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Chapter 1012

Dariel was in the office when he received an invitation from the Sweeney family. He looked at the red invitation and couldn't help but say, "How did you know?"

He had only received the invitation a few minutes ago.

Since when did his sister's sources become so reliable?

"Miss Andrews just left; she told me," Carley said, then informed Dariel of her decision to attend the banquet as well. "Brother, can you help me prepare a brand new dress?" Dariel was a bit shocked. "Carley, are you sure? Are you ready?"

Carley smiled brightly. "Brother, I'm ready. The pain I've endured over the past year can't be for nothing. Tomorrow is a grand event where all the major families and companies will attend. We'll see who doesn't show up."

She paused and continued, "Especially the young masters and misses of the Sweeney family. They will definitely attend in full dress for such an opportunity to shine. Since Miss Andrews believes it was Jocelyn who harmed me, why don't we confirm it?"

Dariel found the situation too frightening. "Carley, don't act rashly. Understand?"

Carley naturally wouldn't be reckless. "Brother, don't worry. Miss Andrews will also be there tomorrow; I've arranged to go with her."

Hearing that Sylvia would also attend the Sweeney family's event, Dariel felt a slight sense of security. "Alright, I'll get you the most beautiful dress today. I can't let my sister lose face in front of all the socialites."

After all, this was Carley's first public appearance after more than a year away from social events.

It couldn't be taken lightly!

"Deal!" Carley happily prepared to hang up the phone but heard Dariel's voice again. "Forget it, I won't prepare it for you. I'll transfer the money to you; you can go pick it out with Miss Andrews. My taste is too masculine."

"Good point. I'll contact Miss Andrews now."

Carley thought Dariel was smart; this way, she could spend more time with Sylvia.

She quickly contacted Sylvia, who had just left the Kaur family and hadn't yet returned to the Hipps Residence when she received Carley's call.

"Miss Kaur, what's up?"

"Miss Andrews, may I boldly invite you to go shopping for a dress for tomorrow night?" Carley asked somewhat nervously.

Sylvia was momentarily stunned but then smiled. "Sure! Do you need me to pick you up?"

"No need, no need. Let's meet at Central Shopping Centre! I'll have my driver take me there. See you in the lobby on the first floor." Carley couldn't possibly let Sylvia pick her up; that would be too impolite. She grabbed her phone and bag excitedly and headed out.

Meanwhile, in another courtyard of the Kaur family, Mrs. Kaur was preparing to take Nola out to buy a dress. "Let's go to Central Shopping Centre later; there's an entire floor of high-end dresses." Nola nodded obediently. "Okay, anywhere is fine."

The mother and daughter called for the family driver and had just gotten into the car when they saw Carley rushing out and getting into another car.

Nola sneered, "What's she doing? So impatient."

Mrs. Kaur snorted coldly. "What can she do? She's just a ruined-face heiress."

The mother and daughter laughed smugly. Even if Carley's face had temporarily healed, so what?

There were still some marks left. That pinkish tender skin... tsk tsk, definitely not associated with beauty. ๐“ฌโ„ด๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ทโ„ด๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“.๐“ฌโ„ด๐“ถ

The car slowly drove out of the garage, and the mother and daughter watched as Carley's car drove ahead of them, stopping at the underground garage of Central Shopping Centre twenty minutes later. "What bad luck!" Nola said impatiently. "Why is she here shopping too?"

"She shops her way; we shop ours. What's the big deal?" Mrs. Kaur didn't think much of it. "Let's go; we'll take the elevator."

The mother and daughter didn't want to greet Carley and entered the elevator before her, heading straight to the fifth floor where the dresses were.

After getting out of her car, Carley took another elevator directly to the first floor.

In the lobby on the first floor, a tall woman stood playing with her phone, looking bored.

Although she had her head down, her stunning face was extremely eye-catching, attracting many passersby.

This was a high-end mall with almost all international luxury brands.

The customers were either wealthy or noble.

Several wealthy women whispered among themselves, "Which family's young lady is so beautiful?"

"Yeah! Could she be some big shot's mistress?"

"With that enchanting face, quite possible!"Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

"Let's go to the fifth floor to pick out dresses."

The wealthy women chatted as they walked upstairs.

