Dear Ex-wife Marry Me novel (Maja)

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me novel (Maja)

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    Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode read online Free PDFHe cursed and turned around to deliver a flying kick to Omar’s stomach.Omar’s face twisted in pain, he struggled to break free from Tyler to retaliate, but Fitch was also holding him back.He couldn’t break free from both, so he just glared at Ian, his eyes red with rage."Damn you, bastard Ian! I’ll kill you, just you wait!"Omar was fearless, even if the Casson family was ruined by Ian, he would take a piece of the Raymond family with him.So, most people didn’t want to provoke that lunatic, it was just pointless to do so and could lead to a violent retaliation.Ian punched him in the face again."Keep talking, and I’ll kill you right now!"Omar spat out another tooth as Ian was punching him without holding back.Fitch quickly intervened."Ian, don’t go overboard, we all work in the same circles, we’ll have to face each other again."Ian ignored him and went back to Maja’s side.He knelt at the edge of the pit, ignoring his usual cleanliness, his expensive suit was stained with water and mud."Give me your hand."His voice was calm, but his hair dripping with sweat from the fight which was falling on Maja’s face.Maja blinked subconsciously, extending her hand.Ian grabbed her hand and pulled her up.When Maja was pulled up, she was soaked. She sat down to catch her breath, seeing Omar still restrained by two men not far away.Even so, Omar’s gaze was still ferocious.Maja, after being tormented for so long, was exhausted and didn’t have enough strength to even stand up straight.She tried to stand up, but fell back down halfway, almost falling back into the pit.Ian quickly pulled her to his side, holding her waist.Only then did she have a clear look at his face.There were traces of injury on his cheeks, not severe, his suit was crumpled, it was obvious that he had been in a fight.Maja remembered that he and Judith were together at that point, and quickly tried to distance herself from him.But the sudden movement strained the wound on her shoulder, causing her to bend over in pain.Ian immediately squatted down with her, eventually kneeling down, holding her shoulder as he asked her with concern in his voice,"Where does it hurt?"She pointed to her shoulder.Ian pulled her clothes aside to see a large bruise on her shoulder.

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