Martial Peak

Chapter 5991: Reappearance of the Nine Palaces Formation
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Chapter 5991: Reappearance of the Nine Palaces Formation

The eight Divine Spirits broke through the heavy blockade of the Royal Lords and headed straight towards Zhang Ruo Xi, who did not remain idle either. At this moment, she released a powerful burst of energy and tore through the besiegement of the Royal Lords to join the Divine Spirits as soon as possible. With the power of the new Nine Palaces Formation, the original crisis that loomed over her was resolved in an instant.

When Zhang Ruo Xi united with the eight Divine Spirits, a huge change took place in the overall situation.

The Human Race Army escorting the Divine Spirits did not stop forging ahead and instead acted like a raging current that swept across the void in a wide arc before returning to their original battlefield via a huge detour. With tremendous help from the Small Stone Race Army, the two Armies reunited once more and resumed their endless battle against the Black Ink Clan Army.

At this point, Pure Yang Pass was completely destroyed and the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress had been shattered. Most of the Warships were also gone with just a few barely surviving. The Human Race no longer had many external aids to rely upon at this last juncture of the war. The only thing they had left was the barrier of flesh and blood!

In the void, Zhang Ruo Xi had united with the eight Divine Spirits. She gripped the Heavens Order Sword tightly with both hands, surrounded by many Royal Lords in all directions, she murmured softly under her breath, “We won’t have much time…”

The strength of the eight Divine Spirits could not compare with her Personal Guard, so not only would forcefully forming a Battle Formation cause immense damage to the bodies of the Divine Spirits, but even the powerful Divine Sense of the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer which directed their auras caused hidden dangers.

If Zhang Ruo Xi could not end the battle as soon as possible, the Divine Spirits who joined up with her would eventually explode. Even if their physical bodies somehow managed to endure, their Souls might be extinguished. What’s more, Yang Xiao and Su Yan were among the eight Divine Spirits… These two were Yang Kai’s important family members. She could not lose this fight!

Even setting aside the weakness of the Divine Spirits, Zhang Ruo Xi could hardly last for much longer. At this very moment, she was burning the Heavens Order Bloodline in her body just to forcefully maintain a balance between the power of Yin and Yang, despite Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan doing everything they could to assist her. It would not be long before the balance would be broken and her Bloodline was burned out entirely.

Forcing down her worries, Zhang Ruo Xi lifted her sword and boldly charged towards her enemies, followed closely by the eight Divine Spirits!

The sudden burst of power left the Royal Lords scrambling in a panic. One after another, the Royal Lords fell prey to Zhang Ruo Xi’s sword, but when she finally broke through the encirclement, she did not escape. On the contrary, she turned around and led the Divine Spirits to attack once more!

Thanks to the Nine Palaces Formation which was formed with Zhang Ruo Xi as the Core and the eight Divine Spirits as the foundation, she had once more become an unstoppable blade that repeatedly swept across the battlefield. Every charge resulted in the deaths of many Royal Lords.

10, 20, 30, 50…

Zhang Ruo Xi’s vision went blurry, and she could not see the scenery in front of her clearly. Furthermore, the power of Yin and Yang in her body was faintly showing signs of imbalance. Even so, she did not stop. She had no choice but to charge forward and swing her sword.

Meanwhile, the eight Divine Spirits following behind her were covered in blood; after all, the Nine Palaces Formation placed an extremely heavy burden on their bodies. The only reason they could maintain the Formation at all was because the Divine Spirits had relinquished all control over their own bodies and fully surrendered themselves to become part of the Battle Formation. By doing so, even with their bodies on the verge of collapse, they managed to persist.

The bones in Yang Xiao’s arms had been shattered to pieces. Meanwhile, Su Yan’s internal organs were crushed. She was also bleeding from her seven orifices, which made her appearance extremely ghastly…

After fighting for some time, Zhang Ruo Xi suddenly felt a change in the Battle Formation. One pillar of the foundation had failed; thus, she hastily readjusted the Battle Formation!

The Nine Palaces Formation became the Eight Trigrams Formation. Unable to withstand the pressure of the Battle Formation any longer, one of the Divine Spirits fighting behind her had exploded and died.

The death distressed her greatly, causing a sharp stab of pain in her heart. Nevertheless, she did not dare to check the identity of the deceased Divine Spirit. She could only persist and swing her sword to cut down her enemies.

