Coming Home For Christmas

Chapter 13(s2)
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/ wanna live with you even when we're ghosts cause you were always there for me when I needed you most, I'm gonna love you til my lungs give out and / promise til death we part like in our vows Iwas sitting here enjoying watching my little principessa dance with her husband and it warmed my cold heart seeing her looking so happy and in love with Logan and seeing him looking at her like she was his entire world but then I heard this one line in the song they were dancing to and it instantly soured my mood

“Straight to business, that's what I like about you, Klayton, you're always thinking with a business brain even when you're at such a beautiful event such as your cousin's wedding” Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi a4 in a condescending and amused tone “speaking of your cousin...she's a sexy little thing, isn't she?...tell me, were you two ever kissing cousins?" An angry groan escaped my mouth as my face narrowed into aglare “Tknow I'd definitely try and tap that fine ass of hers if she was my cousin’

"Watch your f****g mouth, asshole, you don't know who the fk you're messing with" I'say whilst catching my grandfather's eyes and indicating for him to come over to me “On the contrary, Klayton, I know exactly who you are, I know exactly what makes you tick and I also know what I have to do and who I have to use to bring the big, bad Don of the Antonelli famiglia to his knees...speaking of which, where is the object of my obsession? where's she gone?” He asks and my eyes widen as I look around for Lacey who is no longer in the gardens “Klayton, what's going on?"

My grandfather asks me but I ignored him as I continued to look for Lacey hoping to find her with Logan or her kids but they're all sitting at a table laughing and joking together SEG Where is she? Ithought to myself only for my question to be answered by the asshole on the phone “Ah, there she is, so beautiful and virginal in her sexy, tight, white Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi y 5, I hate to mess it up

though" What?

"What are you..." BANG!! No “LACEY!I" My heart felt like it had stopped beating when I heard a loud gunshot coming from somewhere on my property and I wasted no time in going to look for Lacey whilst hoping to *****g god that she was ok Iwas in such a state that I didn't realise that I was the only one panicking and I also didn't hear Logan or my wife shouting for me as I ran through the gardens I stopped in my tracks when I heard another gunshot but this

time it was followed by several excited cheers What the hell is going on? I ran towards where the gunshots were coming from and I was left absolutely confused yet relieved when I saw all of my cousins along with Duke and Bunny and they were f***+g skeet shooting frok / forgot we arranged this activity for the adults today “Klayton, come and shoot, it's so much fun”

Lacey said excitedly Twasn't interested in shooting, well, maybe I am with a certain individual but right now, I'm more interested in making sure my cousin is ok “Klayton, you should...UMF!! Lacey made a weird noise when I stormed over to her and hugged the Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi 34 life out of her “Are you ok, Klay?" "You're ok, you're ok"

I muttered to myself and I thought my voice was too low for anyone to hear but clearly, I was wrong “Is everything ok, Klayton? you're very pale” Bunny says whilst holding a rifle in one hand and her third limb in her other hand “Should you be shooting a gun while you're drinking, Bunny?" “Child please, I'm an expert at doing both” Bunny said while downing her drink Too right you are, old girl

I pulled away from Lacey and cupped her face as she looked at me confused “Klayton, what's going on? why are you acting like someone died?” Because I thought you did, principessa Ithought to myself as my phone once again pinged Ilooked down at my phone and there was a text from the same unknown number which said ‘day one of Russian roulette, unsuccessful, will I be lucky next time?’ I moved away from my cousin and walked over to her husband ignoring Lacey as she tried to get my attention

"Klayton..." "Keep an eye on your wife, Logan, that's an order from your Don, not your cousin in law" I whisper in Logan's ear before walking away and heading towards my Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi i office I hate to work on such an important day but I need to so that I can find out how this bastard is not only on my island but also my property and how he's able to do so without anyone noticing My first thought was that I've got a traitor in my mafia but I didn't want to dwell on that thought for too long because it

The reason why it soured my happy mood is because I didnt like to hear about ghosts and death on such a wonderful day, especially with the current threat that is hanging over my little cuginas head Iknow it may seem crazy and confusing that my Lacey is currently being threatened and you're probably thinking why is Lacey being threatened? she's a good girl who stays out of drama and is probably the least problematic person on the planet, well, would you believe me if I said it's not a Lacey thing but it's a me thing?

