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Chapter 982

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the hotel.

As everyone stepped out of the car, Sylvia immediately noticed Casey and Carmelo anxiously pacing in the lobby. Seeing them, Casey's face lit up with joy as he rushed towards her.

"Miss Andrews, you're back," he exclaimed.

Sylvia smiled faintly, "Let's talk in our room."

The lobby was crowded and chaotic, and Casey immediately understood. "I've been waiting for you for half a day."

So they all entered the elevator together and headed straight to Casey's room.

"Any progress with the antidote?" Sylvia wasted no time in getting to the point as soon as they entered the room.

A faint herbal scent filled the room, not unpleasant but rather refreshing.

"We've developed a drug that delays the toxicity. Mr. Maskelyne, you should take one," Carmelo poured a glass of water and handed a black pill to Franklin.

Franklin had no doubts or hesitation as he swallowed the pill without question.

Jasper didn't have time to stop him. He didn't trust the people from Blood Medical Sect very much.

He looked at Franklin with concern. "Young Master, do you feel any discomfort?"

Franklin shook his head, feeling a warm sensation in his chest, as if something was protecting him.

"I'm fine."

Jasper glanced at Sylvia and saw her calm expression. He instantly felt that he had been overly worried.

After all, Mrs. Andrews was a benefactor of Blood Medical Sect... They wouldn't harm Young Master...

"This drug temporarily protects Mr. Maskelyne's arteries, but... it only delays the onset of toxicity," Casey sighed, "As for the antidote, we're still working on it. I can't guarantee if we'll succeed."

"That's alright. I won't blame you if it doesn't work. It would be great if it does," Sylvia smiled with a hint of bitterness and sadness in her heart.

Franklin reached out and touched his nose, looking towards Carmelo and the others. He held Sylvia's hand firmly. "It's okay, it's good enough to spend one more day with you."

His calm and almost lazy voice resonated with everyone present.

It was as if he didn't care about his own life and death.

But Sylvia's eyes turned red.

Listening to his voice and seeing Franklin slowly approaching, his lips curling up like a flower blooming in the dark night, she couldn't remain indifferent.

He wasn't afraid of death, but he didn't want to die.

Sylvia clenched her lips, trying to hide her pain and sorrow. "It's just death..."

Franklin looked at her, leaning closer as Sylvia looked into his deep and captivating eyes.

His ink-like eyes seemed to be burning, trapping her inside, burning brightly.

Sylvia's mental defenses crumbled almost instantly.

Her eyes turned crimson. "But you'll die..."

Before Franklin could comfort her, she threw herself into his arms.

He hugged her tightly, unable to let go. He reached out to touch her face but stopped himself, lowering his gaze to her small face. In a hoarse voice, he said, "Everyone is here... watching!" Sylvia buried her face in his chest, avoiding his gaze and the gaze of everyone else.

Tears welled up in her eyes. How could she remain unaffected when she saw the man she loved growing thinner and paler every day?

Franklin looked down at her in his arms with indulgence.

After a while, Sylvia finally raised her head, revealing her worry on her delicate face.

Their eyes met in silence.

For some reason, her nose suddenly tingled, tears welling up but then forcefully held back.

The man's dark eyes deepened as he leaned down without any warning and lightly pecked her lips. His voice carried a hint of hoarseness. "Darling, don't cry."

The others in the room quietly left when they saw this scene. The soft sound of the door closing echoed behind them.

Franklin paused for a moment but didn't turn around.

Sylvia suddenly took a step forward, tiptoed, and offered her own red lips.

A fatal temptation lingered between their lips as Franklin's large hand held her slender waist.

His black eyes locked onto her gaze with an extreme dominance and aggression. He pressed his lips forcefully against hers, and Sylvia's body went weak as she fell into his embrace. But then, Franklin suddenly felt a sweet taste in his throat.

He pushed away the fragile body in his arms, and blood gushed out from the corner of his lips.

Sylvia exclaimed, "Franklin!"

She took a step forward to support him as he staggered. "I... Why?"

She couldn't believe what she was seeing on his handsome face.

The shock and fear that surged through her made her vision blur repeatedly.

That face still exuded an air of nobility, but his once jet-black hair was rapidly turning white... ๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ธ๐“‹๐“ฎ๐“.๐’ธ๐“ธ๐“ถ

She had experienced many things, too many things, but nothing had shocked her like this before.

She closed her eyes abruptly and then opened them wide again.

