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Chapter 0535 While the six supreme grandmasters and more than 20 apex grandmasters were stunned, everyone in the Kane family mansion 200 kilometers away was equally shocked! The sound of the miniature harp rang out! The sound of the miniature harp that appeared out of nowhere silenced everything in the Kane family mansion. It also suppressed their physique, vital energy, and dominant power. Even Caleb and Antonio could not help but sweat and tremble with fear as they felt the powerful suppression in the sound of the miniature harp! "Sir." A

Aside from Caleb, Antonio did his best to withstand the pressure of the mini harp's sound. His body was soaked in sweat. "The owner of this mini harp seemed to have left an impression in my mind about 15 years ago..." Fifteen years ago? Caleb's body stiffened, and his face changed completely.

He remembered the details. In that battle, his father, the former head of the family, Cedric, and his wife, Chrissy, had fought together against dozens of northern forces and had already secured victory. At the last moment, however, they collapsed at the sound of a miniature harp! "It's him! He made a move!" After a short period of shock, Caleb took a sharp breath, his back bent by the

sound of the mini harp slowly straightening up. His body seemed to have awakened some kind of strange power. Then, he glared in the northern direction and shouted, "Over there!" There? Antonio was startled. The pressure on his body appeared to have vanished, and he looked north with dismay. "Sir, there's nothing there. Could it be on A sudden rasping laughter interrupted Antonio. The laughter echoed in the sky above the Kane family mansion.

""Caleb, I've underestimated you. You freed yourself from the bondage of the Heavenly Silence Melody! "You must have a life-preserving trump card left by Chrissy in yourContents belong to NovelDrama.Org

body. Oh, Chrissy has been dead for 15 years now, but the Kane family is still responding to something left by a woman to survive. What a shame!" Caleb clenched his fists, and his eyes { burned.

Alexander's mother, Chrissy, had left a token before her death, allowing Caleb to keep it in his name and pass it down to Alexander when he grew up.

However, Alexander had long been cast out of the family, so the token remained with the Kanes, becoming the family's greatest secret! It was a secret and a shame! The raspy voice was rightβ€”without the mark, the Kane family would have been destroyed during the northern forces' siege. Chrissy had protected the

Kane family, allowing them to survive! "What? Am I right?" To the north, the black-robed masked man with a mini harp in his hand sneered as he looked at the Kane family mansion from a distance. "Caleb, you're trash. How could you expel your outstanding son from the Kane family?" "Unfortunately, no matter how outstanding he is, your son is completely useless. Look at the timeβ€” my team should have finished their task. Your son, Alexander, is dead!" Amidst the hoarse, maniacal laughter, the masked man jumped and vanished into the night sky, leaving no trace!

Was Alexander dead? Caleb stood motionless in the gazebo, his lips moving involuntarily as his face paled.

ngjrl" Antonio clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with blood, and he burst into tears. "With Young Master gone, there's no one left in the Kane family to succeed you. He was your only bloodline!" No one left to inherit...

Caleb turned his head slowly, and he appeared to have aged a dozen years. 𝗰𝗼𝐦𝗲𝗻𝗼𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝐦

Then, as if he remembered something, his eyes brightened. "No!" He reached out and covered his chest, his face flushed with excitement. "The token left by Chrissy is on my body; it

contains a drop of Alexander's blood.

It's closely related to Alexander. If Alexander were killed, the token would have reacted.

"So far, the token hasn't shown any abnormalities, so I'm sure Alexander is alive!" Antonio's tears quickly dried up, and he turned his head to face Deephaven, muttering, "Since he's not dead, he must have escaped. But with Miss Callie dragging him down, where can he flee to? "Or has Young Master won?"

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