Martial Peak

Chapter 6010 - 6010, Children
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Chapter 6010 - 6010, Children

“Yang Ji! Yang Xu! Get back here!” A man scolded as a pair of Dragon and Phoenix teleported away.

The two children, looking to be around 12, giggled as they disappeared. Meanwhile, the man slumped his shoulders in exhaustion.

A beautiful woman with luscious lips and phoenix like eyes appeared from behind him as she sighed. “Yang Xiao, why didn’t you just trap them within your Domain?”

She was none other than Yang Xue, Yang Kai’s Sister.

“You think I didn’t want to do that? How in the world did these two monsters get born? They sensed it before I could even use Time Principles and escaped. These twins are such a headache. Even Adoptive Father has a hard time dealing with them.” Yang Xiao lamented, tasked with taking care of them while his Adoptive Father was having another one of his honeymoons.

“As their Uncle, you should already know how capable they are. Their Dragon and Phoenix Bloodlines are much purer than others. If they could manage to use it to suppress you, that would be a good laugh.” Yang Xue teased as she patted him on his head.

Yang Xiao felt as though a headache was rushing in.

In fact, he could have done something about those two if he used a lot more of his strength. It was just, these children were too sly.

To be more accurate, Yang Xu was the cunning one and Yang Ji was the mischievous mastermind. Yang Xu would always follow her Brother’s wishes, and if that meant pranks, that would be.

He could not use his full strength because within the compound they were in, there were other children as well. These twin’s half siblings. A large number of which were still young and still sleeping. Even when he scolded the two, he had to keep his voice down. If they all woke up and started crying, all Hell would truly break loose.

Since both the twins and him could not make a scene, what else could he realistically do?

Yang Xiao signed once again and complained. “Very funny. Well, not like the world can cause them any issues if they go out and run around. Those two schemers just so happen to choose the best time to run away when their Grandparents are gone.”

Yang Xue chuckled, “They do resemble you when you were young. Guess that’s what it means to be a young Dragon? Well, I guess it’s best if we tell the others about their escape.”

“What do you mean ‘resemble me when I was young’? I was never that naughty!” Yang Xiao quipped, snorting at the idea. “But, aren’t you going to go after them?”

“If I go, who is going to deal with the aftermath of when all the children wake up?” Yang Xue rolls her eyes at the obvious problem they faced.


The two sighed as they stared out to the sky where those twins ran off to.

“Yay! We finally got out!” Yang Ji, in the form of a small Golden Phoenix, cheered. He looked to his Sister to see her checking on the item they took from their Uncle.

“Yang Xu, what did you get?” Yang Ji asked, curious as to what that orb was. It was completely black, as though light did not reflect from it. Rather, it seemed as though light itself got absorbed by it to never return.

“Big Brother, I don’t really know. But, I think we can ask Uncle Little Eleven about it. Out of everyone, he is the only one we can trust. The rest of them will turn us in and force us back home.” Yang Xu thought for a while before replying. She had already turned to head towards where Little Eleven was.

Yang Xu nodded and they soon, together, manipulated Space Principles to instantly close the distance to their destination.

Little Eleven, Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow were living quite a distance away from any major cities. In fact, the place they settled on within Void World had been labelled as a Restricted Zone.

Although the whole Black Ink Clan mess had been dealt with, there was too much bad blood that could not be washed away. Even if Yang Kai had pardoned Little Eleven for his actions, that was not the case for the rest of the world. Even so, the wish of Mu needed to be honoured, and Little Eleven had to have a chance at normalcy.

The best they could do was to keep him out of harm from others who might try to take revenge by setting up this Restricted Zone.

It was not so much that Little Eleven could not go out. Rather, it was a Restricted Zone where he would be safe if inside. Nevertheless, to atone for his mistake as Mo, he rather stayed inside.

Fang Tian Ci and Thunder Shadow, who were tasked to watch over Little Eleven, naturally stayed by his side. Though they were his observers, after growing up together, they had become more or less friends. The occasional fist or claw exchange still happens, but overall, they were close.

Over the years, Yang Kai had visited them in their homes. Sometimes, he would even bring his children here to shave off some of the trio’s boredom.

It was on these trips that Yang Xu and Yang Ji got to know of their Uncles. It was also from these trips that they memorised the location and route.

When kilometres outside of the Restricted Zone, Yang Ji raised his arm to stop his Sister. He looked around and checked his surroundings, scrutinising every detail.

“Phew. Looks like no one has caught up to us yet.” Yang Ji smiled and said.

“Big Brother, I don’t think anyone would look for us out here. If they wanted to catch us, they would have waited for us inside.” Yang Xu said, giving him a side-eye. 𝒸𝓸𝓶ℯ𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝓵.𝒸𝓸𝓶

“No no no. We have to play it safe. Look, before we even get close, we need to avoid Uncle Fang Tian Ci and Uncle Thunder Shadow’s Divine Sense right? If they catch onto us, then we’ll immediately be sent back.” Yang Ji said, convinced that would happen.

“Then what should we do? I’m pretty sure that their Divine Sense encompasses the whole Restricted Zone. I doubt we would be able to sneak past them.” Yang Xu asked, not understanding her Brother’s thoughts.

“Before I answer that, let me ask you, do you think both of us are faster than them?” Yang Ji asked, already knowing the answer.

“Erm… if we work together, maybe? We’ve never really seen them use their full powers before so I doubt we can beat them in terms of speed. Uncle Fang Tian Ci is also proficient in the Dao of Space. If we were to compare who had better control, him or us, I doubt we would win…” Yang Xu said while looking at her small white fist clenching and opening.

“You’re right. Actually, no matter how I see it, I don’t think we’ll be able to beat either of them. Even Uncle Thunder Shadow is ridiculously fast. So, what we need to do is to lure them away. The stratagen known as ‘luring the Tiger away from the mountain’!” Yang Ji said as he puffed up his chest and beat it.

The little boy seemed to have thought that he seemed impressive but his Sister had already thought of this.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

“That’s far easier said than done. How are we supposed to lure them away? If one leaves, the other will remain.” Yang Xu shook her head, believing this to be unfeasible.

Yang Ji placed his index finger on her lips and smirked.

“There’s where you are wrong my dear Sister. You are forgetting that I have a Storage Ring with me.?” Yang Ji said, as though everything – every little detail had already been thought up.

“…” Yang Xu stood silent and just decided to go with the flow.

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