His Beloved Ex-Wife

Chapter 708
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Chapter 708 A Collusion

polier uniform? Faking a police uniform is against the law!”

“Exactly, and they might even use the police uniforms to engage in other criminal

“Take me there, quickly!“ 𝐜𝗼𝐦𝐞𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦

The real cop, without any delay, followed her back to the vicinity of the pharmacy.

The two impostor cops had lost Lysander and were as frantic as cats on a hot tin roof. By the time they thought of running, it was already too late.

Lysander had already formed a hunch about their identities. After discussing the situation with the police who had arrested them, she left. She hailed a taxi to return to the Guerra family’s old house, and on the way, she hastily called Susan.

On one hand. Josiah was missing. On the other, there were people willing to impersonate policemen regardless of the consequences. These two incidents happening so closely together made it impossible not to connect them.

Susan practically picked up the phone immediately.

“Lysander, how are you? Are you safe now? Nilou and Rhizone have already briefed me on the situation. Your mother and Aurora are also here now. Everyone was really worried about you and Josiah, but neither of you could be reached.”

She spoke swiftly, her voice brimming with worry.

With an apologetic tone, Lysander said, “Madam Susan, I didn’t intentionally ignore your calls. The situation was critical earlier, and I was afraid of alerting the enemy, so I purposely set my phone to silent mode. But it’s all right now. Those two fake policemen have been taken away.”

The sound of Susan sharply inhaling could be heard from the receiver.

Both Nilou and Rhizone were children of measured words. When recounting events, they didn’t exaggerate or embellish the facts. Hence, all she knew was that the police Lysander encountered were somewhat suspicious, but she had no idea of the true extent of the danger involved.

Were those two cone really imnoctore? They had come nervel I veander von


11:55 Wed, 10

Chapter 708 A Collusion


should come home as soon as possible. We can figure this out together. It’s too dangerous to be alone at a time like this. Ah, why is it that we can’t reach Josiah just when we need him the most…

Susan was worried about Lysander’s safety and persistently urged her to return quickly.

Lysander inquired about Laura and the others‘ situation, learning that everyone was doing well. Assured there was nothing to worry about, she explained in a gentle voice, “Josiah… has some important matters to deal with. Once he’s finished, he’ll definitely get in touch with you.”

Susan was no longer young, and she also suffered from high blood pressure. If she were to find out that Josiah had disappeared along with Tiffany, it could seriously upset her.

Lysander had no other options, so she could only reassure her first by saying, “Impersonating a police officer is a serious matter. I’ll return once it’s resolved.”

“All right, just make sure you don’t stay up too late. You’re still young, and it wouldn’t be good to ruin your health.” Susan noticed it was nearing midnight and couldn’t help but add an extra word of caution.

Even during the times when Josiah was most engrossed in his.work, he would still make a phone call home whenever he had to pull an all–nighter.

It had been a long time since something like this had happened, where communication was cut off without a word.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Lysander maintained a cool and composed demeanor, which prevented Susan from noticing anything unusual. However, she knew she couldn’t return to the Guerra family’s old house for now. So, she told the driver, “Could you please change the destination? Take me to Guerra Group.”

The driver, with nothing else to do, teased, “Working late again, huh?

Lysander absentmindedly responded with a hum.

She meticulously pondered over the places Josiah could have possibly visited with Tiffany. Since she couldn’t figure out what might have occurred after his departure, her only option was to first head over to Guerra Group to assess the situation.


Chapter 708 A Collusion


As it was approaching midnight, it was likely that only the security and on–duty staff remained in the company.

Lysander’s speculation was quickly debunked.

After Josiah and Tiffany had departed, Olivia had been patiently waiting in the office for their return. However, instead of the anticipated arrivals, she found herself dealing with an unexpected influx of unwanted guests.

First, everyone in the business department was clamoring to meet with Josiah. Then a director with considerable tenure from the board of directors personally went to the finance department to audit the accounts. Finally, even the manager who had been in charge of liaising with the Lanister family’s business affairs was kicking up a fuss.

These individuals held different positions and belonged to various departments, the only commonality being their association with the Lanister family.

Olivia had been working with Carol for quite a while and was well accustomed to the true colors of these people. Without even batting an eye, she could guess what they were up to.

Rather than beating around the bush, she decided to have the secretarial department staff guard the door of Josiah’s office. Meanwhile,.she arranged for these individuals to wait in the conference room.

When Lysander appeared beneath the office building, she had already gleaned some clues from the brightly lit top floor. mediately, she masked her concern and deliberately said to the receptionist, “I’m here to pick up something I left during the day. Is Olivia from the secretarial department around?”

The receptionist caught on to what she meant and immediately passed on the message to Olivia discreetly.

Olivia personally went downstairs to fetch Lysander.

The two of them exchanged the information they currently held while in the elevator.

“If Mr. Guerra really encountered an unexpected situation, he would definitely find a way to transmit information outward. But now, even Tiffany, who left with him, has disappeared without a trace. I tried to contact Riveron Corporation, but after Dillon was taken away, everything there descended into chaos.”


17:55 Wed, 10 Jul G

Chapter 708 A Collusion


Olivia had already done everything she could. Exhausted and worn out, she said, “Mrs. Guerra, I’ve reached out to Carol. She said the matters in the village have not been fully settled yet. At the earliest, she would only be able to return by tomorrow morning, and by the time she reaches the company, it would probably be evening. Right now, the company is in such a state of chaos, yet there isn’t even anyone to take charge

Lysander said seriously, “Just say what you want to say!”

She had to tackle these issues one at a time. The priority now was to sort out the mess in the company.

Olivia promptly explained the purpose and origin of the people she had temporarily gathered in the conference room.

“The moment it passes midnight, it’ll be the agreed–upon day for the money. transfer with the Lanister family. However, Mr. Guerra has already announced the termination of their partnership and was in search of a new collaborator. Logically, apart from the penalty for breach of contract, the company shouldn’t need to pay a single cent more. Yet, the person previously in charge of the project doesn’t agree.”

“What right does that person have to disagree when Josiah has already announced that?”

Olivia continued, “Well, he was the one directly in charge of the project. Most likely, his own interest is at stake here. What’s more, it seems like the others are colluding with each other and ganging up to start causing trouble. They’re insisting that the announcement was made after the collaboration was finalized, which means the partnership is still valid.” Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Lysander frowned upon hearing this. “It’s clear that they’re trying to take advantage of the time difference. But why on earth would someone from Guerra Group stand up for the Lanister family? It’s almost certain that the project manager has ulterior motives. However, it doesn’t make sense for others to get involved. I suspect someone from the company is colluding with them, which is why they already know that Josiah can’t show up.”



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