My Perfect Female Boss

Chapter 17 Purpose
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Chapter 17 Purpose

“Mr. Fang, what is your purpose of doing this?”

“Nothing much, I am just feeling repugnant about him and tried to give Wenhuai Cao a hard time.”

“Haha, I understand. And thanks for your advice. I didn’t know that you are doing such a big business ifyou don’t say so, and I would never know that Wenhuai could make huge profit from this.”

I stood up and said, “Okay, I won’t keep you any longer, Mr Bansha.” cᴏᴍᴇnᴏᴠᴇʟ.cᴏᴍ

“Goodbye Tom.” Bansha stood up as well, put his palms together to salute.

I returned a salute to this scarred Thai whom I really wanted to beat up, then walked outside the bar.

I took my phone out and turned off the camera after getting on a taxi, found the video and looked at it.

Instead of getting carried away, I closed my eyes and thought carefully about what to do next.

I saw Wenhuai and Luoshui Lin as I walked into the lobby of my hotel.

They did not live here, they should be looking for me.


Wenhuai called my name but instead of standing up, he was still sitting in the sofa comfortably, lookingat me with a smile. He did not bother to hide the pride and irony in his eyes.

Luoshui stood up, looked at me with complicated feelings. Then awkwardly sat back.

I smiled, walked towards them and sat in front of Wenhuai, “It’s very generous of you, Mr. Cao. Amillion baht, it seems to cost around 200,000 RMB, right?”

Wenhuai’s irony smile stopped, “You went to Bansha?”

“Yes, I went for a drink.”

Wenhuai snorted heavily, "What else are you able to do even if you went to him? People from BTTGroup were very unsatisfied with you. You already lost it, this project is mine now!” “Speaking about this, I have to be grateful to you. If you hadn’t convinced the top management team ofthe BTT group, they wouldn’t have ruled out the companies from Silicon Valley and India, and finally letme take all the advantage.”

I still smiled calmly, “You mean that the top management team of BTT group has decided to sigh thecontract with you?”

“Of course, I just received the message. Board of directors of BTT group just decided to rule out SiliconValley, Indian companies and Sea Smart Software Company, and chose to sign the contract withMandicol IT Company. They should be talking about the details with me after the Water Festival.”

“Oh, congratulations then.” I nodded indifferently.

Wenhuai seemed unsatisfied with my peaceful reaction, his face turned ferocious and said, “I havewarned you, do not mess with me. Now you can see the consequences of setting yourself against me.”

I shrugged my shoulder and said, “Hum.”, then looked at Luoshui whose been very silent in this whole


Luoshui put her head down and dared not look at me, she seemed feeling guilty.

Wenhuai stood up all of a sudden, looked down at me with disdainful eyes and said scornfully,

“You poor little bastard, you even dare to think about fighting against me? You little piece of shit, I couldeasily mess you up just like stepping on a cockroach.”

As he was talking, he pulled Luoshui up, holding her waist deliberately. He said with irony,

“Even your woman is mine now, how dare you tried to fight with me.”

He walked out of the hotel with Luoshui, with his proud and savage laughter.

Luoshui kept her head down from the beginning to the end, she dared not look at me at all.

I resisted the impulse of hitting him, then took a deep breath to calm down. I stood up and went back tomy room.

What Wenhuai said should be true, there were only four competitors left for this project. If BTT groupwanted the hard working and the design of human-orientation from Chinese people, they woulddefinitely ruled out Silicon Valley and Indian company. And because Bansha’s crew made troubles andmessed up the project, Sea Smart Software Company was also ruled out. The only candidate left mustbe Wenhuai.

But it seemed too early for him to start feeling happy.

Wenhuai chose to play dirty under the table, I would definitely accept this challenge. And I would makehis defeat imprinted on his bones and inscribed on his memories.

The key video had been obtained, this was only the first step. If the second and third steps wentsmooth, I would make sure that he lost all of his money.

After going back to the hotel room, I called Shadisong near lunch time.

Luckily, Shadisong still picked up my phone, only his tone of greeting was somewhat helpless and bitter

I smiled and said, “Mr. Shadisong, you didn’t think it was me looking for some gangsters to intimateyou, did you?”

Shadisong said with a wry smile, “Tom, I believe that you will never do anything stupid like this. And Ithink Mr. Awala didn’t believe this as well. He probably noticed that this was means of maliciouscompetition. But at that time, too many people saw or heard what those gangsters said, and somepeople believed and spread it. Now this incident has spread all over the BTT group. All of theemployees are talking about those gangsters were sent by Sea Smart Software Company.

“Under circumstance like this, it is impossible for us to sign the contract with you. We have to chooseanother company, to prove that we will not show fear to the evil forces.”

I was still smiling, “I had anticipated these situations. But I'm calling you today, not to discuss about thisincidence, but to ask you a question that might put you in an award situation.”

“Tom, please. I will try my best to help you within my ability.”

“Great, thank you. I want to know whether Mr. Awala is… gay?”

“Ah?” Shadisong was surprised in the phone, but also appeared a little flustered. novelbin

“You…Tom, why do you ask this question? Mr. Awala is a generous, kind and highly respected man, hisconduct is almost impeccable.”

I sighed, “Shadisong, there is a misunderstanding between us, I didn’t mean to do anything harm to Mr.Awala. I just want to make sure of this, and think of a way to win our corporation back. I swear that I willnever do anything to damage his reputation.”

Shadisong went silent for a while and said, “How did you know Mr. Awala…?”

"The way he looked at me was a little different from others."

Shadisong was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh, “Well, I think you've got the answer from me. Tom, Iwill tell you another thing. After you leave, Mr. Awala held a meeting, and announced that he decided tocooperate with Mandicol. That's all I can say. I can't help you with anything else anymore.”

“That is more than enough, you’ve helped me a lot. Thank you very much.”

I rubbed my swollen temples after the phone call, thinking silently lying on my bed.

Now that Awala was really a gay, the next step should be easy.

But I had to wait for an appropriate opportunity.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep. But then I heard knocks on the door.

I stood up to open the door, and saw Wendy standing outside the door.

“I heard that you are back. I need you to explain what happened today, now!”

I was very tired and rubbed my head, “Come in and we will talk about it.”

I fell into my bed again after opening the door, I held my pillow and closed my eyes.

“Tom, get up. You have to give me a reasonable explanation. Now!” Wendy stood beside my bed,said without any doubt.

I opened my eyes, and saw a beautiful thigh under the skirt. Then I look up, and saw a slender waistthat can be grasped, then her chest floating up or down with her breath. And then her delicate andbeautiful face.

My heart suddenly had a cat scratch like itch, and a little rippling. I couldn't help but stretch out my footand hook her thigh.

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