didn't sit well with me I swear to god though, I'l burn the f*****g world to the ground if I find out I've got a traitor on my side who is putting my famiglia at risk Lacey's POV “Klayton, Klayton Antonell, get your fine ass back here" Cassidy shouts as she chases after her husband while I just stand there feeling utterly confused

What the hell was that all about? “Are you ok, babe?" Logan asks me as he approaches me and rubs me on my back “Yeah, I'm you know what that was all about?" Iasked my husband and I noticed his jaw instantly clench together from my question

“No, I don't but you know what Klayton's like, babe” "Dol?" Iask confused and Logan scoffs at me “Of course you do Lace, you know that he's always been over- protective of you, maybe his ass dropped when he saw you weren't at the party anymore and he went a little over the top.

thinking something bad had happened to you" Hmm, I guess

Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi. bar "Come on, love, don't dwell on Klayton and let's have fun” "Ok, fine" Logan smiles and kisses my lips as we turn back to the group just in time to witness Carmella and Cade fight, except this time it was for a good reason “You're not doing it, Carmella” "I'm sorry but who died and made you my dad?" “I may not be your father Carmella but I am the father of the child in your stomach and I say you're not doing it" Cade shouts at my best friend who looked at him in shock and I swear I saw a look of arousal in her eyes as well “Skeet shooting is dangerous for a woman in your condition,

Carm, 50 no, you're not doing it, end of story" Cade growled and Carmella looked at me like what the f**k? “Do you hear this, Lace?" "Well..." Oh my god, really Lacey?" Carmella asks annoyed as she looks at me like I've just betrayed her “Well, he has got a point, Carmella, I mean, think about it, don't you remember Racey Tracy back when we were in

college, she had just come back from her ‘vacation in Utah" you know the vacation she claimed was a family vacay but really she was in Los Angeles visiting her mom's plastic surgeon getting her balloons blown up” I'said whilst holding my hands out in front of my chest indicating to a big pair of boobs “Anyway, a few weeks after she'd returned we all went skeet shooting Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi I which she only did for an ** picture but she ended up accidentally firing her gun and it popped her tit in the process”

“I remember that...the entire left side of her chest was left badly bruised after that" Dylan said earning a confused look from Luca “How would you know?" Luca asked and Dylan looked at him like really? “Babe, she was called Racey Tracey for a reason and it wasn't just because she was hopping around men like fleas on a dirty sofa, no, it's because she always wore really revealing and skintight clothing, trust me, love even you would've looked back then” "He's got a point, Luc" "ENOUGH!!!"

Cade shouted startling all of us “I'm putting my foot down, Carm, so accept it and move on” “Wow, you're so hot when you're in protective daddy mode” Carmella said whilst putting as much emphasis as she could on the word daddy ?Oh god I facepalmed and chuckled This girl has got no shame at all “Come on, daddy, let's go and see how protective you truly can be of us"

“Carmella” Cade groaned under his breath "What? you can't get me anymore pregnant, Cade" Carmella says as she grabs hold of Cade’s hand and practically drags Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi ~ him away making us all laugh Later On That Night.

Is it just me or does anyone else end up having a way better day than they planned or expected when they got married? Me and my family have spent a long time planning this wedding and everything always looked so good on paper but

it was even better in person and I couldn't have imagined a more perfect and magical day for us One of my favourite moments from tonight was when Luca and Dylan presented a video that they had created for us Which featured a montage of pictures and video clips of Logan, me and our families from the past three years and there was even some pictures of us from when we were kids as well and the song they added to it was For You by Rita Ora and Liam Payne It was such a beautiful video and a thoughtful thing for the boys to do for us and yes, it made me feel very emotional and tearful as I watched it God, I'm such a baby

Talready had a feeling that this was about me and not Lacey when we received the first threat against her but then I received a new threat this morning and now I'm one hundred percent sure that this person is after me and not Lacey but they're using her because this person knows that there are only a handful of ways you can truly hurt me and that's through hurting someone I'm extremely over-protective of, mainly the women in my life

