Fade with Time and Love

Chapter 20 He Was Naked
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Chapter 20 He Was Naked

Janine was so scared. She didn't know what happened at all, because she fainted for a while.

And she's still weak now, so she can't get rid of this strange hug.

Janine coughed, then calmed herself down, looked at the man who was in front of her.


She was nervous, Yasin was her boss. Would she lose her job?

Janine struggled and wanted to stand up. However, she was so so weak, and she pulled the bath toweldown which was surrounding on Yasin's waist.

Janine didn't realized that Yasin's expression became more and more complex.

Was this woman going to seduce him?

Yasin became indifferent.

This kind of woman would have been driven away by him.

But, she was wet and her face was covered by her hair, he can only see her chin and her big eyes.

Yasin can feel that she must be a charming woman.

The arc of her chin was so perfect, her eyes were clear as the water. She was like an elf, so attractive.

Yasin can't help but move her away from her face.

Janine was scared.

Because to save money, the cosmetics she usually bought were almost non-waterproof, she didn'tneed to spend money to buy cleansing oil, she just used the general deep cleanser.

And she stayed in the hot water just now, and her hair was wet. Yasin tried to move her hair away,Janine thought of her face, cᴏᴍᴇnᴏᴠᴇʟ.cᴏᴍ

Almost instinctively, Janine stopped Yasin:" Don't! Please."

The touch on the back of his hand was delicate and smooth, but there was a thin cocoon. Yasin staredat her: "Do you afraid I will see your face?"

He was more curious.

Yasin's eyes fixed on her chin, he can see that there's something on it that was like the foundation.

He felt funny:" You're already ugly enough, I don't understand why do want to make up. It won't changeanything, right?"

Yasin's words were so mean, but if Janine was an "ugly" woman...

Now, Janine didn't care about his words, so she replied: "I will be more ugly if I don't makeup. Mr. Ho, Ididn't ask you to look at my face. I know it will make you uncomfortable."

"Really?" Yasin narrowed his eyes, and tried to move Janine's hair again: "Don't worry, I even sawsomeone who was more ugly than you, I won't fire you because of your face. But I do be interested inwhat's your real face is!"

What the fuck?

This sentence sounded in Janine's heart, and she forgot the pain from her belly. So she sat up, thenshe hurried her face in Yansin's chest! So closely!novelbin

When she felt Yasin's muscle and heartbeat, she knew she did something wrong!

Also, where's his bath towel? It seemed that he's naked now?

Damn it! Was she crazy????

"Are you seducing me?" Yasin was angry:" The most way I hate is tricks. Especially, someone like you."

But, when he was about to push Janine away, there're two hands put on his back. Yes, this womanhugged him.

Yasin stiffed, and he swallowed.

Her hands were magic, Yasin forgot all of his feeling now, he can only felt her softness.

He even felt that his blood was getting warmer, there's a voice sounded in his heart!

And his dick had some changes also.

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