His Beloved Ex-Wife

Chapter 595
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Chapter 595 Girlfriend Or Sex Partner



The display screen was evenly divided into four sections, three of which were occupied by blond–haired, blue–eyed foreigners. Among them was a lady of considerable age.

Josiah wasn’t just making an international call. It was as if he was conducting a multinational conference.

Lysander paused by the side of the sofa, momentarily uncertain whether or not to tell him to leave.

At first glance, Josial’s posture remained as upright as ever. However, a faint shadow of fatigue lingered beneath his eyes, and a subtle weariness was etched between his brows, only noticeable upon closer inspection.

Due to the time difference between domestic and international locations, it was indeed most suitable for Josiah to hold meetings with the overseas branch office during the night. However, if he hadn’t spent most of his daytime hours and energy helping her suppress the unstable factors within Thorne Constructions and Energies, he wouldn’t have ended up so exhausted.

Lysander had once shared a significant part of her life with him. Even if she was reluctant, she couldn’t ignore his exhaustion at that moment.

Josiah was truly incredibly exhausted.

Suddenly, Lysander felt an urge to act as if nothing had happened and return to her bedroom to continue sleeping. However, before she could make a move, one of the participants on the screen dramatically opened their mouth in surprise, prompting a similar reaction from the others.

Feeling more fatigued than usual, Josiah’s thoughts were running a beat behind. However, upon noticing the reactions of others, he still lifted his gaze to look around. 𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝒐𝒎


Josiah gently closed the laptop and swiftly removed his Bluetooth earphone, his expression somewhat unnatural as he turned to face Lysander.

Clearing his throat, he asked her in Ecronese, “Why are you up? Did I wake you?”

His complexion turned slightly pale, a hint of guilt subtly apparent.

Lysander shook her head. “I was just a little startled.”

After experiencing a home burglary, it was only natural for her to feel scared,

“Sorry; I have an unexpected meeting to attend. You can go back to sleep now. I’ll head over to the balcony,” said Josiah.

“You didn’t wake me up. I couldn’t hear any noise while I was in the bedroom. I just got thirsty in the middle of the night and wanted to get some water,” Lysander said.

Josiah immediately put down his computer and stood up. “Let me go boil some water for you.”

After he said that, he didn’t wait for Lysander to question him. He stood up and headed to the kitchen, apparently to boil some water.



Chapter 595 Girlfriend Or Sex Partner


never used before, you should head back and figure out how to explain your sudden disconnection to the other meeting attendees.”

Josiah was tall and his strides were inevitably quicker than hers. By the time she caught up to him by the kitchen counter, he was already standing in the spotless kitchen, pouring water for her from a kettle.

The steaming hot water was carefully poured, filling up most of the cup.

Josiah casually slid the cup across the table toward Lysander, calmly stating, “In a few days, I’ll have someone install a water dispenser for you. Having to boil water every time you want to drink is a bit of a hassle.”

Before Lysander knew it, Josiah’s domestic skills had made a significant leap.

In that moment, she didn’t know whether to praise him for his attentiveness, or to commend Martha for her excellent upbringing.

Noticing that she didn’t seem inclined to pick up the cup. Josiah took the initiative to step forward and handed her the water, saying, “Don’t worry; it’s not hot. It’s at a drinkable temperature. I boiled it earlier, and it’s been cooling for a while now.”

His hands were broad and warm, and unavoidably brushed against her fingertips as he passed her the cup.

Both of them subtly shuddered in response.

Lysander quickly grabbed her cup and turned around. As she sipped her drink and returned to the living room, she said softly, “Thank you.”

Normally, Josiah would have spent some time discussing the issue about the water dispenser with her. But today, contrary to his usual demeanor, he urged her to hurry up, saying, “You should go back to sleep once you’ve finished your water.”

As he withdrew his hand back to his side, his eyes were brimming with a tenderness that he himself had not even noticed.

Upon hearing this, Lysander was momentarily struck with confusion.

She suddenly became a bit curious and asked, “Does the foreign branch office have some sort of urgent matter? Why did they had to have a meeting in the middle of the night?”

Josiah remained silent, rubbing his temples. After a moment, he gave the reason that Lysander had already anticipated. “It can’t be helped. There’s a time difference between the two countries.”

“Then you should get 100 long.

back to it quickly. Business matters should be prioritized. Don’t keep others waiting

Josiah said nonchalantly, “It’s all right; I can let them discuss on their own for a bit. This way, they won’t be too apprehensive to make decisions about minor matters in the future and won’t have to bother me every single time.”

Lysander wanted to ask more, but he had already gently placed his hand on her shoulder, guiding her back toward the bedroom with a tender yet irresistible force.

Without obtaining her permission, Josiah didn’t dare to cast an extra glance inside. As soon as Lysander entered the bedroom, he swiftly shut the door behind her.


Chapter 595 Girlfriend Or Sex Partner

This nonchalant and decisive demeanor was truly something she hadn’t seen in a long time.


Lysander suddenly felt a sense of unfamiliarity, continuing to drink water from her cup. This time, before laying down, she refrained from the unnecessary act of locking the door.

Meanwhile, Josiah settled back onto the couch, reopening his laptop to rejoin the online meeting. Slipping on his Bluetooth headset, he gracefully apologized to the group he’d left waiting, “My apologies; I had ant unexpected situation just now.”

His condition seemed much improved from before. Not only did he no longer appear tired, but there was also a subtle hint of a smile at the corners of his lips.novelbin

The three attendees of the meeting were all regional heads of Thorne Constructions and Energies’s overseas branch office. After years of collaboration, they had become as close as friends. Seeing him appear as if he had just recharged, they immediately understood what was going on.

The lady among them was the first to tease with a smile, “Josiah, instead of calling it an unexpected situation, wouldn’t it be more like a beautiful accident?”

When Lysander appeared earlier, she was only clad in a thin nightgown, clearly having just awoken from a deep slumber.

Josiah gently stroked his chin and gave a slight smile. “I suppose so.”

This was essentially an indirect admission of his relationship with Lysander.

At the moment, he could only utter such words when she wasn’t around.

Upon hearing this, the remaining two foreigners instantly took an interest in his love life.

“You were still single the last time we met. Who would have thought you’d make such progress so quickly? She sure is a looker.”

“That’s right! She must have come to check on you just now.”

“I’ve been away on a business trip and haven’t been able to call my girlfriend for several days. I hope she forgives me…”

The conversation was clearly veering off topic.

Josiah listened quietly, showing no urgency to steer the conversation back on track. A wave of sweetness. surged in his heart as he began to indulge in the thought of how blissful his life would be if everything they said was true.

Suddenly, a person in charge, brimming with curiosity, asked, “Josiah, is she your girlfriend or just a sex partner?”

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