Anyway, I heard it was supposed to be a surprise and that they had arranged for my parents to present it to us because Luca and Dylan weren't originally planning on being here and this was their little contribution to our wedding if you will but then they ended up coming here and presenting it to us themselves “Hey baby, are you ready to turn in?" Logan whispers in my ear “Yeah, just let me go and wrangle the kids and...” “Don't worry about it, babe, our parents have said they'll deal with theContents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi — kids tonight so that we can relax and be alone with each other” Logan interrupts me “Logan, we can't keep relying on our parents to look after our kids for us” I'say with a contented sigh as Logan starts to kiss my neck “Why not? they want to do these things for us, babe" “But they're our kids" “And they're our parent's grandchildren, so let them grandparent” Logan said as he nibbled on my skin and I had to suppress a

moan which was begging to escape my mouth “Come on, baby, I haven't seen you naked in over twenty-four hours and you know I need my daily fill of your sexy, voluptuous body" He says and I chuckle “You sound like an addict, babe” “That's because I name is Logan David Black and I'm addicted to my wife and her body and no, I'm not interested in beating this addiction because I plan on dying from it"

Logan said and I chuckled as I opened my eyes and looked up at my husband who was smirking at me as his eyes twinkled With excitement “You're crazy, do you know that?" “Crazy for you, now come on..everything's wrapping up anyway and it's only the younger kids that are around now" Logan said while referring to our guests who are in their early twenties “Ok, fine" Logan smiled as he grabbed hold of my hand and helped me to stand

We were then about to head towards the mansion when we were approached by Klayton who had come back to our wedding party a few hours ago but his mood has remained the same as it was when he left “Hey Logan, can I have a quick word with you in private, please?” “Can't it wait until tomorrow, Klay, it's my wedding night” "No, it can't" Klayton said stoically which left me feeling confused and annoyed What the f**k is his problem?

Logan groaned under his breath as he turned around to look at me, he then cupped my face and gently kissed my lips before looking me in my eyes “Go back to our room, babe, I'l meet you up there in a few minutes” "But Lo..." “Lacey” Logan said sternly and I knew better than to fight him on this even though I really wanted to "Fine"

"Good girl" Logan once again kissed my lips before I left and headed towards the mansion feeling annoyed with both my husband and my cousin I really hope that whatever Klayton wants to talk to Logan about is important because if it's not then I'l be pissed or even more pissed than 1 already am Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi..

8 Mizzlaura a*

Anyone who knows me knows that my mom, my wife and my cousin Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi. 34 are three women who I'm not only protective of but they're women who I have put on a pedestal and they're women who you DO NOT mess with under any circumstances because I wil literally tear you limb from limb and skin you alive if you do

These women mean the absolute world to me and it's safe to say that they're also my weakness along with my children which is why my enemies, mainly the ones who are a few screws short of a full set love to use them against me and threaten me with them to get their own way and nine times out of ten I can squash these idiots and eliminate them from this world but I can't with this one, at least not yet anyway The reason why I can't is because if this is the person who I believe itis then he's a rat who has been avoiding my traps for a very long time now, he also knows that my entire family are under constant protection and are always surrounded by security who could put the CIA to shame but Lacey isn't and this asshole knows that which is why he's threatening me with her

Don't get me wrong, Logan has made sure that Lacey and their kids have always got security detail with them and they're some of the best guys in the business but they're mediocre compared to what the mafia can offer and this is why my grandfather and I want Logan to join us and become a capo for our mafia so that we can make sure they're all safe and under the best protection possible PING! PING! Iwas brought out of my thoughts when I heard my phone ping 𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓸𝓋𝓮𝓵.𝓬𝓸𝓶

1 pulled my phone out of my pocket and my eyes narrowed when I'saw it was from an unknown number but I knew exactly who it was because this asshole always texts me from this number which unfortunately, is untraceable Chapter 13 - Over-Protective Bi Anyway, I opened up the text message and my eyes widened and my heart started to rapidly bounce against my ribcage when I'saw a picture of Lacey and Logan dancing and the caption underneath it read ‘sucha beautiful couple, it's such a shame they won't last long, isn't it?"

What the fk? Iimmediately sat up and looked around the gardens, specifically in the areas where this picture could've possibly been taken hoping to catch a glimpse of the bastard so that I could take him out and end this bullshit once and for all but there was nobody there except for the happy and smiling faces of the wedding guests My phone then started to ring and I answered it absentmindedly “Antonelli” “Hello, Klayton?

A voice which sounded like it had been altered said and I was immediately on high alert “Who is this?" “That doesn't matter right now, what matters is this beautiful wedding you've got going on, it's quite the shindig, Klay...where was my invite?" “What do you want, asshole?” I growl as I stand up and walk around whilst subtly looking for anything untoward or suspicious The bastard on the other end of the call started laughing maniacally which not only pissed me off but it unnerved me as well

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