Mary's Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 18 The contract was terminated!
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Chapter 18 The contract was terminated!


Xue Mi bowed slightly and walked out of the office.

At that time, Hai Su was anxiously waiting in the conference room.

He rubbed his hands. it was Mary Su who got the contract, but grandma gave the credit to him. It felt sogood to have it all by simply using some tricks in talking.

Now he came to the Huanyu Group to talk about the artist fame-building matter; wouldn’t it be a surething?

It’s said that the artist called Rui Liu, who was newly signed, was very beautiful with a nice figure andsex appeal.

Resources from the Huanyu Group together with the fame-building ability of the Su Family wouldabsolutely make this Rui Liu famous across the whole country.

The Su family would in no doubt make a lot of money then, and all the credit would be his.

"Mr. Su."

At this time, Xue walked into the meeting room and pulled Hai from fantasy back to reality.

Seeing Xue, Hai stood up and said with a smile, "Miss Xue, what did the Chairman say? Can we startto process the packaging of Rui Liu?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Su." Xue nodded slightly, "Our Chairman wants you to get the hell out of here. Notonly that, the contract between the Su Family and the Huanyu Group is now canceled from now on."

"What! ?" Hai's face was full of anger, "How come? You can’t just cancel it with no reasons; where thehell is your contract spirit?"

"Please watch your mouth, Mr. Su." Xue also got offended; then she folded her arms, "If you're going tomalign my company, our legal department will make you pay the price."

Xue’s words made Hai’s heart shiver a little; it’s the Huanyu Group, not something he could mess witheasily.

He showed a smiling face but it looked worse than a crying face, he said, "Miss Xue, don't be angry, Ihave no evil intentions against your company; it’s just, the contact was signed yesterday but getsterminated today, I can’t explain it to my company!"

On hearing Hai's explanation, Xue’s face softened a lot. She said softly, "Our Chairman said it wasMary Su who came to our company to talk about cooperation. The reason why we Huanyu Groupagreed to cooperate with you Su Family is Mary Su. We require all the cooperation between us behandled by Mary Su in person from now on; we don’t recognize anyone one else of the Su Family butMary Su!"

No sooner did she finish talking than several burly guards came to escort him out.

Inside the Sue Family estate

Hai knelt in front of the Old Lady. with snorts and tears smearing his face, he said, "Grandma, the

Huanyu Group bullied me; I was driven out by them again..." novelbin

As the Old Lady just had a mouthful of tea, she almost gushed it out. she took sometime to swallow teaand then asked in puzzlement, "You... What did you say? You got kicked out again? Didn't we justreach an agreement with them?"

"Grandma, the Huanyu Group said that from now on our cooperation is terminated..." Hai knelt on theground, not daring to look up.

"Grandma, how unreasonable they are!"

"Yes, grandma, we have signed a contract; since Huanyu Group terminated the contract single-sided,which can be considered as a breach of contract, we can sue them in court!"

"Yes, Grandma, I have read the contract. It says as long as one party breaks the contract, thedefaulting party will have to pay 30 million dollars of default fee!"

The young kids of the Su Family said righteously.

"You all shut up, all of you!" the Old Lady was annoyed by the termination of the contract already, nowthese kids kept chattering ceaselessly, she just couldn’t help patting heavily on the table.

Seeing the Old Lady get angry, the whole family got silent, standing there and not daring to speak. 𝗰𝐨𝗺𝗲𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝐨𝗺

"You people are too shortsighted; are you trying to kill us Su Family?" the Old Lady scanned everybodywith her eyes and said in disappointment, "it’s the famous Huanyu Group we are talking about; it isconsidered the lowest class of the Westriver City, but they’ve got the biggest family, the Chen Family on

their back! Sue them? What are we suing for? They could crush us so easily. Even if we win, do weeven dare to take the twenty million?"

Everyone looked at each other because of her words, not being able to speak or deny.

That's the great Huanyu Group they were talking about! Thirty million was nothing. But if the Su Familywants to sue the Huanyu Group, then their good days would come to an end; let alone expand thefamily, it would be a problem of living or dying.

"Hai, what else did they say?" the Old Lady looked at Hai, frowned and said, "Raise your chin. I don'tbelieve such a big company as Huanyu can cancel the contract without any reason, did you offendthem?"

Hearing the words of the Old Lady, Hai also dare not play dead, he hurriedly raised his chin andexplained, "Grandma, I am wronged. They are our god of wealth, how do I dare to offend them?"

Hai's explanation made the Old Lady relaxed a lot; indeed, they dare not offend the Huanyu Group.

Seeing the Old Lady relaxed, Hai sighed in relief, and then said, "Grandma, Huanyu Group said that itwas Mary who went there to talk about the cooperation. The reason why they agreed to cooperate withus is Mary. They required all the projects be handled by Mary in person; and they do not recognize therest of us in the Su Family!"

"What! ?"

Everyone in the Su Family looked at each other and could see the shock in each other's eyes.

Only because of Mary would they agree to cooperate with the Su Family?

Was that a lie?

Mary hardly had any close connection to the Su Family; how came the Huanyu Group only recognizedher?

They tried to find out why, but they just couldn't.

The Old Lady’s expression was dramatic. She looked at Hai kneeling on the ground with a complexexpression, and breathed a long sigh.

At Westriver Airport

Mary Su and Jane Tang had been waiting at the exit for a long time.

"Mom, is my dad getting off the plane soon?"

Well, she hadn't seen her father for half a year.

Mary's father, Changhe Su, had long been working abroad for years.

His business had long been so-so and needed help from his family from time to time; but it’s said thathis business had grown in the past six months and he had made a lot of money.

And he had been video chatting with Jane from time to time, he was either driving a luxury car or insidehigh-end office buildings.

This time, while the Old Lady’s birthday was coming, Changhe decided to come back and give her asurprise.

"He should be here any time." Jane looked at the time and said.

The mother-daughter pair were so eye-catching that they became the focus of the audience when theystood at the exit.

Jane had dressed herself well with that wavy long hair, black silk stockings, high heels and short skirt,which made her look like Mary’s elder sister, and her amorous feeling of a mature woman showedcompletely.

And Mary was also wearing a white dress, and her graceful figure was perfectly outlined. Her toes werelike green jades and, God knows how many people wanted to have a touch of them.


The mobile phone in the bag rang, Mary took out her mobile phone and saw a message from YangChen with only a few words.

"My dear wife, if grandma calls and asks you to go negotiate with the Huanyu Group, say no!"

To negotiate with the Huanyu Group? Why her? Didn’t Hai already go there to talk about it?

So strange!

Mary deleted the text message. She had told him many times not to call her his wife.

But he wouldn’t listen. He just went on his own way.

"What happened? Is that loser texting you again?"

"Well..." Mary nodded.

"Now that your dad is back, we will accompany you to divorce after grandma’s birthday." Jane saidfirmly, "Whether you agree or not, this marriage must come to an end!"

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