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Chapter 1501

Leonel's gaze sharpened, striking out with two palms, one right before him and the other to his left.

While some have fallen to their knees, another contingent had chosen to attack directly instead. It was clear that these individuals weren't of one mind, and he still couldn't understand what language they were speaking. All he knew was that they seemed to be thoroughly enraged by his mere existence.

A jolt of pain shot through Leonel's arms, causing his pupils to constrict.

These people, he was sure that they weren't at his level. How were they so strong?

Leonel's hips pivoted, his approach changing in the blink of an eye. From a direct approach, his movements became like flowing water, diverting the strength of the two that had attacked him off to his sides. πœπ—Όπ—Ίπžπ§π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ₯.πœπ—Όπ—Ί

His weight shifted, his elbow driving down toward the head of one as they lost their balance and stumbled forward.

A sickening crack resounded, but the jolt that traveled up Leonel's arm caused his body to shiver, resulting in him almost missing the timing to attack the second individual.

He instigated Dream Sense into action, splitting the sensation the millions of ways and dulling to the point his body's initial reaction whittled down to nearly nothing.

Taking advantage of his recovery and his shift of momentum to a single leg, he lifted his other foot, ramming his shin into the nose of the second stumbling warrior.

A spurt of blood followed another sickening crack. Just as quickly, they both crumpled to the ground, causing those that had chosen to kneel to cower even more.

To them, Leonel's movements were beyond their understanding, but only Leonel himself knew just how much pressure he had been under just now. The strength of these people was no less than his own, it was just that his own technique was far more refined than their own and his ability to adapt and react was far beyond even their imaginations.

All things being equal, Leonel would have lost if the two of them ganged up on him. And, even if he could fight them one on one, he would very quickly find himself in an all out brawl. It would have been difficult to tell just who would win or lose.

Luckily, just then, Leonel had shifted from his more direct style and implemented concepts of Gentle into his movements. If not, he had been very close to suffering just now. Even if his bones didn't fracture, his shoulders might have dislocated.

It was hard for Leonel to accept this because he didn't feel the pressure of the Sixth Dimension from these people. But, from what he knew of the Dimensional Verse, unless you were an astounding genius of the other Races, there was no way someone in the Fifth Dimension could have put him in such a state.

Of those he had met, maybe only Amery, Aina and Myghell could match Leonel while still being in the Fifth Dimension. And that was just raw strength. Truthfully, Leonel didn't think he could possibly lose to some at the same strength. Part of the reason was likely because of the arrogance Aina had spoken about him having, but another part was justified.

When Leonel had said he could beat Aina ten out of ten times and then gotten beaten up by her moments later, his thoughts had never really changed. If it came down to a matter of life and death where he could go all out, and he actually had intentions of winning, he felt that someone would have to be in the Seventh Dimension, at least, to make him truly despair.novelbin

Leonel's greatest trump card, his mind, was something that most simply couldn't counter.

Still, while he had easily defeated these few individuals, their strength astonished him.

They were probably in the Fifth Dimension? But they actually had such strength? 'No, I can't tell what Dimension they are at all.... I have no idea...' Leonel's brows furrowed. He had never had an issue with telling someone's Dimension so long as they were close to his own or beneath him. Even for those far above, it wasn't too difficult to guess by process of elimination. But this...

'And this language... Aren't they human, why can't I understand it?'

This was another thing that baffled Leonel. By now, he didn't even need to use language translation treasures anymore because picking up a new language for him had become far easier, especially since the highest echelons of the Human Domain all pretty much spoke the same language.

Even when the language was a little different from what he was used to, his mind had become fast enough to pick up on the quirks quickly and adjust, he had done something similar on Planet Luxnix.

However, this language was so far and away different that he hadn't grasped it even after hearing the speak it for so long.

Leonel's frown deepened. Without the Segmented Cube's inner space to rely on, he didn't have a convenient device to take out right now.

'I need to retreat. These people are already so powerful and nothing about them screams leadership, or else they wouldn't have been so divided in how to react to me. I'll need to find time to scout them and comprehend their language first, then we can consider a next step.'

With Leonel's thinking speed, the two he had defeated had hard fallen to the ground by the time he came to a decision.

A strong Light Force swirled around him and his three illusory tails m appeared once more. With a step, he leapt into the trees he could reach before, vanishing into their folds.

He didn't miss the gasp and shock of these people when they saw his use of Force. But, he could only note this and disappear.

He wrapped himself in a thin layer of Ethereal Star Force and hid in the trees, observing the group and planning on following them.

Not long later, he was proven to be correct as a burly man who seemed very much like their leader appeared.

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