Mated to the Alpha and His Beta (Lanie Stanton)

Mated to the Alpha and His Beta (Lanie Stanton)

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    Mated to the Alpha and His Beta novel (Lanie Stanton) read online Free PDF:In the aftermath of the "Great War," Lanie Stanton finds herself thrust into a polyamorous union against her will. With a scarcity of she-wolves in her pack, Lanie is assigned two mates, Alpha Xander and Beta Zane, by the pack elders. Thus begins a gripping narrative of tension, desire, and moral quandaries as Lanie navigates her newfound relationships and the expectations imposed upon her.Mated to the Alpha and His Beta novel review:"Mated to the Alpha and His Beta" delves into Lanie’s struggle to reconcile her own desires with the societal expectations forced upon her. As she reluctantly enters into a mating bond with Xander and Zane, Lanie grapples with her fears of heartbreak while simultaneously developing feelings for her two mates. Meanwhile, Xander and Zane face their own internal conflicts as they balance their duty to the pack with their desires for another she-wolf, Alice. The narrative is fraught with tension and emotion as the characters navigate their complex relationships amidst societal pressures.Main Characters:Lanie Stanton emerges as a resilient and nonconformist protagonist, bravely confronting her deepest fears and desires. Throughout her journey, Lanie experiences moments of vulnerability and strength as she navigates the intricacies of her relationships with Xander and Zane.Alpha Xander is portrayed as a flawed yet redeemable character, torn between his obligations as a leader and his yearning for love and companionship. His internal struggles add layers to his character and prompt readers to ponder the nature of power and authority.Beta Zane complements Xander with his impulsive yet fiercely loyal nature. As the pack’s second-in-command, Zane grapples with difficult choices and moral dilemmas that test his loyalty and integrity.

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