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Chapter 191

Book Two Chapter Thirty–Nine

Alpha Blake

I didn’t wait for the vehicle to stop before I jumped out. The flight was torture. I didn’t receive anynew information about my mate. Even after landing and being greeted by the beta, he had nothingnew to share.

“Alpha Orion,” a young alpha stepped forward.

“Where the hell is my wife?” I demanded.

“Titus,” a woman yelled. The young alpha turned away from me.

“Sarah,” Aspen exclaimed beside me.

My skin rippled and Gunner growled when the scent of her blood hit me. Looking at the youngwoman, she was covered in my mate’s blood.

“They need help,” she panted as she gripped the alpha.

“Why are you covered in her blood?” I growled, taking a step forward. The alpha stepped in front ofher and Aspen stepped in my way.

“Dad, Sarah would never hurt Mom,” Aspen defended.

“She gave birth,” she cried. “I’m sorry, there was no way to stop it.


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Book Two Chapter Thirty–Nine

Tessa is still with her.”

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“Where?” she pointed behind her but my mate’s howl caused goosebumps to cover my body.

Gunner forced the shift before taking off towards the sound of Lily’s growls.

I didn’t care about anything else but getting to my mate. She gave birth and shifted to protect ourchild.

“I won’t let anything happen to them,” Gunner growled as he pushed himself harder.

I could feel her rage through the bond before I heard a yip.

When I hit the clearing, Ryley was no longer shifted. Her naked body was covered in blood with ablack wolf standing over her.

Gunner didn’t waste time watching the scene. He didn’t make a sound as he tackled the alpha frombehind. They rolled and he bit into the enemy before throwing him off of him.

He sneered as he backed up to his mate, not taking his eyes off the alpha who had hurt her.

“Luna,” I heard a woman scream behind me.

The alpha wolf in front of me shook his head before he turned his attention to movement behind me.He got up and sneered.

Sizing him up now, I was bigger and we had more to fight for. He



Book Two Chapter Thirty–Nine

wasn’t leaving here breathing.

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It was the cry of our pup behind me that pushed me to lunge. before the fucker had a chance. Thewoman had our child.

When our bodies collided, he bit down into my shoulder but I ripped my claws down his side acrosshis belly. He howled in pain. but I didn’t stop. I didn’t care that my shoulder was bleeding or the painwhen I moved. All I saw was red as my pup cried for its mother.

Blood, teeth, and claws were all I saw as I protected my mate and child. This moment was whyGunner was the strongest alpha in his generation.

He sunk his teeth in deep and ripped. Even after the alpha went silent and stopped moving. Hedidn’t stop. He was making sure this fucker couldn’t hurt our family again.

He threw the body to the side and sent up a howl when the power shifted to us.

When we turned back to our mate, the young woman was holding a bundle in one arm and holdingup her bleeding hand to my mate.

I shifted and rushed to her side.

“I’m so sorry, I’m trying to give her my blood. I can heal her,” she cried. I pushed my ear against herchest. Her heart was beating, but it was slow. She had lost too much blood.



Book Two Chapter Thirty Nine

甘 103 in buchens

“Ryley, baby, I need you to open your eyes.” I held her to my chest

as I smacked her cheek. “Our baby needs you.”

“Blake,” she mumbled.


“Baby,” I choked as I held her tightly against me.

“Oh, thank god, it worked,” the young woman exhaled.

“Where’s our boy?” she opened her eyes and looked up at me.


“He is right here, Luna. He’s safe.” I looked at the woman.

“Blake this is Aspen’s mate,” Ryley said as I stared at the woman.

“You’re the Luna wolf?”

“That’s what I’ve been told,” she stammered.

“Blake, we have time for that later. Tessa, can I see my baby?” I moved her between my legs andshe rested her head against my chest before Tessa rested the bundle in my mate’s arms.

My emotions choked as I looked down at him.

“He is perfect,” I kissed her cheek.

“Luna Orion, do you need more blood?” Tessa mumbled. My mate looked up at the young womanand held out her hand for hers, which she took.



Book Two Chapter Thirty–Nine

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“I’m okay, now. Thank you. Thank you for everything you and Sarah did. And welcome to thefamily,” she smiled. Tessa let out a


“I don’t deserve your kindness. He took you because I ran,” she


“We are not to blame for the choices of madmen, Tessa. I’m glad you got away from him and I’mglad you found Aspen.”

“Blake,” Luca called out, as my wolves surrounded us.

“Tessa,” I heard Aspen. I watched as Tessa’s body tensed, kneeling beside us.

“Everything will be okay,” Ryley reassured her. “But he needs to know,” she slammed her eyes shutand nodded.

“We need blankets,” I ordered as my mate shivered in my arms.

“Mom?” Aspen approached us.

“We are okay, sweetie. It’s been a long day,” she smiled up at our


“Aspen, I,” Tessa stood up and looked at our son. Without a word, he pulled her into his arms.

Three months of searching he finally found her.

A warrior handed me a blanket and I wrapped it around my wife.

“You ready to go home?” I kissed her forehead.



Book Two Chapter Thirty–Nine

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“You’re my home, silly,” she looked up at me. “But I do miss our baby girl and boy.”

“Luna, thank the goddess,” Luca kneeled in front of us. “I have an ambulance on standby. First, letsget you and baby checked out and then we can take you home.”

“We have another alpha wolf in the family,” I beamed at my beta.


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