Mafia Desire

Chapter 56
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Chapter 56

Chapter 56Andrew's POV

It had been 8 months since Ava died, since my whole world collapsed. Every day, every second she was in my head cursing but blessing me.

Since she died everything changed, Travis declared war on my gang, but after 3 months Charis finally convinced him to stop and that Ava wouldn't want us to fight. I barely talked to anyone except Dalia and every emotion except hurt and anger didn’t exist. I couldn’t sleep anymore because when I did she was in my dreams, blaming me for everything that happened. Travis had a ceremony for her 8 months ago and she was “buried” in a special cemetery, which I would visit every day. And for my gang, we were still the biggest and most ruthless but I could care less about it.

“Boss.” I heard Seb say. I lifted my head off my desk and looked up at him, signaling for him to enter. Seb was the only one that believed Ava was innocent from the start and I truly hated myself for that.

“I think she is alive.” He said, walking into my office. My head whipped so fast I thought I would get whiplash. I felt my heart tightened at the thought and my eyes widened in hope.

“Seb, be very careful.” I warned. I couldn’t have false hope that the one person I yearned for more than anyone in this world may be alive.

“I will explain.” He said, setting a file down on my desk and stepping back so he could continue talking. “A few months ago I saw the photo of her at the airport.” He started.

The photo...I never ever bridle myself to look at the photo. I didn’t want to see her in pain and according to the man that killed her she was extremely bruised up.

“I knew that Toby couldn’t beat her up that much so I looked into hospital records after you told me what happened. I found two records but only one matched the time line, in the one that happened before her death she was admitted for two weeks because of her extensive injuries: 3 broken ribs, a concussion, some internal bleeding, starvation, loss of blood, broken wrists and ankles and a few stitches.”

I cringed at the thought of all the injuries and I felt myself only go into more self-hatred.

“But then there was a hospital visit after her death, in her name.” He continued. My head stopped and I felt my head spin… she really could be alive.

“Supposedly she was in a coma for a month and then she was discharged and the person that signed her papers was a Melissa Smith.” He added.

Melissa, one of my assassins that trained Ava how to hold a gun and the one that quit the gang the same day Ava died.

“A day after that Melissa left too France with an extra ticket and after spending 3 months there she returned to the USA from Germany.” He said.

I looked at him with my hope fading and pain filled my heart at the thought Ava could actually be alive.

“That doesn’t mean she’s alive. She left a mysterious assassin and she started to pop up everywhere. Supposedly she is the best in the business but she only works at night. I heard one job at night and I went and watched her and she moves like Ava did.” He said.

“How do you know its her?” I asked, trying not too crush myself with hope.

“They call her the Scarlett Shadow.” Was all he said before I knew she was alive.

“FIND HER. I DON’T CARE WHST YOU HAVE TO DO. I am calling all my contacts in Europe but we are finding her.” I screamed at Seb. He nodded and left the office, going to search for her exact location.

She was alive and I would do anything and everything to get her back into my life.

9 months later…

“I found her I know where she is.” Seb yelled, coming into where Travis and I were. 𝑐𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝘮

After a few months of research and we got real proof that Ava was alive I told Travis. At first he thought I just wanted to join our gangs again but when I showed him photos of her and he demanded that he come to Europe with us to find her.

We were in Venice, Italy when Seb came rushing into our room.

“Where?!” Both me and Travis asked.

“She is in Lisbon, Portugal.” He said, slamming a picture of her fighting in an underground club down on the desk.

“Lets go NOW.” I boomed, grabbing my jacket and heading for the door, not being able to wait another minute without her.

“Wait, we need a plan. If she is as good as people say then she will know we are following her and we can’t kidnap her.” Travis said.

“I already have that figured out, now let’s fucking go.” I said, rushing out of the hotel room.

I was finally going to go see her… the love of my life.

~~~Ava’s POV

“Just one more job tonight.” I thought, sitting up at a bar. The man at the bar gave me a perverted smile and handed me the shot I ordered. I grabbed the shot and drank it like it was water.

The man continued looking at me like he was undressing me with his eyes. I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “Maybe I should just kill him.”

I slapped a bill on the counter to pay for my drink and walked away, still feeling the gaze of the bartender as I walked out and just before I walked out I turned around and stared straight into the perverted man’s eyes.

I gave him a small grin and watched as he checked me out again but this time I pulled away my leather jacket, revealing the gun in my waistband.

His eyes widened and looked back up at me in fear, I laughed and put my finger to my lips adding to the unspoken threat I had just given him.

He quickly nodded his head understanding what I was telling him and quickly went back to cleaning glasses.

I laughed at the way violence was usually the way I got my way and started walking to my destination

I looked around me enjoying the sight of people in their own little world and how mysterious the world works at night. I usually always did my “work” in the night, it made it easy with the darkness covering my identity and most of the time they had their guard down.

I had two ways to kill people: Either I would seduce them at some event or even in public or I wouldn’t bother and just kill them.

I didn’t like seducing the men because most of the time they can’t keep it in their pants for more than 2 minutes so it’s harder to make sure we are alone when I kill them.

But even if I hate the process of seducing their reaction is always priceless when I lift my dress up and pull out a gun on them, as they expected me to undress.

Just killing them is just fine for me though. I usually just stalk them until they are alone and I put one bullet between their eyes.

I had one more job tonight and I was supposed to meet her at 1 AM by some street to discuss the details.

I walked to the meeting point but didn’t fail to notice the night sky and the unforgettable stars that were out.

I looked up and saw they were all shining particularly bright today because it was a new moon and the brightness of the moon wasn’t drowning out their beauty.

I started to get closer to the meeting point so I began prepping everything.

Due to my “name” people often tried to kidnap me so I would work for them but each and every time they failed.

I placed two knives up on my forearm where I had a clasp for them and then pulled down my jacket sleeves so they would be covered. I then checked my waistband to make sure the small gun I placed in my boot was still there, it was. novelbin

I finally made sure that both my guns on my waist were loaded and ready for use.

I reached my destination too find a narrow road that had dim lighting all around and a few piles of garbage scattered around it.

Most people would have been suspicious for such a creepy place to meet but most of my “clients” couldn’t afford to be away from their “loved one” for that long.

So I just walked through the narrow street and leaned against the wall, waiting for my client to show up. I looked down at my watch 1:01 AM, “she should be here by now” I thought to myself but shook the thought away when I realized she was only a minute late.

A few moments later I heard footsteps coming down the street, I turned my head to see the source of my sound but was unable because of how dark it was.

I got up from leaning against the wall as I heard the footsteps get closer and tried too adjust my eyesight to see if it was my client or not.

My alarms started going off when I could make out the figure of the person and it was way too big to be a women’s.

I pulled one of the guns out of my waistband and pointed it straight at the dark figure that was coming closer.

“If you don’t leave right now I will shoot.” I warned, making sure my voice was low enough so they got the idea.

The footsteps continued too come closer and right as I was about too shoot I heard a very familiar voice, “Is that anyway too greet me, shortness?”

“No, he knows I am alive… that means Andrew knows.”

“If Travis is here, so is Andrew.”


I pulled out of my knives

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