Mr. Burns Is Killing His Wife

Chapter 17: Elisa’S Late-Stage Stomach Cancer
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Chapter 17: Elisa's Late-Stage Stomach Cancer

Outside the operating room, Hamish seemed to sense something. His heart ached with a sudden, dull pain that made him hunch over and grip his chest tightly.

He stared at the doors to the operating room, feeling like something very important was slipping away from him.

Just then, the doors opened from inside as a nurse rushed out. Seeing Hamish, she hurried over and asked, "Are you the patient's family member? The patient is in critical condition. You need to sign a surgery consent form and critical condition notice!"

Hamish only heard a buzzing in his ears, unable to make out anything clearly. He frowned at the nurse in front of him and stiffly asked, "Are you saying Elisa is dying? How could she be dying!"

It was just a little rain and kneeling for half an hour, not eating for four days, at most some weakness and vomiting blood.

How could she have gone in and then someone tells him Elisa is dying?

Seeing his stunned expression, the nurse realized he didn't know the patient's condition. She explained concisely, "The patient has late-stage stomach cancer. Her situation is dangerous now. The family must sign the surgery consent and critical condition notice."

The nurse saw the bloodshot eyes of the man. Suddenly she didn't know what to say.

Stomach cancer? Late stage?

How was that possible? Elisa had never been sick. Her health had always been good. How could she possibly have this illness?

A woman like her should have brought calamity for thousands of years. Why was someone telling him now that she was dying?

He must have misheard. He was having delusions for it to be like this.

Hamish staggered back a step, his knees hitting the chair behind him. He swayed and tumbled down awkwardly.

He stared at his hands again. He had clearly washed them clean, but he still felt there was so much blood everywhere, the smell of blood filling the air no matter how much he washed.

The patient's condition was urgent and couldn't be delayed. The nurse brought over two consent forms and held them out to Hamish. "Sir."

Hamish looked at the critical condition notice, his eyes bloodshot. A sharp, immense pain radiated from his heart throughout every corner of his body, even making his fingers tremble.

He took the papers and pen, looking at the notice. He recognized every character, but together they made no sense.

The nurse urged him, "Sir, please sign quickly."

His hand kept shaking. Hamish suddenly clenched his fist and punched the wall behind him. A muffled thud sounded and the nurse jumped, startled. She looked over to see a bloodstain on the wall, indicating the force he had used.

Hamish took a deep breath, suppressing the pain in his heart. Then he lowered his head and signed his name. 𝐜𝗼𝗺𝐞𝐧𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝗺

"Will she be okay?"

The nurse shook her head. "The patient's condition is very dangerous. The hospital cannot guarantee she will be alright. We will do our best."

Hamish handed over the two documents and watched as the nurse walked away. He instantly collapsed limply against the cold chair.

It felt like a piece had been gouged out of his heart, leaving it empty and hollow. An unprecedented feeling of emptiness made him grip his clothes as he hunched over.

He had never imagined such a scene arising - Elisa fighting for her life inside while the doctors and nurses did emergency surgery, and him unable to do anything.

Elisa had been by his side for four years, a negligible existence. He didn't love her, didn't care about her feelings, and certainly didn't care about her life and death. But now that Elisa might really never wake up, he was actually terrified and chilled to the bone. It felt like something important had left him.

Hamish had a dazed look. His vision was blurred. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, only then realizing his eyes were wet.

He suddenly remembered the first time he saw Elisa six years ago. She had worn a red dress, her long hair down to her waist, a faint smile dazzling everyone. She had walked up to him holding crepes. "Hamish, long time no see." Her clear eyes were full of light.

Since when did she no longer have light in her eyes?

Hamish took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He had just taken one out and hadn't lit it yet when a passing janitor pointed to a sign on the wall and reminded him, "Sir, smoking is prohibited in the hospital!"

He had no choice but to put it back. His hand shook as he gripped the cigarette pack. Looking up at the illuminated red light of the operating room, his heart spasmed even more painfully than before.

The nurse had gone to call Micah, and soon Micah rushed over. Seeing Hamish sitting outside the operating room, he was startled. "Why are you here? Where's Elisa?" A bad premonition rose in his heart.

Hamish looked up, his eyes somewhat empty. "She's inside."

So the critical patient he had been called to operate on was Elisa?

Micah's expression changed drastically. His already somber face grew even more anxious. Not daring to delay, he rushed straight into the operating room.

Behind him came Hamish's questioning, "Micah, did you already know Elisa had late-stage stomach cancer!"

Elisa and Micah were close. Having grown up together, if Elisa was sick, Micah as a doctor would not possibly be completely unaware.

Micah didn't answer. As he closed the door, he gave Hamish a cold glance, just one glance, and Hamish was shocked.

In that moment, he felt like he was breathing not air but millions of steel needles, pierced through the heart. For the first time, he felt what it was like to have a heart-wrenching pain.novelbin

As the operating room door closed again, Hamish's vision went black and he almost lost his footing. Clutching his chest, a bloody taste filled his mouth.

Outside, the sound of rain continued pattering ceaselessly. As the boiling emotions gradually settled, he felt like all the blood in his body had frozen solid, crashing to the ground with the rain.

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