Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 3077 On the brink of fear! II
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Chapter 3077 On the brink of fear! II

She spoke such drastic words as she could see it.

She didn't even turn around to look at her own forces with her eyes as her will had already noticed this same emotion in all eyes here.

On the battle-hardened Martial King and others.

She could see that after seeing the cessation of any and all possible futures, apart from their shock and disbelief, they began to teeter on the brink of fear.


Because just what could cause the cessation of all their possible futures for every single one of them without fail?!

Martial Empress Yelena could see the rising fear as she had to control this, and fighting a war at this moment was far from being advisable as she instead sought dialogue.

The Elder Queen Mother of Dignity gazed at her coldly as dialogue was never something the Sanctus Populi would have with a group of beings that had enslaved an entire Existential Lineage to be Seeds for the production of Fruits of Existence.

They were not good people.

They were entirely against the will of the people!

But in this moment of utterly profound unknowns of the future, where the fate of all people lay in peril…the guidelines of the Sanctus Populi showed what had to be done.

So the Elder Queen Mother of Dignity nodded while gazing behind her.

|Confirm the extent of the cessation of future weavings. I will check on my side and let the Sanctus Populi know of this expanded dialogue.|



They had to confirm the extent of this terror. Was it widespread for all beings, or were there some who didn't face it?

More information had to be obtained as at this moment, a point of communication was made between the Imperium and the Sanctus Populi!

Around this same time.

Within the farthest reaches of the omniverse, absent of light and any brilliance, a low howl could be heard amidst a powerful wail that seemed like a cacophony of sounds at this moment.

The dazzling weavings of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse made up of millions of Existential Extremity Authorities…had dwindled to absolutely nothing as at this moment, a massive tenebrous worm sucked in the last weavings that made up this complex Authority. π˜€π‘œπ‘šπ˜¦π˜―π˜°π˜·π˜¦π˜­.π˜€π‘œπ‘š

Around it, tens of thousands of wriggling black worms could be seen, such a reality expressing a sickening feeling as each one seemed to be emitting wails once more.

The biggest worm that had just finished devouring the last shreds of Deorcnysse looked around with more cognizance- all the other worms having split from it as at this moment, even it let out a wail as it felt a sensation flooding back into it.

It didn't like this sensation.

The others didn't like this sensation.

So they wailed.

But when they were eating up tendrils of that authority…tendrils of Existential Extremity Authorities- they didn't feel that horrid sensation.

They had to look for more Authorities like that.

They had to, otherwise this vile sensation within them would only grow stronger!


The wails became louder and louder as on the body of the largest tenebrous Worm, segments of it wriggled before soon enough, they turned towards a certain direction.

It couldn't see anything.

It couldn't sense anything.

The only thing it had was the vile feeling within it as it turned towards what it believed would have the cure- a direction where more of those Authorities would be.

And then…


It shot out at speeds that cracked the surrounding Omniverse as behind it, throngs of wriggling worms also turned towards its direction and followed!


In the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea of Pompeii.

Noah supported the figure of Sona that was still looking at him with complex emotions as his gaze was drawn towards nothing else but the Quintessential Codex of Extremity.

Because on its pages.

Where the Records of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse used to lie.

The millions of Existential Extremity Authorities that made it…were all grayed out.

Not a single one was missed.

Not a single one remained!

All of them were dim as if they never existed, and the big distinction of Deorcnysse was also gray with weavings of the end!


Noah stared at this scene with stern eyes as of course, he connected the disappearance of an entire Greater Omniversal Authority to the same thing that was causing the cessation of possible futures for Sona and all others.

There was something out there devouring Greater Omniversal Authorities as this same thing was the cause of the end of weavings for many entities.

What was it? It's power?

Was it exceeding the Teracosm Stage? Or even beyond that?



He was taken out of his thoughts as he came to observe the Quintessential Codex of Extremity buzzing, transparent tendrils of light wrapping around it- specifically on the pages holding the records of the devoured and deleted Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse!

Along with these transparent tendrils of light, intents flowed toward Noah in a shocking fashion as they formed into prompts.

|You hold the last remnants and records of the weavings of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse.|

|The balanced weavings of the Omniverse are disrupted by the cessation of Deorcnysse as they seek to go towards equilibrium.|

|Holding the last remaining records of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse, you have gained the Authority to spark the Greater Omniversal Singularity Seed of Deorcnysse under the right conditions.|

|The conditions for the spark of the Greater Omniversal Singularity Seed of Deorcnysse are unknown.| Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

|It is recommended to move rapidly before the composition and records of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse entirely enter oblivion.|


A shocking finding fell onto his lap.

An obscene opportunity because of nothing else other than...the Quintessential Codex of Extremity!

His entire existence began to think and try to grasp the weavings of this phenomenon rapidly why he urged Sona behind him, the figures of Little CaCuLaTan and Asterias Virgo appearing from the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii at this moment and also stepping into the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea of Pompeii as truly, they had to hurry.

Too many things were rapidly changing as at this moment, Noah felt like he was on the clock while something utterly disastrous loomed in the distance!

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