HONEY, Love Me One More Time

Chapter 232: Are You Tim’s Subordinate?
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Chapter 232: Are You Tim's Subordinate?

While they were talking, a scream suddenly came from the villa. “What are you doing?! Where are my newly planted roses? Stop!” Melody, who walked out of thevilla, was astonished when she saw that the garden, which had been planted with her favoriteroses, had been razed overnight. And at this moment, a few gardeners and bare soil were in front of her. With her face distorted with anger, she rushed forward, grabbed one of the gardeners’ arms, andsnapped, “How dare you destroy my garden?! Who asked you to do this?” The gardener was frightened by her and quickly shook off her hand, replying, “I don’t know.Someone paid us and asked us to do it...” “Stop! All of you, stop now! This is my house! No matter who sent you here, stop immediately andget out!” Melody roared in a rage. However, her words didn’t work. Although the gardeners stopped their work, they didn’t leave.Instead, they looked at each other in puzzlement and were at a loss for what to do. From the corner of her eye, Melody saw someone standing at the gate. Her face suddenly darkened when she walked up to the gate and saw Estelle and Aurora. “Aurora?Did you ask them to destroy all my roses? How dare you?!” Before Estelle and Aurora could react, Ron quickly stepped forward, positioning himself as aprotective shield in front of them. With a scornful expression, he spoke up, “It was actually me whoinstructed them to act that way.” “You?” Melody said as she looked him up and down with disdain. Observing the black Maybach parked nearby, Melody voiced her suspicion, “Are you Tim’ssubordinate?” “You have no right to ask who I work for. My boss said that since Mrs. Hudson likes sunflowers, thegarden will be planted with sunflowers. If you don’t like it, you can move out.” Hearing this, Aurora pulled Estelle’s sleeve and asked in a low voice, “Estelle, how did he know thatI like sunflowers? Did you tell him about it?”Estelle was also confused. “No, I’ve never told him about it,” she answered.

“Then how did he know that? It’s so strange,” Aurora pondered. “I don’t know how he knew that either,” Estelle murmured as she shook her head. In her mind, Mr. Mysterious was omnipotent, so it was not surprising that he knew everything abouther and her family. With a gentle smile, Aurora said, “Maybe you have mentioned it to your boyfriend by chance before,and he kept that in mind. He’s so thoughtful.” Estelle recalled her interactions with Mr. Mysterious and thought, ‘I really have never told Mr.Mysterious that Mom likes sunflowers. Even Cristofer doesn’t know that.’She had never mentioned the idea of planting sunflowers for Aurora to anyone. It was just a wishthat she had made on her twentieth birthday. “Mom, I always had the intention to plant your favorite sunflowers around our house. However, Inever had the opportunity because I was studying abroad and didn’t have the time. And shortly afterI returned, the car accident occurred, followed by Uncle York taking over our house...” Before she finished her words, her phone beeped. ‘I have bought the land around your house. It will be planted with sunflowers soon.’ The message from Mr. Mysterious came at the right time again. ‘Sir, how did you know that my mother likes sunflowers? Did you guess it again?’ ‘No.’ ‘Then do you know my parents or their friends?’ ‘No.’ Mr. Mysterious replied to her. Soon, he sent her a message again. ‘Estelle, it doesn’t matter how I knew that. No matter what I do, I just want to make you happy.’ ‘I’m very happy. Thank you, Sir.’ Estelle replied to him in a good mood. It could be said that she was overjoyed, especially when she saw Melody so angry. ‘I’m glad that you are happy. Your room has been redecorated. Go and see if you like it.’ Seeing the message, Estelle was surprised. ‘Isn’t Gretchen living in my room?’ ‘Just get in and have a look.’ novelbin

When Estelle raised her head, she saw that the door of the villa had been opened, and then manyfamiliar servants who used to work for the Hudson family came out. “Mrs. Hudson, Miss Hudson, welcome home,” Harriet, the servant taking the lead, said with a smile. Harriet was about the same age as Aurora, and she used to work for the Hudson family for morethan twenty years. She and Aurora were more like friends than a master and a servant. Back then, after York and Melody occupied this house, Harriet was the first one to be fired. Auroracried and begged Melody not to fire her. However, Melody didn’t listen to her at all and ruthlesslydismissed all the precious servants. While Aurora was thinking about the past, Ron made a gesture of “please” and said gently, “Mrs.Hudson, Miss Hudson, welcome home.” There was still a distance from the gate to the villa. When passing by the garden, Estelle and Aurora found that the gardeners working in the gardenwere more than they had seen just now. Besides, the uprooted roses were randomly piled aside, and some sunflowers had been planted inthe garden. For fear that Melody would hurt Estelle and Aurora out of anger, Ron walked behind them to protectthem. “Mrs. Hudson, Miss Hudson, my boss said that within three days, the land five miles around will beplanted with sunflowers.” Hearing this, Aurora was too dumbfounded to utter a word. On the contrary, Estelle was rather calm. Since she was with Mr. Mysterious, her life had always been full of surprises, and she had beenused to it. “When did he begin to arrange all this?” she asked. “The garden was razed last night. And the land around the villa was bought three days ago,” Ronsaid. “So soon?” “Yes. Sir offered a high price. There was no reason for the landowner not to sell it.” Estelle hesitated for a moment and said, “May I ask how much it cost to buy the land?”

The Hudson House was located in a prime spot in Hadale, near the sea. The land surrounding itwas very expensive. Ron smiled and declined to answer her question directly, saying, “Mr. Mysterious said it’s a secret.” “A secret?” “Yes. He said you’d better not know it,” Ron said with a meaningful look. Estelle then shut her mouth and ended the topic. She mused, ‘The amount of money Mr. Mysterious spent may be much higher than I can possiblyimagine.’ ‘My goodness! He really bought a big piece of land to grow sunflowers for me instead of buildinghouses to sell for a profit! That’s so sweet of him!’ ‘He is correct. It is better for me not to know how much he spent, or else I will be angry.’𝙘𝙤𝒎𝒆𝒏𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝒎

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