I Quit, Mr. Shaffer by Isabella Symons

I Quit, Mr. Shaffer by Isabella Symons

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    Isabella Symons wakes up beside Mr. Shaffer, her employer, realizing she needs to remind him of a morning meeting. Despite his frustration, she goes about her duties efficiently, transforming from Seth’s personal companion in the bedroom to the executive secretary for the Shaffer Group’s president.

    At work, Isabella handles her responsibilities stoically, and when she learns about a business dinner with Louis Kessler, a notorious figure, she remains composed. Other secretaries are hesitant to accompany Seth, and Fiona discusses the matter with Isabella. Isabella reassures her that Mr. Shaffer may not choose any of them.

    However, Norah Monroe informs Isabella that Mr. Shaffer is looking for her. Inside his office, Seth instructs Isabella about the business dinner. Despite their five-year history, Seth maintains a cold demeanor, leaving Isabella feeling uneasy as she prepares for the upcoming events.

    As Seth leaves his office, Isabella rises, and her colleagues exchange sympathetic glances, aware of her predicament. In the car, Seth mentions her request for an employment contract, hinting at her potential departure. Isabella, despite her inner turmoil, flatters Seth, denying any intention of leaving.

    Arriving at the Basilicus Hotel, Isabella faces discomfort as Seth tactfully avoids physical contact with Louis Kessler. During the business dinner, Louis expresses interest in buying Isabella. An awkward silence ensues, and Seth implies weariness in their five-year relationship, hinting at the possibility of parting with her.

    The dinner continues with Louis becoming bolder and making advances towards Isabella, while Seth remains indifferent. The situation escalates, leading to Isabella feeling devastated as Louis leads her away, and Seth instructs her to clean up the mess, showing no concern for her well-being...

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