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Chapter 1621

The Fordhams surrounded Jacqueline like menacing tigers.

The briddling resentment in them was screaming to kill her.

David took a deep breath, suppressing the murderous intent in him.

โ€œJacqueline, | want you to tell us Toxic Hive's hiding spot and what Deborah has done all these years.| want you to lure her out too." That was the only reason they let her live.

Jacqueline sneered.

"You tried so hard to take away all my savings.

| have nothing now, so what's the point of telling you that? It's just a matter of time before | die." She was trying to guess whatthey plotting.

"I do have all the documents and data from Toxic Hive.

Unless you spare my life, I'll kill myself." Aclever person would always fight for a way to survive during hardships.Like a seed on a cliff, she was determined to grow higher and higher no matter how bad the environment was.

It was unfortunate that she stooped so low just for her benefit.

She forsook morality and lost her conscience.

She was inhumane, a mere monster driven by desire.

Sean slapped her again.

"In your dreams! You've hurt so many people all these years and yet you're asking us to spare your life? Not achance! It's bestyou come clean with us.

Don't force us to take legal action on you." Astreak of blood adorned the corner of her lips.

Unlike before, she no longer whined at her brothers.

That was an act to maintain her image; a necessary act to gain some benefit.

Since whining would no longer put her in favor, she wouldn't do it again.

Agrin plastered on her face instead.

She seemed calm.

"Can't believe you call yourselves righteous when all of you are bullying a woman.novelbin

Do you even call yourselves a man? No wonder your family is dysfunctional." Sean's chest heaved up and down due to anger.

"Jacqueline Fordham, do you think that we won't hurt you?" The biggest difference between humans and beasts was humannature, but not everyone had that.

Jacqueline was one of them.At that moment, the door opened to reveal a man and a woman.The handsome man stood tall, but his expression was rigid.

The woman next to him appeared delicate, but her expression expressed the same old numbness. ๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถโ„ฏ๐“ƒ๐“ธ๐“ฟโ„ฏ๐“ต.๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถ

โ€œLet me do it," Leia suggested.

Jacqueline could be said to be a villainess, but Leia was as bad as she was.Jacqueline's expression changed when she saw Leia.

Her first victims were here, and she knew how crazy Leia was.

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Avery was the world to Leia.

In addition to that, Jacqueline

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With all the resentment piled up, Leia would never let Jacqueline off the hook.Leia stood in front of the Fordham family, announcing seriously, " Mr.

David, she lied to me so that | would do all those bad things.

I've realized my mistakes and would like to make up for them.

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