, "I’ve already called him and he said that the first time to meet my parents, he should treat us. Healso said that this noon, he will treat all of my families at Breeze Hotel.”

Breeze Hotel!

It was the most famous hotel in Westplain City. Its position was unparalleled. It had been known as theparadise of food in the city.

The reason why Breeze Hotel couldn’t be surpassed was because of its head chef, who inherited theskill from a famous chef family. So he seemed to have some secret about cooking. The flavor of disheshe cooked was very special and everyone loved it.

Thus, the consumption in Breeze Hotel was very expensive but people still flooded into it. So if youdidn’t make reservations in advance, you couldn’t have dinner in it even if you were rich.

Usually, it’s hard to find a spare table to have dinner in Breeze Hotel, but Xinglei could treat all ofpeople in Xia family, which means he could find more than 10 tables. That was not a simple thing by

only using money, which totally indicated that Xinglei had a huge power in society.

All of the families present were shocked as they had heard what Julia said.

Even the old lady expressed astonishment, she waited for a moment and excited commanded, “Bequick, let all the people of Xia family gather at the villa!”

“And, tell all the people to dress up in case of losing face.”

Soon, the surprising news broke out in the family that XinleiCai of Cai family would invite Xia family fordinner in Breeze Hotel this noon.

Receiving the news, all the people of Xia family dressed up and went to gather at the villa.

Jenny and Guilan also received the news.

As soon as Guilan heard that, she immediately complained unhappily, "How could Julia be so lucky?Why could she find such excellent boyfriend? Why could I be so unfortunate and just have a fool son-in-law ?”

The more she thought, the more she was angry. So she broke out and vented her anger on Andy. Shegave Andy a dressing down.

Jenny didn’t stop her, because she was driven to distraction for last night, she lost all her face andbecame exhausted. But today, she needed to face heavier storm again. She knew, if she came to theparty, she would be talked about badly because her family would surely compare Xinlei with her foolhusband. But she had to go since it’s Mrs. Xia’s command.

Sitting in front of the dressing table, Jenny wanted to make up simply only to find her red and swolleneyes, so she just had no mood to do it.

“Let it be!” Jenny walked out the room like to meet death.

Before leaving, Jenny said to Andy,” Stay at home. I will bring your lunch back.”

Jenny promised Mrs. Xia last time that she would not bring Andy to family party. She didn’t want to do iteither because she also afraid of him.

Then Jenny went out dejectedly and Guilan followed her, and whispered, "You don’t need to do that. Hewon’t die without a meal.”

Andy stood at the door, watching Jenny’s lonely figure. His eyes became deep.

Until Jenny’s figure disappeared, a sharp light came out from Andy’s eyes suddenly. He calledChangsheng Li,” Be prepared. Today, I will let Xia family knows that what Jenny’s husband is like!”

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