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Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Men’s Exclusive Calice

Chapter 530


Isabella also initially liked this dress, although she usually preferred more conservativestyles. Seth’s words dispelled amyllingering doubts she had. After slipping into thedress, she headed straightt for the mirror. Upon closer inspection, she noticed somebruises from a recent scuffle amber shoulders. She considered asking for a shawl tocover the bruises, but whem she turned around, she saw the staff giving her curiouslooks, clearly taken aback. After a brief pause it dawned on her. “These are from afight!”

The staff was speechless.

isabella’s explanation seemed feeble, failing to convince anyone that she w

to engage in fights.

Upon seeing their disbelief, isabella felt her cheeks flush. “It was a groupaittercal

that just happened.”


10:29 Fri, Mar 29


hapter 530 Men’s Exclusive @Cake

The staff stifledtheil daughter, exchanging glances between Isabellal and Sethth.55%

sabella opened her mouth and the more she tried to explain, the deeper she dug intorouble.

Meanwhile, Seth observed heriquectly unfazed by the staff's reactions. “Turn around dnd have a look.”

sabella complied. The dress featured affingeat the hem and a form-fitting fabric onhe upper body, exuding a blend of fallurecarddeelegance.

This one.” Seth made the decision..

sabella pursed her lips, not yet ready to voice her opinion Before she could

taff began complimenting her, following Seth’s lead and suggesting she try tw


Although Isabella wasn’t particularly keen on shopping for olothes,wheenSSeth10:29 Fri, Mar 29



Chapter 530 Men’s Exclusive Cake 𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

mentioned, “Put it on Dariel’s account.” she turned to the staff and said, “Bring me allthe ones in that row to try on.”

Seth felt speechless.

Isabella playfully teased Dariel while trying on multiple outfits.novelbin

Seth sat outside with his fruit juice rapidly cooling in his hand.

The observant staff attempted to offer him a fresh cup but quickly retreated at the sightof his cold, piercing gaze.

Isabella tried on several outfits but ultimately settled on two sets. As she preparedleave, she noticed Seth was still holding the fruit juice. “Aren’t you going to discard thfruit juice?”

Seth took a sip. “It’s still drinkable.”

10:29 Fri, Mar 29

Chapter 530 Men’s Exclusive Cake

Isabella nodded absentmindedly.


Upon returning to the VIP area, it was already late. Isabella and Seth were greeted withcheers as they entered the private room reserved by Leonard for a midnightcelebration.

Sporting a bruised face, Bloom approached Seth and asked, “Seth, did the rain earlieraffect your performance?”

Isabella felt an inexplicable sense of unease on the sidelines. She shuddered to thinkabout what might have transpired without the rain.

Unable to catch Seth and Bloom's conversation, Mandy pulled Isabella intoatmosphere. The venue was vibrant, with almost everyone Isabella knew pre

except Dariel and Natasha.

At the center of the room stood a dessert table, drawing a crowd. Leonard, dressed in10:29 Fri, Mar 29


Chapter 530 Men’s Exclusive Cake

chef's attire, sat solemnly at thedessert table whil Qoaniney petdhedop ahidh SOU1.The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

Isabella glanced around and recognized Mr. Walter, who had made chocolate for herthat night, accompanied by his child and presumably his wife.“Valentine's Day special. Men can create DIY gifts for women for free. If purchased

separately, it’s 10 thousand.” Mr.Walter clarified th sules Atthist ''pping evergane The content is onNovelDrama.Org! Read the latestchapter there!

realized Leonard’s unexpected presence at the dessert table.“Mr. Walter, are you trying to swindle us?” someone quipped.4

Mr. Walter, handsome and smiling,

shrugged. “I can’t pelpad tS fay’ce y cS .

wife's rive OThe content is on

NovelDrama.Org! Read the latest

chapter there!

Tsk-A wave of laughter filled the room.

“Who would dare to try his dessert?” Seth, who seldom participated in the festivities,approached Leonard to mock him.

10:29 Fri, Mar 29



Chapter 530 Men’s Exclusive Cake

Inside the dessert table, Leonard was already feeling anxious. When he heard Seth’sEa

comment, he looked up immediately and responded. “Seth, please refrain from making

sarcastic comments. At least | can find someone willing to try my cake. If you were to

make something, you might not even find someone willing to taste it.”

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