Franklin's gaze remained fixed on her face as he watched her delicate features change unpredictably - shocked, scared, unbelieving, and heartbroken...

"What's wrong? It's just blood," Franklin tried to reassure Sylvia with a self-deprecating tone.

Sylvia shook her head as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She suddenly opened her arms and threw herself into his embrace. "What should I do... What should I do..."

Spitting blood and white hair... What would happen next?

Every day, every minute, every second felt like torture to her heart.

They reminded her that Franklin's life was coming to an end.novelbin

It felt as if someone had taken a knife and stabbed it into her heart countless times.

The pain made her heart convulse uncontrollably, making it almost impossible for her to breathe.

"Darling, don't cry... Don't cry!" Franklin awkwardly comforted Sylvia, raising his large hand to gently pat her back.

He had only spit up some blood after all...

How could someone with such a fearless personality suddenly cry like this...

Sylvia worried about him, which warmed his heart. But when she cried, he felt somewhat helpless again.

He grew even more resentful towards those who poisoned him.

They made his Sylvia cry so sadly. Those people deserved to go to hell.

After a while, Sylvia finally raised her eyes. Her tear-washed eyes were clear and bright but tinged with sadness.

"Let's go outside."

She was deeply upset.

Franklin opened the door of the room. "Let's go."

Outside the door, everyone was standing in the corridor.

When they saw Franklin and Sylvia, they were all stunned.

Everyone stared at Franklin in shock. It was only now that Franklin furrowed his brows. Something was wrong... So Sylvia's tears weren't just because he spat up blood?

He was puzzled when Carmelo exclaimed in astonishment, "Mr. Maskelyne, your hair... has turned completely white?"

"Young Master... You..." Jasper's eyes were bloodshot as if filled with blood. "Young Master... Your hair..."

Franklin's heart skipped a beat as he took out his phone and opened the camera function.

He saw himself inside - that familiar face was still the same, but... all of his hair had turned snow white...

White as snow...

His handsome face twitched slightly

as he forced a smile. "This is good too. It fakes my looks to another levebisn't 'granny gray' and 'grandpa white' popular these days?..."

"Stop talking. Just stop," Sylvia reached out with her pale hand to cover his lips. "Stop talking."

"But didn't the drug delay the onset? Why did my hair turn white right after taking it?" Jasper angrily glared at Casey and the others. "Are you all just quacks?"

"He was already severely affected by

the poison before taking the drug. It's normal for his hair to turn white," Casey quickly explained. "That's why it's called Countless Love Ties. It permeates the entire body like countless threads. It has


successfully permeated his hair...

turning it white instantly." Content

"You explain it so nicely, but why can't you produce an antidote?" Jasper couldn't help but vent his anger and frustration without choosing his words carefully.

"Jasper!" Franklin spoke up in a stern voice, his cold gaze sweeping over him.

Jasper immediately fell silent without saying anything else, just turning his head away sadly.

"He's also worried about me," Franklin looked at Casey and said calmly. "Mr. Gentry doesn't need to take it to heart."

"I understand him very well; I'm also very worried." Casey sighed. "We'll do our best."

Although he said that, everyone knew that developing an antidote would be difficult... very difficult.

"Alright, let's not stand here anymore. Let's go eat," Sylvia tugged at her red lips and said to Jasper, "Call your sister and assistant."

Jasper nodded and started sending messages on Facebook.

Carolyn had always felt that Franklin and Sylvia were hiding something from her, especially those unfamiliar men who she didn't know their relationship with Sylvia.

When Jasper sent a message saying they were going to eat, she finally understood everything.

Especially when she saw Franklin's silver hair, she was shocked.

"Mr. Maskelyne..."

"He's been poisoned," Sylvia explained simply before Carolyn could finish speaking. "So don't be surprised or afraid."

Carolyn's heart skipped a beat. "He's been poisoned and yet he followed me here..."

"Let's just consider this as going abroad for a vacation." Sylvia smiled at her. "It's nothing." They all went out of the hotel and found a nearby specialty restaurant.

After glancing through it quickly, she handed it to Carolyn. "See if there's anything you like?"

Carolyn ordered two dishes and handed the menu to Casey without hesitation. Casey also ordered several dishes without being polite. Jasper introduced Casey and the others to Carolyn before taking the menu himself and ordering two dishes that Franklin and Sylvia liked. "That should be enough for now." Sylvia ordered a bottle of red wine too.

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