Love Him in the Living Hell

Chapter 15: What on Earth Had He Done?
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Chapter 15: What on Earth Had He Done?

It's like a bombardment in his mind...

Ethan could not believe what he had heard.


It was Grace in the room 34!

He broke the way of Grace for living and drew her blood to Bella Harrison. novelbin


Why was it so coincidental that the proportion of rare blood groups in the world was less than one in abillion? Why there were two in A city? Why didn't he think it would be Grace?

Ethan knelt on the ground and slapped himself.

What on earth had He done?

"Sir... Are you OK?”

Two nurses rushed over to pull Ethan up, but he knelt painfully on the ground, with pale face and hishands tightly covered his chest.


"Where did you send her?"

The voice sounded not good. It liked the sound of a saw. It was spit out little by little. Both nurses werestunned. How could anyone in a few seconds make such a sound?!

"Who did you talk about sir?"

"Grace Harrison. No 34 patient. It's that maternal. Where did you send her?”

"She... She has been taken away by her family.

Harrison family?

Ethan held his fingers tightly together and immediately climbed up from the ground then stumbled outof the operating room.

Seeing him coming out of the operating room, Liam Harrison and Lily Taylor were so happy they evenwanted to jump up.

" Ethan, how is it? Has Bella been saved? Is it the rare blood found? Thank you so much. Thanks toyou, Bella will be saved. Thank you.”

"How about Grace?"

"What?" Liam Harrison and Lily Taylor were stunned. They didn't understand what Ethan was talkingabout.

"Why are you talking about her? It's her who harmed Bella or Bella would have been able to marry you.

How could she still lie here now and in such a danger?”

Lily Taylor said that her tears fell down.

When Grace was mentioned, she would like her to die in front now.

But her arm was pinched by her husband. She looked up and saw that Ethan was looking at her coldly.He looked at Lily Taylor with cold eyes, which made her fell so cold for her whole body.

"Don't let me hear a bad word about Grace from your mouth again!"

"Ah? Why..." Lily Taylor hadn't responded yet. It didn't like Ethan used to be. He hated Grace. What'sthe matter? She couldn't even say a word.

Liam Harrison sensed that Ethan 's face was not good and quickly covered Lily Taylor's mouth.

"Will you die if you say less?"

Turning his head to Ethan , he guessed, "Mr Davis is it... What's wrong with Grace?!"

"Click!" πœπ—Όπ¦πžπ§π—Όπ―πžπ₯.πœπ—Όπ¦

Ethan 's heart jumped violently.

After a long time, he began to say slowly, "No. Grace she... Very well, nothing's wrong."

Finish saying, stride away.

But Liam Harrison's eyelids jumped, as if something great had happened.

Lily Taylor was still cursing and scolding in: "What is it?" In the future, if he married our Bell , he has tocall me mother! It will be unlucky to talk about Grace.

"Enough! Shut your mouth! Would you die if you said less?' Liam Harrison roared fiercely and chasedup. He followed Ethan quietly which made Lily Taylor more angry.

"How dare you! If you are still concerned about that mother and daughter, you don't come back again!"

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