My Rich Wife

Chapter 2784 Zi Yang’s Plan
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Chapter 2784 Zi Yang's Plan

On the 16 holy pillars of the Saint World, two streams of surging lightning power surged towards Zi Yang's Path of Demon Saint Kingdom.

As these two types of energy descended, violent and evil energy slowly awakened in the Path of Demon Saint Kingdom.

The entire Saint Kingdom seemed to be boiling as Zi Yang's internal qi soared.

His Path of Demon Saint Kingdom was like a black sun, shocking the other 16 Holy Lords.

This Saint who had turned from a human to a monster race had such terrifying strength.

He had continuously absorbed so much power from the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom. His Saint Power was also at the top.

At this moment, his power had already broken the balance.

Meanwhile, the war between the races had completely erupted in the lower realm.

The war between the monster, demon, ghost, and human races had completely erupted.

The lords of the Saint Kingdoms also sent their clones into the lower realm. The planar suppression between the different dimensions had almost disappeared.

Countless low-dimensional races could enter the human world without any restrictions.

These races had been living in extremely barren lands all year round. Their overall combined strength was much stronger than the human race.

In addition, the number of human race Saint-Level was smaller than other races.

Therefore, the area of influence of the human race was rapidly shrinking after a few wars. The entire population was almost reduced by more than half.

The entire Holy Region was covered in blood!

The smell of rotting corpses filled the entire area.

The destructive and bloody power coiled up like venomous snakes among the chaos and destruction.

The endless negative energy transformed into the most extreme energy.

This massive energy was slowly compressed into wisps divided into the Saint World.

Then, they entered different Saint Kingdoms.

As this energy was continuously absorbed, countless collapsed spaces appeared in the lower realm.

It was as if an old tooth was slowly leaving the head.

"Isn't this a little too much?"

Shimoji, the Eye of Destruction, felt the energy constantly entering the Saint Kingdom. He frowned slightly as if he was a little worried.

At this moment, several huge wills were shuttling through the various Saint Kingdoms.

The Saints of the demon and monster races were constantly communicating with each other.

This method could absorb a huge amount of energy in a short time, but it would have a great impact on the lower realm.

The power of the lower realm was continuously supporting the Saint World.

It was formed from the extreme mental ability, spiritual power, chaos, destruction, blood, and other enormous powers of all living beings.

The Saint World would refine the huge power before it became the holy energy in the Saint World. Then, it would enter different Saint Kingdoms according to the attributes.

This formed a delicate balance.

During the supreme era of the human race, 70% of 18 Saint-Level experts were humans.

Moreover, each of them disdained to absorb the power of the human race, so the cultivation of the race reached the strongest.

In the end, it even threatened the existence of the highest plane, and thus began to be suppressed.

In the declining era of the human race, the number of humans was far less than that of Saint-Level masters of other races.

The human race was being suppressed. At this moment, no matter whether it was Shadowless Divine Hand Jue Chen, Dipamkara Buddhist Saint Ding Guang, Revered Qi,

Shenxiao Loli, Kunlun Su Xinghe, or Martial Arts Master Lin Nantian, they were already unable to control the situation in the lower realm.

Therefore, their strength had been severely weakened.

The alien race Saint-Level lords led by Zi Yang had adopted another method.

He was cooperating with many people to steal the power of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom. On the other hand, he was crazily absorbing the power of the lower realm!

Under the guidance of Zi Yang's lower realm clone, nearly half of the power entered Zi Yang Saint Kingdom.

However, this action was not without a price. A large number of dimensional spaces slowly disappeared as the energy dissipated.

Countless races, including humans, were disappearing and going extinct at a terrifying speed.

"Enough! Zi Yang! Do you want to cut off our future path?" An eye flickered with a dangerous red light.

A massive power of Saint Kingdom erupted from the Eye of Destruction, Shimoji Saint Kingdom as the red light in the giant eye flickered.

After being refracted hundreds of times in the air, it landed on the Zi Yang Saint Kingdom with a terrifying might.

At the same time, the Fallen Angel Lucifer, the Saint of the demon race, the Emerald Serpent Witch, and the Fairy Queen of Saint Galadriel also acted to stop Zi Yang's crazy actions.

It had to be known that once the number of living beings in the lower realm decreased by a certain amount, the energy of the Saint World would also become barren.

At that time, they would have no one to support them.novelbin

Ha! What an innocent person!

Zi Yang raised his hand. The four powers of Saint Kingdom that could destroy the world were negated.

His indifferent eyes were closed.

However, he did not continue to absorb the power of Saint Kingdom.

Seeing this, the four terrifying consciousnesses slowly retreated.

A group of demon races gathered in the depths of the Azure Rock Forest.

Some of the demons also revealed furious expressions. In that instant, the dimensional energy of tens of millions of low-level demons was instantly exhausted.

The number of demons who had just died was also countless.

This kind of absorption power of the Saint World affected the entire plane space of the lower realm. It was not a pit that a single race could fill.

"Zi Yang must be crazy. Does he want the entire lower realm to be buried with him?"

The Azure Dragon let out a deafening roar beside the Immortal Crane. 𝓬ℴ𝓂ℯ𝓃ℴ𝓿ℯ𝓁.𝓬ℴ𝓂

"He has always been a lunatic, but he is indeed a little crazy this time."

The Immortal Crane tapped the fan in its hand thoughtfully.

"Master, why do you say that? Is Zi Yang betraying the demon race? Should we attack the monster race as well?"

At this moment, flames flashed across the Vermillion Bird's phoenix eyes. It was also extremely furious.

She had sensed that the Vermilion Bird bloodline's habitat in a dimension had completely lost all its internal qi.

"There's no need. Zi Yang wants to break the balance of the Saint World. He wants to see if he can pull down the Divine Realm after breaking the balance. The position of the 18 Saint Kingdoms has already appeared since Chaos created the world. No matter what period it is, these 18 Saint Kingdoms' divine pillars are always a delicate balance. This balance has never been broken even during the human race's reign or decline."

The Immortal Crane said calmly.

"However, it isn't that easy to break the balance. Firstly, all the power of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom has to be absorbed into the Zi Yang Saint Kingdom, turning the entire kingdom into a dead star. Zi Yang has started to make arrangements for this. The next is the power of the lower realm. Trillions of lower realms here have supported the Saint World for countless years. If one can absorb the power of the lower realm to the extreme, it would be even more terrifying than the power of 18 Saint Kingdoms combined. What just happened will appear once the limit is exceeded."

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