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Chapter 524 Anything Would Be Fine With Me
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Chapter 524 Anything Would Be Fine With Me


The small spoon that Gloria was holding earlier, fell on the dining table.

She turned her head and then gaped at Kenny.

She had never seen Kenny so obedient before.

Gloria grabbed on his sleeves and slanted her head at him, “Could you repeat it once more?”

Kenny turned at her, frowned, and then impatiently said, “What?”

Then, as if he disliked her touch, he brushed her hand away.

This gesture might’ve seemed like, he disliked her touch in other people’s eyes.

But Gloria reacted after a few seconds. Kenny was embarrassed.

It’s just, he’s not good at expressing himself. So at this time, he only instinctively avoided her gaze.

Gloria felt, she had found a proper way to get along with Kenny.

Carl who was sitting across them couldn’t stand it anymore.

He threw his chopsticks on the table, sighed and said, “I finally find out why Fu Tingxi, that chap didn’twant to come here. I haven’t really eaten much, but my poor eyes were about to be blind.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he remorsefully repeated, “That’s why he didn’t come.” 𝒄𝙤𝒎𝙚𝙣𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙡.𝒄𝙤𝒎

Upon hearing this, Kenny stretched out his hand, and pulled Gloria in his embrace, slightly bragging, “Iforgot to tell you. We are getting married and when the time comes, we’ll invite you to be to the bestman.”

Carl, as if he received a violent attacks repeatedly, suddenly not feeling well anymore.

“You…Weren’t you still in a quarrel a few days ago? How come you are planning to get married sosoon?”

Carl asked Gloria aloud, “Gloria, have you thought this through?”

Kenny sneered and interrupted him, “Even if you’re a best man, please don’t forget to bring present,whether it’s house, car, plane, cash, anything would be fine with me.”

“…” Carl didn’t have the courage to speak anymore.


Carl was provoked by Kenny and Gloria, so he drank a bit too much wine.

Kenny directly asked the waiter to carry him to the guest room upstairs, to get some sleep, and left withGloria.

After being inside the car, Gloria was feeling a bit worried.

“Is it really okay by leaving Carl all alone there?”

“Half of Jinding belongs to him. He is still the boss in the surface. No one will do anything to him.” Afterfinished speaking, his expression sank a bit, “Next time, you don’t have to care so much about anotherman.”

Gloria asked, “Is it not okay to care even as a friend?”

Kenny replied firmly, “Not okay.”

Upon hearing that, Gloria pursed her lips, and didn’t say a word.

The innate problem between her and Kenny, still existed.

When he didn’t allow her to contact James previously, she could still understand the reason.

But now, when she cared a bit more about Carl, he also didn’t let her to.

His tone was very serious and didn’t seem like he’s joking.

Carl was already Kenny’s best friend for a long time.

Gloria knew that Kenny must’ve trusted Carl.

Since he trusted Carl, he should know that she only cared about Carl as a friend. Then, why he stilldidn’t let her?

Gloria thought about Shi Ye’s previous remarks.

Shi Ye said that, Kenny’s personality had been a bit twisted.

This must be the case indeed.

What if, Kenny turns out to be this way for the rest of his life, being angry easily over a small matter,being annoyed when she talked with the opposite sex a bit longer, what should she do then?

Maybe it’s because of Gloria being silent for too long , Kenny suddenly asked, “What are you thinkingabout?”

Gloria blinked for a while, covered her feelings with a smile, and said, “I was thinking about Tina.”

Kenny chuckled, “She’s at home. If you miss her, come back and live together.”

“Okay.”, Gloria responded with a smile.


After saying to Kenny that she agreed to come back to live in his house, Gloria didn’t take anybelongings with her, and just went directly to their house.

After all, there’re still her belongings at Kenny’s place.

Kenny was a bit unsatisfied with it, “Why don’t you bring your belongings back home? Are you stillthinking about moving back there in the future?”

“You don’t lack any of my belongings there. It doesn’t really matter if I don’t move my belongings back.”

Kenny frowned his brows and said nothing.

After arriving at Kenny’s villa, as soon as Gloria entered the door, she could already hear Tina’s voiceinside.

As she walked into the hall, Tina saw her in a glance.

When Tina saw her, she reacted happily, and rushed over.

But after she ran halfway, her small face sank, and she paused. She lowered her chin, looked at Gloriawith her wide eyes.

It looked as if she was angry, but also as if she was in a grievance.

Children usually have good memory. Gloria guessed, maybe she still remembered the night, when shejoined the dinner party, and said she was coming back to fetch Tina.

Gloria walked towards Tina and called her, “Tina.”

Tina glanced at her, and replied with a snort, turned her head to the side, as if she’s ignoring her.

“Mommy was wrong. Mommy was going to return and find you that night, but because of something,Mommy was held up and couldn’t return to find you. It’s mommy’s fault.”

Gloria paid attention on Tina’s expression and pulled her hand.

Children’s hands were soft as if their hand were boneless.

Tina was too young. She won’t understand any explanation of adult’s matters.

A child is still closest to the mother. Even if she seemed to be angry, but when Gloria used that softvoice to speak with her, she shriveled the corner of her lips feeling wronged.

Gloria pulled her for a hug, “It’s mommy’s fault. Don’t cry, Tina.”

“I waited for a long long time. Boohoo…” As soon as Tina said the first sentenced, she burst into tears.

She was feeling really wronged but she also really liked Gloria.

Gloria felt like her heart was broken at the moment she saw Tina cried.

She never felt like this even when she was together with Kenny.

If she knew if would turn out like this, she would better not go to the party.

If she didn’t go to that dinner party, nothing would’ve happened.

Gloria held Tina, patted her back, and softly coaxed her.

Kenny was watching from the side, and didn’t know what’s in his mind.

After watching for a while, he suddenly turned his back and went out.

Outside the door, he searched a bit on his body, but didn’t find any cigarettes.

“Young Master” The bodyguard on the side, who noticed came over, and passed a cigarette to him.

Kenny received the cigarette, held in on his mouth, and the bodyguard lit the cigarette for him.

He put out the cigarette after smoking half of it.

The bodyguard didn’t notice that he put out the cigarette on his own, came over, and asked him,“Young Master, do you want me to lit the cigarette?”

“No need.”

Kenny turned around and went inside after finished speaking.

Gloria had been coaxing Tina until she fell asleep.novelbin

A pair of the little girl’s small round hands clutched tightly on Gloria’s shirt. She was still sobbing evenin her sleeps. Not only looking pitiful, but also looking very cute.

Gloria heard Kenny’s footsteps approaching. She lifted her head, made a ‘hush’ gesture at Kenny, andtapped at Tina twice. After making sure that she’s asleep, she stood up holding her, and intended tosend her to the bedroom.

Kenny approached, intending to take over, but Gloria turned sideways, shook her head ,and said, “I’lldo it myself.”

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