Blind Date Turned Proposal

Chapter 1395 Strike A Deal
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Marilyn studied the nuances of the conversation and came to an understanding. β€œSure, it's part of my duty."

"Thank you." After uttering those words, Josie made her exit, ensuring that her footsteps echoed loudly enough. She then returned stealthily, scouring every corner to find several hidden listening devices before tossing them all into the fish tank.

Marilyn, upon witnessing the scene, was taken aback. "What on earth is going on?"

Only then did Josie dare to speak frankly. "Dexter has caught the attention of the higher-ups. He has been under investigation these past few days. He sent me to find you. Do you have any idea?"

Marilyn was frantic, her hands thrown up in despair. "Find me? I have no idea. No one has ever spoken to me about this."

"Think carefully. Did Grandpa leave anything for you?"

Marilyn made a concerted effort to calm herself down. She patted her chest and said, "Leanne, no, when your grandfather passed away, he left everything to you, including all his connections. You should know this."

Josie slumped down weakly. Yes, she remembered.

"Dexter won't just casually hand me this kind of information. So here's what we'll do, Ms. Marilyn. You take some time to think it over carefully. If anything comes to mind, give me a call."

Marilyn nodded hastily, clutching Josie's hand. "Leanne, nothing will happen to Dexter, right? Nothing like this has ever happened in all these years."

"Yeah, he'll be fine."

On the way back, Josie leaned against the car window, with various images of Dexter flashing through her mind.

He was always brimming with confidence and arrogance as if the whole world was at his mercy.

Born at the apex of the pyramid, he was used to gazing down upon the common folk of this world. Yet, inexplicably, she found herself utterly powerless against him, a reality that was both maddening and repugnant.

However, even such a person had his moments of warmth.

Josie couldn't bear to delve into her memories any further. She closed her weary eyes, yearning to drift off into sleep just like that.

Marilyn heeded Josie's words,

striving to recollect every single day,

but still, not a shred of clue

surfaced. Whenever she had free time, she would head to the Olsen Residence, thoroughly putting her words into action.

Josie knew that opportunities to see Dexter again were few and far between, so she had to prioritize finalizing the deal with Morgan.

Inside the cafΓ© on the first floor of Olsen Tower, Hector sat across from Josie, a steaming cup of coffee by his side.

"I didn't think I'd have the honor of having a cup of coffee with you, Ms. Warren. I'm truly flattered," Hector remarked, his tone laced with

sarcasm. "But why couldn't we πœπ¨π¦πžπ—»π¨π―πžπ—Ή.𝐜𝐨𝐦

discuss matters in the office net

Meeting here in the cafΓ©

tΓ© misunderstandings if our

ld lead

colleagues were to see us."

He took a sip of his coffee, smugness written all over his face.

Leaning against the chair, Josie said, "I didn't want to discuss in the office mainly to preserve your reputation, Mr. Leigh."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm giving you a way out, Mr. Leigh." Josie reached into her bag, pulled out a file, and slid it across the table toward Hector. As he reached to take it, she held it down.

"Why don't you guess what's inside?"

Hector's expression shifted from one of smugness to uncertainty. "I don't have much patience for this sort of thing."

Josie didn't let go. "My main

intention is to strike a deal with you,

Mr. Leigh. If you agree, I can destroy the contents. But if you refuse, I'll take this to the board of directors."

Hector swallowed hard, his actions reflecting a guilty conscience. However, he refused to believe that Josie possessed such capabilities.

"You're holding a grudge, huh, after being demoted to work under me as a staff member? You're really that petty."

Josie quirked her lips. "It seems that you know what's inside."

It was a slow torture, and Hector couldn't handle it anymore. He snatched away the file and ripped it open roughly.novelbin

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