At a certain point, Zhang Ruo Xi could no longer detect any Royal Lords around her. She looked around with bleary eyes, but no matter where she looked, she could find none of the Masters who had previously besieged her. She had cut down all 200 Royal Lords!novelbin

When the realization struck her, she nearly burst into tears. Her entire body was covered in countless wounds, and the fresh blood that drenched her entire body had dyed what was left of her robes scarlet.

She had not been too concerned when she teamed up with her Personal Guard to form the Battle Formation; after all, her Personal Guard each had the strength of a Ninth-Order Master. Not to mention, their bodies were robust. They were capable of withstanding the pressure of the Battle Formation for an extended time.

However, there were too many things to worry about when she entered a Battle Formation with the Divine Spirits. There were times when she could not dodge the attacks from the Royal Lords, so she was forced to bear the brunt of these attacks or the Divine Spirits would be killed instead. In this way, she had taken more damage in this shot battle than in all her previous fights.

It was not until this moment that she had the time to check on the condition of the Divine Spirits. Eight Divine Spirits had forced their way through the enemy blockade to help her, but only three remained behind her! Even so, the aura of these three was weak and unstable, like they could be snuffed out at any moment.

Although she was heartbroken by the losses, Zhang Ruo Xi was relieved to see that Yang Xiao and Su Yan had survived… The Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan were certainly worthy of being the strongest among the Divine Spirits. Besides, both Yang Xiao and Su Yan had been at the peak of their cultivation for a long time, which was another reason why they managed to persist until the end.

“Seniors, please release the Battle Formation!” Zhang Ruo Xi anxiously urged.

Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan immediately released control over their Source Strength at the same time. In the next moment, the three hollow-eyed Divine Spirits regained consciousness. Three muffled groans of pain sounded in unison. They had not been aware of their states when their consciousness had been taken over, but a wave of boundless agony washed over them when their consciousness was restored.

All the bones in Yang Xiao’s body made cracking sounds as he revealed his true Form without hesitation. Changing into his Dragon Form would give him greater endurance against his wounds. The injuries might be fatal to his Human Form, but the same degree of injuries would only be considered critical in his Dragon Form. Still, his 90,000-metre-long Ancient Dragon Form was tattered and covered in terrible wounds; moreover, the aura around him was weak and unstable.

Similarly, the other Divine Spirit revealed his true Form. He was a Pi Xiu who had survived for innumerable years and was thus an old veteran with an incredibly solid foundation.

Neither of these two suffered from major problems. Although they were very heavily wounded, their lives were not in danger.

Then, Zhang Ruo Xi turned to look at Su Yan, and her eyes immediately widened in horror at the sight.

Su Yan’s body was breaking apart and crumbling into dust. Like Yang Kai, she was originally part of the Human Race and only became part Divine Spirit after obtaining her Phoenix Source.

She had repeatedly entered the Phoenix Nest to cultivate over the years, and in the end, she completely integrated the Third Generation Phoenix Empress’ Source to become a pureblood member of the Phoenix Clan. Be that as it may, her foundation and physique were still inferior compared to someone born and raised in the Phoenix Clan.

Yang Xiao and Pi Xiu just barely survived the ordeal, but Su Yan failed to pull through until the end.

Yang Xiao evidently noticed Su Yan’s condition because he released a sorrowful wail at the sight. 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Su Yan, who was covered in various wounds, looked down at her hands which were beginning to disintegrate into ash. A look of remembrance flashed through her eyes at the sight. Raising her head once more, she looked at the weeping Zhang Ruo Xi and smiled, “Please don’t blame yourself. The Phoenix Clan has our Phoenix Flame. There might be a chance for me to revive from death… But, if I fail… Please pass a message to him for me. Tell him that meeting him was the greatest blessing in my life!”

Zhang Ruo Xi nodded desperately, her tears streaming down her face uncontrollably.

The Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Flame was also known as the Flame of Rebirth. It was only natural for Su Yan and Zhang Ruo Xi to know about such things. Unfortunately, the Flame of Rebirth did not always succeed. It was simply a possibility of Rebirth; after all, the Phoenix Clan would be truly immortal if their Rebirth succeeded in every attempt.

If the Flame of Rebirth failed, their Phoenix Source would return to the Phoenix Nest and be reborn as a new member of the Phoenix Clan.

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