Entangled lover: Mr.President fell in love after divorce

Chapter 9 To be Employed As A Translator
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Chapter 9 To be Employed As A Translator

"What do you want to hear from me?" Bai Zhuwei cared about this topic, but Sharon couldn't go ontalking it at all. โ€œDo I have to say, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have engagement with Josh and break you up?โ€ She thought. How could she say this hypocritical word? Two mothers decided the marriage, and it was none of her business. What should she do? Josh squinted at Sharon and took a step toward her slowly. There was a depressing atmosphere in theair. Sharon couldn't help but step back. "I didn't provoke you, did I?" Bai Zhuwei came up and took his arm. "Josh, don't be angry. It is wrong. I shouldn't have said that. Shejust entered the door. I shouldn't have to come. You should have a rest earlier. I'll go back." "It's not you who should go away." Josh took her wrist and went upstairs. Bai Zhuwei's heart was filled with joy. Although Josh had indicated that he would be with her, he neverhad any sexual touch on her. Today, Josh's action made her overjoyed. After all, that night, the woman companied him was not her. Only when there was a sexual relationshipcould females firmly grasp the male's heart. Sharon did not raise her head but quietly turned into the room. Looking back, Bai Zhuwei saw Sharon's back in the room, and it was fragile. She suddenly found that itwas very similar to the girl's back that night. That night, she overcame her jealousy and hatred and found a virgin for Josh. It was her mostsignificant limit. She didn't want to know what kind of girl Sharon was. It was the girl that had sex withJosh. Just when the girl left, she saw a thin figure in a hurry. No wonder she was always strange and familiar with Sharon. It turned out that this familiarity did not come from anything. At the thought that the woman that night might be Sharon, Bai Zhuwei's heart was very flustered. She must not let Sharon stay with Josh. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐‘š๐˜ฆ๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐‘š

Close contact, so as not to let Josh found clues. After all, she was the woman who had skin touches with him. Entering the room, Bai Zhuwei, regardless of the reserve, hugged Josh's thin waist, buries his head inher arms, and said, "Josh, let me be your woman again." After saying that, her kiss came close to him. Josh's face slightly coagulated for Bai Zhuwei's initiative,but he did not have the sexual impulse that a normal man should have. He had no sexual desire for her except that night! When Bai Zhuwei's lips were about to touch him, he turned his head, and Bai Zhuwei's kiss fell into theair. "It's late. Go to bed early." Josh pulled the neckline, which was not tight, and he was a little upset. As for why he was fidgety, he didn't know. Maybe he was fidgety, for he had no sexual impulse to her,which made him feel abnormal. Bai Zhuwei's hands clenched, and her look was slightly aggrieved. "Josh, do you not love me?" "Don't think about it." Josh pressed his voice and put his arm around her shoulder. "I'll rest heretonight." Bai Zhuwei was a woman. She knew what it means for a man not to be interested in her. She cleverly lay on the bed, but her eyes were red, and her tears rolled around her eyes, never fell. That aggrieved appearance, it was so forbearing. Josh's heart touched slightly. That night, she was so intolerant. No matter how he tossed, she neverspoke. His act became softer. He covered her up and sat beside the bed. "Don't think about it. When I have astatus, I will have sex with you. " Bai Zhuwei nodded. Josh had accompanied her for a long time. She had a clear realization of histemperament. Even if she didn't love her, he would be responsible for her under the pressure ofresponsibility. Josh took off his coat and stepped out of the room. He went downstairs and left his coat on the sofa.novelbin

Then, the whole of him fell into the sofa. His long legs were raised on the coffee table, and his headwas leaning on the back of the sofa. He was a little tired. Early morning. When Sharon came out with the right dress, Josh was sitting at the dinner table and browsing theโ€˜Money Today.โ€™ Bai Zhuwei seemed to know him well and made him a pot of hot black coffee. Mrs. Yu had ready for breakfast. Sharon reduced her sense of existence deliberately. She sat at theend of the table to pull her away from them and had porridge with her head down. Mrs. Yu held the fried egg on the table, looked at Sharon's unpromising appearance, frowned, and shewas of the first station. Why was she so humble in front of the other woman? Mrs. Yu said deliberately, "madam, you should sit in the first position near the young master." Eh? Sharon looked up. Josh also put down the financial newspaper in his hand. Four eyes were looking each other with amazement, Sharon thought of this man last night, he used tolook at her so indifferent, she shivered secretly. When Josh was very young, his mother died, so Mrs. Yu took care of him. He had great respect for the older man who took care of him. So Yu Ma always talked at will in front of him. As to his marriage, they took what they need. Sharon thought she should not disturb his private life.She had the last mouthful of porridge, laughing, "I am full, you eat slowly." Last night, Sharon felt that Josh cared about Bai Zhuwei very much, so sheโ€™d better realize that. The marriage was like a beast chasing her. She could only run fast. Josh looked at Sharon's hurried back and squinted his eyes slightly. "Maybe I'm here, and she's not adapt to the atmosphere. Later -" Josh put a glass of milk in front of her. "In a month, she will leave." Bai Zuwei lowered her eyes. A month was too long for her. Sharon returned to her room, turned on the mobile phone, the message she left in 58.com had got the

reply. The company asked her to go to the interview. When Josh and Bai Zhuwei left, Sharon also went out ofthe villa to take a taxi for the interview. Wanyue group had a towering building, which was magnificent! Sharon stood in front of the building and took a deep breath before stepping in. She didn't graduate from University, it was not easy to find a suitable job, so she would like to apply forthe chance in this job. The interview area was full of people. They were all dressing in formal clothes and holding resumes. Itseemed that they were well prepared for the interview. Sharon looked a bit out of place in a white T-shirt and jeans. She looked not like an interviewee. She ignored the strange eyes looking at her, stood quietly๏ผŒand waited. It took nearly an hour to call Sharon. Washing dishes and delivering newspapers couldn't be taken as work experience. She had noeducation background, so she didn't have a resume.The interviewer frowned slightly at her white paper of work experience. "How do you know alanguage?" After all, it was not a common language. The recruitment for translators had been hanging up for a long time, but there were no candidates. Sharon thought of all the past and tightly held her hand. "I had been lived in A country. To have bettercommunicating with the local people, I learned the language and literature..." This voiceโ€”โ€” Bai Zuwei passed by the interview area with the document in her hand. Hearing this familiar voice, shesearched for the source of that voice and saw Sharon. Her heart suddenly stopped.

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