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Epilogue 1 - Sky's 18th Birthday

"Why are you not ready yet?" Sierra yells at me from the door of my bedroom.

"What are you talking about? I have been ready. What else is there to do?" I look down at myself. I have the dress she chose, the hair style and make-up we have practiced at least three times this week. I had to beg Sam to keep her busy to give me some peace.

He took it like a man and told her he wanted to redecorate the boys' rooms. Their second son is due in just a few months and Sam has actually been holding her off from redecorating since the baby stuff shouldn't really change in his opinion. I agree with him, but I will never say that out loud to my best friend. She has been extra moody with this pregnancy.

"Ugh! I have to make sure everything is perfect! I can't have my best friend look ridiculous when she is becoming an Alpha Luna."

The title she has given me is so stupid, but another thing I can't say because she will either try to fight me or burst into tears and she's right, today is not the day for things to go wrong.

"Hey, breathe. It will be perfect. You have done such a wonderful job on everything. Now take a deep breath and stop stressing my nephew out." I reach out to rub her baby bump. She is such a natural mother. She has even taken on the kids who lost their parents in the war with Adrielle and Vincent. The packhouse is a revolving door of children and we all love every second of the craziness.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I know, I know. It's just really important, and everyone is here and it's your birthday and we haven't done anything yet and I know that we always do something special for birthdays, but the packhouse is jammed full of people so we are missing out on that too." I jump up from my chair and put my hands on her shoulders making her take my seat.

"Stop! Right now. Don't make me

Alpha command you. It will be perfect. Everything you do is always amazing. And we are doing

something for my birthday, it's just a little different than normal. Everyone agreed that this was the best day for everything to happen. I turnContents belong to NovelDrama.Org


eighteen, there's a full moon tonight,

we have the Luna ceremony It's all

supposed to happen tonight and everyone will stick around for a couple days and then we will have the house to ourselves and we can sit by the pool and grill burgers to your little pregnant heart's content."

"SILAS! NO! YOUR MOTHER IS GOING TO KILL YOU AND THEN ME AND NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER!" We hear the yell from outside and both of us rush to the balcony.

I love this view. The way the guys designed the packhouse is perfect. The 'U' shaped design has the main common areas in the middle and the living space's on either side. We are in the west wing on the top floor and I have a balcony that takes up the whole wall that overlooks the massive pool we have in the back. The rest of our Alpha Suite has windows that overlook the central courtyard or the forest that surrounds the packhouse and my greenhouse. ๐’„๐’๐™ข๐’†๐’๐’๐™ซ๐’†๐™ก.๐’„๐’๐™ข

Just as we get to the edge of the balcony I see Silas take a running jump from one side of the massive waterfall that circulates the pool water, to the other side. The boy is only six months old and already a handful He has scaled everything that is possible to climb and he learned to walk and run on the same day. It takes all of us just to keep track of him. Sam is running after him screaming about keeping his clothes clean and really wanting to be alive to see him reach at least five. We are both laughing hysterically. There is no way either of them come out of this chase


"I told Sam those were his clothes for the ceremony and he had to stay clean or else he was sleeping with the pups in the dorms for the foreseeable future." She giggles holding her tummy.

"Even I know you wouldn't dress Silas until about thirty seconds before he has to run down the aisle, how does Sam not know that?"

"Men are stupid." She shrugs. "I think Jena is having just as much trouble with Mack, but he knows how important today is for you. That boy's sense of duty for his beta blood is stronger than yours ever was. I would send him after Silas if their communication skills were as advanced as their physical ones." She laughs again.

"Okay, we really do have to head down. Is there really something I am missing, or were you just being dramatic?" I walk away from her a little and do a spin. I don't bother looking in the mirror, she's better than any piece of glass at making me look my best.

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