Just then, Carley stepped out of the elevator with a spring in her step and saw the outstanding woman in the crowd from afar.

"Miss Andrews."

Sylvia looked up, her gaze landing on Carley's face as she put away her phone. "Let's go."

She had never been to any mall in Aettosa before.

But she had looked at the mall directory out of boredom earlier and knew that the fifth floor was dedicated to high-end dresses from international brands.

"I didn't expect you would really agree to go shopping with me. I'll treat you to bubble tea later," Carley said warmly, linking arms with Sylvia.

Sylvia was a bit unaccustomed to such close contact since they had only known each other for a little over a week.

"Let's go."

They took the escalator instead of the direct elevator.

There weren't many people on the escalator, but Sylvia's beauty still attracted many glances.

Sylvia seemed oblivious to it all.

"Do you know a brand called X?

Their designs are very strong, and many socialites love their clothes. Their dresses are usually limited

editions, with only one or two pieces worldwide. So I want to check out X first," Carley said enthusiastically about her love for the brand X.

Sylvia looked at her calmly. "If you like it..."

"Carley!" A sharp voice suddenly interrupted Sylvia. She saw a middle-aged woman and a young woman walking towards Carley from not far away.

They were clearly mother and daughter; although their features weren't very similar, their demeanor was identical.

Nola glanced at Carley and then at Sylvia beside her, frowning.

Sylvia's striking beauty made Nola extremely jealous.

"And this is...?"

Carley introduced gracefully, "This is my good friend Miss Sylvia Andrews."

The mother and daughter heard the surname Andrews and mentally went through all the major families and wealthy clans but found no one with that surname.

Nola immediately put on an arrogant expression. "So it's Miss Andrews? This is a high-end mall; it's probably your first time here thanks to my family's Carley."

Mrs. Kaur wasn't as obvious as Nola but still smirked disdainfully. "Miss Andrews, if you see a dress you like, feel free to have Carley buy it for you. But... you probably don't have any occasion to wear it, do you?"

Carley's face turned green with anger. These two idiots dared to insult Miss Andrews!

She wanted to rush over and slap them both but restrained herself.

She coldly said, "Auntie, Nola, you'd better watch our words about our family's upbringing. Otherwise, people might think that it's no wonder you're a second wife; your manners are nothing to brag about. Insulting my friend is one thing, but making others laugh at our family's lack of class is another."

Mrs. Kaur was so angry that her chest hurt. "Carley, you!"

"Auntie, we have other places to visit, so we'll excuse ourselves." Carley took Sylvia's hand and headed straight for X's boutique without looking back at the two women.

Mrs. Kaur stood there feeling as if

she had been stripped naked in public, especially with several wealthy women nearby witnessing her humiliation by Carley. What did Carley rely on? The fact that her mother was the legitimate wife? Even though she died early, Carley

was still the legitimate wife's daughter!

Everything reminded Mrs. Kaur of a fact she hated most! She was just a second wife!


The wealthy women's attention shifted back to Carley. "Isn't that Carley? Didn't they say her face was ruined?"

"She looked pretty normal just now."

"Yeah! The woman beside her is so beautiful."

Carley led Sylvia into X's boutique while saying, "Don't mind my stepmother; she's just crazy. Just ignore everything she says."

"You're a noble lady swearing?" Sylvia teased Carley; her protective stance earlier had warmed Sylvia's heart slightly.

"Swearing at idiots doesn't count," Carley said proudly.

Inside X's boutique were several young ladies picking out clothes who paused when they saw Carley enter.

"Is your face healed?" one young lady asked curiously.

"Carley, I haven't seen you in ages. Are you coming to tomorrow night's charity auction? We should catch up," another young lady greeted warmly.

"Sure! See you tomorrow night." Carley didn't want to engage too much as she was focused on buying clothes now.

"What about this one? Should I try it on?" Carley pointed at a white dress and sought Sylvia's opinion.

Sylvia glanced at it briefly and said calmly, "It's not quite suitable for you."

Then she turned to the store clerk and said, "Bring out Moonlight."

The clerk hesitated for a moment. "Moonlight? In our store..."

Moonlight was Designer X's latest creation this year and hadn't been officially released yet; only one piece had arrived yesterday. Globally, there were only three pieces in total. How did this lady know about it? Could their commercial secrets have been leaked?

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